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Hi. I have been lurking here for a while and I’ll be editing pages whenever possible.


Center-LibLeft to LibLeft

This user joined in 2023.

"Leninism. It's good for your spleen."

This user is female

"*Proceeds to give birth to fifteen babies*"

This user is Protestant

"I'm the supreme head of the church! Screw the Pope!"

This user is LibLeft

"x3 nuzzles pounces on you uwu you so warm"

This user is Straight

"Straighter than a ruler."

This user is Bisexual

"Horseshoe theory of sexuality"

This user is a Civil Libertarian

"Your right to swing your arms ends, where another man's nose begins."

This user is Environmentalist.

"Save the trees or I'll break both your knees!"

This user is a Feminist

"My body, my choice!"

This user is a Georgist.

"Free Land, Free Trade, Free People."

This user is an Internationalist

"May we all prosper together"

This user is Left-Libertarian


This user is Liberal.

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and getting owned with facts and logic epic style."

This user is Socialist

"The proletariat is equal!"

This user is Populist.

"Piss off, establishment!"

This user is Syndicalist

"There is power in a union!"

This user is a technocrat.

"The experts can't be wrong, right?"

This user is a Social Democrat

"I swear I'm not a socialist!"

This user is a Progressive.


This user is a Progressive Conservative

"Respect our traditions and gay weddings!"

This user is Secular

"Religion doesn't have space in politics"

This user is a Scientocrat


This user is Agnostic

"Maybe yes... maybe not..."

Ideological Summary

Government System

  • Democratic System
    • Liberal Democracy
      • Participatory Democracy (local level)
      • Liquid Democracy (state level)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (national level)
    • Defensive Democracy
    • Multi-Party Democracy
  • Republican Government
    • Radical Democracy
    • Living Constitution
    • Semi-Presidential Republic
    • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Role of Experts
    • Technoliberalism
      • Social Technoliberalism
      • Techno-Populism
      • Deliberation on Different Policies
      • Scientocracy
    • Meritocracy
      • Social Meritocracy
  • Power to the People
    • Left-Wing Populism
      • Center-Left Populism
      • Left-Wing Reformism
      • Political Activism

Economic System

  • Economic Inspirations
    • Keynesian Economics
      • New Keynesian Economics
      • Post-Keynesian Economics
    • Freiburg Economics
      • Eco-Social Market Economy
    • Classical Economics
      • Georgism
        • Steiner-Vallentyne School
      • Ricardian Socialism
        • Market Socialism
  • Tax System
    • Progressive Income Tax System
    • Land Value Tax
    • Carbon and Environmental Taxes
    • Corporate Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
  • Business Models
    • Small and Medium Businesses
    • Worker and Consumer Cooperatives
    • Labor Unions
    • B-Corps
    • Nationalization of Critical Industries


  • Cultural Progress and Social Freedom
    • Cultural Liberalism
      • A Balance Between Individual Freedom and Community Needs
      • Harm Reduction Principle
        • Legalizing Victimless Crimes
          • Drug Legalization/Decriminalization
          • Prostitution/Pornography Legalization
    • Cultural Progressivism
      • Pro-LGBTQ Rights and Queer Liberation
      • Anti-Racism
      • Gender Equality
        • Fusion Feminism
        • Liberal Feminism
          • Social Feminism
          • Individualist Feminism
        • Socialist Feminism
          • Ecofeminism
          • Post-Colonial Feminism
        • Men’s Liberation
    • Progressive-Conservatism
      • Protecting and Reviving Endangered Languages
      • Preserving Harmless Cultural Traditions and Abolishing Harmful Cultural Practices
      • Civic Nationalism


  • Internationalism
    • Cosmopolitanism
    • Multiculturalism
      • Polyculturalism
    • Alter-Globalization
      • Fair Trade
      • Indigenous Rights
      • Social Patriotism
      • Anti-/Post-Colonial Nationalism
    • Environmental Globalization
      • Eco-Populism
      • Eco-Patriotism
    • Technological Globalization
  • Humanitarianism
    • United Nations Reform
      • Abolishing the Veto Power of the Big Five
      • Removing Countries That Have Human Rights Violations From the Human Rights and Security Council
    • European Union
      • Pro-European Federalism
      • Soft Euroscepticism
      • Eurocommunism
    • NATO Reform
  • Geopolitics


  • Responsible Technology Progress
    • Equal Access to Technology
      • Using Technology to Promote Gender Equality
      • Workers Owning/Managing the Technologies of their Workplaces
      • Using Technology to Handle Climate Change
    • Media Reform
      • Media Literacy Education
      • Restricting Censorship
      • Mutualization of Social Media Companies, News Outlets, and Movie Studios
      • Reinstate and Reinforce the Fairness Doctrine
    • Pirate Politics
      • Copyright Reform and Open Internet Protection
      • Freedom of Speech and Press
      • Open and Transparent Government
      • Anti-Mass Surveillance and Pro-Digital Privacy
  • Environmental Protection

Ideological Relationships


Friendly Frenemies


Hostile Frenemies