Left-Liberalism (Disambiguation)

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Left-Liberalism may refer to:

  • Social Liberalism - An ideology that combines liberalism with welfare state, and is culturally progressive and civically liberal.
  • Liberal Socialism - An ideology that combines the principles of Liberalism with Socialism.
  • Radicalism - A historical movement that served as basis for the modern-day Social Liberalism.
  • Steiner-Vallentyne School - An ideology which bases its support for left-leaning economics on classical liberal principles of self-ownership and georgist principles on land.
  • Keynesian School - A variant of social liberalism that advocates for government intervention in the economy for the purpose of stabilisation.

Ideologies like Progressivism, Bull Moose Progressivism, Nordic Model, Reformist Marxism, Social Democracy and Social Georgism are labeled by some as left-liberals.