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Need Help as a new user

Hey there man! Just like you. I’m another Australian. But I’m asking. When you can, can you help me out with creating a user page of my own?

Since you’re Australian, and such, 2 things. What are your opinions on Albo, and who would you be voting for in the next elections in 2026?

I’m genuinely curious

  • Far from fond of Albo, easily one of the worst PMs we've had in ages. And for 2026 elections, the coalition as always
  • Why not Pauline Hanson? Hasn’t Peter Dutton endorse the Misinformation Bill that could limit freedom of speech? Also Dutton has been an ardent defender of Israel so why the Coalition?

Why hasn’t DarkEggChocolateBowser responded to me

So I have been trying numerous times to get his attention, like sending him Emails, but he isn’t responding to me yet. Why is that? Do I have to talk to him on Discord or something

  • Probably contact him on discord, he's pretty active there @darkeggbowser.