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Guess I exist


I've been reading this wiki since about April of 2022, and I have been editing it (as well as the anarchy wiki) since June of that year, that's about it.

Ideological Journey

(-2018) --> (2018-2020) --> (2020-Early 2023) --> (Early 2023-Late 2023) --> (Late 2023-)

Known For

  • Being Australian
  • Holding the role of a content mod on PCBA, a mod on the PCB discord, among several other positions
  • Being hated by FPCB
  • Eshayism (DO NOT RESEARCH)
  • Being a so-called "PCB historian" & contributing to PCB chronicles

Favourite quotes

"If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." - Joe Biden

User Relations

Real Ones

  • Afunhumaninter - The best shill I've ever met.
  • Constantine - One of the first people I got to talk to here, W guy
  • BeryAb - An all-around friendly dude, glory to the 'ciety!
  • Rebel Noodle (🪑) - Another chill 'n funny person with very neat art (you should really get a proper page tbh)
  • Pirate Tails - Absolutely amazing individual, Heliborker was peak
  • Lukko - You may have some rather... odd beliefs, but with politics aside, it's fun talking & trashing FPCB with you.
  • Pantheon - You wouldn't believe how friendly this man is.
  • Athena - Extremely based admin, wish we could VC more.






  •  2x2Master - If you have an actual problem, just dm me on Discord or smth