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Guess I exist


I've been reading this wiki since about April of 2022, and I have been editing it (as well as the anarchy wiki) since June of that year. That's about it.

Ideological Journey

(-2018) --> (2018-2020) --> (2020-Early 2023) --> (Early 2023-Late 2023) --> (Late 2023-)

Known For

  • Being Australian
  • Holding the role as a bureaucrat on PCB
  • Eshayism
  • Being a so-called "PCB historian" & contributing to PCB chronicles
  • Being the PCB's owner for a short time
  • Losing an election horribly
  • Being the first guy to suggest WikiTide as an alternative to Miraheze

Favourite quotes

"If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." - Joe Biden

User Relations

uh, based on ideology + personality or smth

Real Ones

  • Afun$hillinter - Bloody legend, ideological lookalike and one of the best people here.
  • Pirate Tails - Funny Polish individual and fellow Timmy Trumpet enjoyer
  • SomeCrusader1224 - Great dude, and another American lookalike.
  • Duar - Friendly, helpful, and another enjoyer of liberty. Not too active compared to some others, probably out there touching grass.


  • BeryAb - Decent-ish ideologically, but you and your server are cool.
  • Konstantina - We're nowhere near as similar ideology-wise as we once were, but you're still chill as always. One of my oldest friends on this place.
  • Rebel Noodle (🪑) - Another chill 'n funny person with very neat art (you should really get a proper page tbh), though apparently you're a red or something now.
  • Misgnomer - A commie who knows what he's actually talking about, more often than not.
  • Thugtholomew - Heard reports about you edit warring, but your ideology is good enough for me.


  • IAmSeamonkey - You're competent and far from annoying (especially these days), but your views are the most atrocious I've ever seen from a liberal.
  • Pantheon - Socialism and globalism are kinda what I stand against, but you've always been nice to be around, and I can't really complain too much about your beliefs outside of econ and foreign policy.
  • MrNoNonsense - Genuinely great guy with a somewhat not-great ideology.
  • Athena - One of this community's greatest admins, but yknow, l'socialisme.


  • Lukko - Truly awful political views, yet surprisingly cool to talk to.
  • Rojo346 - Stock standard leftist shit, you're nice to talk to on Discord tho.


  • Jao - Horribly overrated piece of shit.





  •  2x2Master - If you have an actual problem, just dm me on Discord or smth
  • Thugtholomew - Sorry, I don’t have a Discord. Why did you ban me from editing Juche?
    •  2x2Master  - We've decided to "ban" edit warring per se. I initially got a report from someone via the Discord about you, but "boynextdungeon" seemed to be edit warring as well.
    • - I understand, add?
  • Thugtholomew - Hey, sorry again for editing your page, not your Discord, but you know how Gaullism has its border as the colors of the French flag? Well, Bonapartism is meant to have that, too, but it doesn’t. Could you tell me how to do the thing with Gaullism for the Bonapartism page?
    • - It's a custom small CSS tag, if you go to the bottom of Gaullism, you can find it, just copy it over and modify it to however it should be.
    • - Thank you :)
    • - Sorry again, but could you create a consensus on where “Macronism” should be? People keep edit warring it by moving it between Third Way and Neoliberalism.
    • Kami - Just keep it in third way because its more descriptive of his social policies