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  •  Glencoe13 - hi add me, also i am on the compass you were/are doing but I changed by ideology so here is were i am on the political compass:

  • Danieltenspaniel - literal definition of cringe, man wrote that he has no orientation "because he hates lgbt" and that ". fake (wannabe) marxist and a homophobe
    •  DualPlay  - maybe I am a soy, but I am a Marxist to some extent.

  • DragonRed - why are you banned from sex? Can't a people have sex with his own wife or husband? Better to ban prostitution.
    •  DualPlay  - If sex is forbidden, so is prostitution. Abortion may also be inappropriate (with special government approval).
  • - Please add me.
  • TEB - So, what had got you interested in Juche? What from North Korea got you interested?
    •  DualPlay  - more that I support North Korea like China. I'm only partially interested in North Korea (I think because of the working-class model that instead of people are robots)
      • TEB - DPRK is brutal to its citizens though, no? But I assume you watched Biographics' summary on North Korea.
  • Template:16384ismlink - On your Modern World with PCB users, I accidentally added myself without knowing I needed to be approved. The part I added myself is where it says "NOT ADDED YET." Can I still join nonetheless?
  • TEB - Wtf the new British ensign design is so cool! Why didn't I think of that?
  • User:汉武帝主义 - Because my user group here can't upload files here, I scanned the gallery, then I find your pictrues.