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Polictial Journey

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  • Pre 2021, Stone Era: I was a Liberal because, why not? I might have been Apolictial before. After watching some videos from 2020 I got more roped into politics. And if I remember, I liked the German and Brazilian monarchies, so I grew into being a pro- Monarchist.
  • Nov-December 2021, Development Era: I used a more traditionalist system, Monarchy, viewing Democracy as a flawed denegrate system bringing corrupt people to power which could lead countries to be unstable. I shifted away after being aware monarchies only care of their wealth from corporate businesses, and the fact they are hard to remove just put stress on the people, perhaps that Monarcho-Capitalism & Monarchism in general are the same. They're indistinguishable! Monarcho-Populism is an oxymoron too!

As a Afro-American, I felt disunity of my people. While I had decent education, many others didn't and lived in poverty. As a radical, But I grew on Pan-Africanism in 2021, I watched several videos of how Neocolonialism decides the future of the African continent. France's debt trap, the Alanticist policy of backing of puppet dictators, and Francafrique all contribute to Africa's poverty and stagnant process. I was so hotheaded I would make foul, uncivil chauvinist arguments shouting we must destroy western invention out of the horrification. I got pushed into radical left anti-globalist and pro- nationalist sentiment influenced my soon to be political life. And today I still openly identify as Pan-African.

  • Early to Mid 2022, Radical Era: I read into the content of the Lawrence textile strikes of 1912. Low pay, greedy bosses! At my school, we learned more of labour strikes in the US even, and I saw a pattern in history that the lower classes were treated unfairly. I become an anti- Capitalist. Capitalism was the poison of the world taking advantage of the lower class and stripping them of their autonomy, whatever from France, to Russia, to India, to Vietnam and China. The first signs of being a Socialist was linked to my original claims of supporting job security, free food, free healthcare, better change, better reforms, better handling of the crippling economy, and equality of all groups. Marxism–Leninism as the synthesis connecting all above. But Marxism–Leninism was devious for me, so I preferred Democratic Socialism or Left-Wing Populism.

While Authoritarianism keeps things in order, a thing you see or two is that it patrols over people's everyday lives to make sure they aren't criticizing the state. Authoritarians become Autocratic and think more of serving themselves and the elite than the people they left to suffer.

  • May to June 2022: I had de-radicalized for now. I encountered a Syndicalist known as [Redacted]. I became fascinated with trade unions, though it was iffy to self-proclaim yourself as one when you aren't that focused on the subject. A month or two later, I partially abandoned Progressive Conservativism and Cultural Nationalism and had put my mind on finally accepting internationalism as I focused on cultural topics. CynicalLibra introduced me to ML and MLM influence on this community, and I will have to read Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. I started to question my views alot. One time after a day, I went to a program as I would usually do, and I, in a tolerant political discussion talked about my disgust of capitalism. Many of the people at the program were actually sympathetic toward my critics, after all, they didn't give a [removed] about profiting off the program. So I bother to talk about economics to bring more interest. Sometime later, one of them recommended me an economics professor known as "Katherine Gibson". In her words, Katherine talked about how various different non-Capitalist societies exist within the status quo and that the only way to counter the status quo was to spread these non-capitalist views to places around the world, convincing me that capitalism can be defeated from the inside. I decided to check Katherine out after the program. They recommended many more books each week.

While now trying to figure of the puzzle known as "post-modernism", I became culturally progressive than remaining as culturally pragmatic.

  • Late 2022 to Early 2023, I started to question if I was smart enough to really know what I´m talking about, so I decided to read philosophy to find some answers. I have been looking into Humanism, Anti-Humanism, and Post-Modernism. I completely dropped Democratic Socialism as it supports reform. And reform won't work if the state is against your ideas.

Social Views



Bootlockers of the status quo don't like to admit Capitalism's flaws. How many went bankrupt and had to give up said property (including after the fall of socialist countries)? How many people in Africa and native America sold into slavery? How many faced inflation in post-Soviet Russia and fled? How many were bombed, killed, and raped by NATO troops in the name of Democracy in MENA? How many died in Bengal and Irish famines too? How many suffered from dictatorships in those remiges in Latin America? Look at what France was before the revolt. The peasants were slaves to the bourgeoisie government and landlords, and the latter would take food from the peasants just to give it to people who lived as royals. Whatever the laborers produced would be profit collected by the landlords. This was similar to pre-revolution Russia, which is just an Aristocracy protected by the bourgeoisie who exploited the starving workers.

What is Socialism?

Socialism is either poorly defined, or is wrongly misinterpreted by capitalists and liberals by statements such as "Socialism is when guberment or laziness", or "humans are too greedy" but that's a projection brought on themselves. There are many forms of Socialist theory applied by a diverse range of theorists, some I don't agree with and others I can stick with. To me, Socialism is proletariat rule in the means of production, this means all industries (the workplace, councils, etc) is owned directly by the people who work for them, in contrast to the individuals who privately own the means of production. Socialism is inherently pro- Democracy.


I oppose free trade as it will be corrupted in global trade to debt trap other nations. This especially applies to third-world nations as nations such as China will enslave the workers through debt trap if it means seizing the fruits of labor.


I FUCKING LOVE WOMEN! What makes women different than men? You tell me. As for then, I believe women should have rights.


At first I believed, the nation is what we fought to create. I was once a patriot because I wanted to take pride in where I came from. Contributing to the economy, science, arts, and politics made me feel good to do work for my nation. I once believed our nation should be developed first. I do not want to force people into Nationalist doctrine, I just respected my nation personally. At first, I was against internationalism, but eventually softened up and grew on it.

This is a picky topic the more I drift into internationalism now since there's the conception that nations and labor shouldn't stick like glue, but I inconsistently developed my own idea that when the issues within the barriers of society (the nation) are put to place, the nation will contribute on internationalism. The nation should not be nosy to other countries and will send minimum intervention if the nation is in a civil war. The proletariat around the world must create international unity, creating a form of Alter-Globalism to fight the exploitive west. The nations collaborate while not overshadowing one another.





If I got to power I will run le based big Ingsoc 1984 state to target pornography, the dar web will be banned, when someone is caught watching it they will be executed by muh mighty ultra-totalitarian statist police force


Why should this even be a question? Racism is a pointless division that has been used as an excuse to divide, categorize, or segregate people every time. Race does not exist, only ethnical origins.


Reform won't work. Why would you seek to be on the same ground with the bourgeoise state when they will backstab and limit your influence? I used to believe collaboration with the state was humane and more possible than a violent dogmatic revolution, but look at Pedro Castillo's presidency. Didn't even start reforming the country before the rightist opposition in his government couped him.


Traditions are useless in life and there is no point of keeping them. It's better to preserve them in a museum or in cultural acts. Progressivism will destroy Traditionalism, but never the traditions or cultures themselves fully, so what's with the whining?


Religion shouldn't be abolished but should stay separate. Overall just a secular state where churches and mosques don't have political power.


Against Left-Wing Anti Communism

I feel like the problem with moderate left-wingers is that by internalizing anti-communism echoed by the satus quo from other right-wingers, which a lot isn't true, they become less likely to implent socialism though a revolutionary government and stick to liberal electoralism and reformism.

Read Literature

  • I read Marx, Hegel, & Black Panthers.

Who do I remind you of?

Ideological Relationships

Based tier list

  • CynicalLibra (9/10) - We are already alike in ideology and we support Ho Chi Minh and the environment, but she takes it further with the MZT. Thanks for recommending me your Maoist literature, but Mao is conflicting
  •  K1R4KW33N  (9/10) - Your views of a revolutionary proletariat are splendid and your ideology is perfect albeit slightly incoherent when coming down to neo-Marxist watering.
  • 72hours (9/10) - Another discord mutual. I never understood why people like Juche, it's put under sanctions which makes me a bit sympatheic for it, but its conservatism and revisionism is cringe. But otherwise, almost everything you support is based.

Decent tier list

  • JefBol (7/10) - Abandoning centralization and embracing federalism isn't better nor good, but ditching Nazbol larping was an improvement, and it's good you became more progressive. You are okay-ish in ideology. But stop larping on discord as a fed
  • Comrade Ivanoff (7/10) - He alright and he resembles left unity. but reformism is mid.
  •  AshleyHere  (?/10) - Don't know much about you.

Bringe tier list (good fams tho)

  •  Yoda8soup  (6.5/10) - A mutual friend who I see on Discord. You resemble more of a center-left western progressive than some socialist.
  • TheJester (?/10) - Read above. You admit to being a l*b though
  •  Pantheon  (6.5/10) - Distributism, Meritocracy, and Tribalism are conservative ideas that are bad. and Humanism, Welfarism, Georgism, Liberal/Market Socialism and Corporatism are gay. Even if the monarchy actually showed remorse for the working class, Monarchies prefer class collaboration because revolution is anti-Monarchy.
  • Glencoe (6.5/10) - That Tony guy. Ideology is similar to Chiro. But Liberalism and Socialism are imcompatible as they cancel each other out. It would be better to call yourself a RadLib or SocDem.
  • Gabovaura (6/10) - Your takes on transhumanism, post-humanism, and anti-humanist theory are interesting to take note of, but REALLY not a fan of everything else because of the negating post-leftism. Also, your anti-realism might stop you from trying to understand real concepts and ideologies. But, he's a decent lad.
  •  DualPlay  (5/10) - Neither a fan or Deng or Juche, both are conservatives in red. And you are a Centrist and a Utopian so there's that.

Kentucky.png KY panda- add me to your relations

Mid tier list

  • BasedMaddy - WIP
  • KryptoLocks (5/10) - Existentialism is great. Unsure for Hedonism and Individualism.
  •  Cheebow8  (4/10) - Not a fan of conservative patriotism and religious devotion.
  • Rigby from Regular Show (4/10) - "oh hell naw my boi Rigby became conservative" Also, not friendly with neoconservatism.
  •  BeryAb  (4/10) - Even if our political beliefs are different, we are friendly with each other.
  • Pepsi Queen (4/10) - Curiously, I shouldn't really expect much from a liberal ideology, but doesn't some parts of your ideology feel like a contradiction?
  •  Applethesky2021  (3/10) - SuccAuth will not help the workers despite its strong structure to enforce such, nationalism I´m not completely against but it divides the workers. And really, was it okay in the head to say that racial bs?


  • Fashies on this website. WHY. ARE. THERE. SO... MANY OF YOU??!?!? Being edgelord and racists/chauvinists makes you so soy I can't explain this bullshit, and I bet you all have schizophrenia or issues at home.
  • Most of the people from the PCBMH server. You guys like to be assholes to anyone you simply disagree with (I mean it´s politics, but grow the fuck up) for no good reason. You assholes are the reason why my friends Nekoqing, Scarlet, Nuoh, Chirotesla, etc left this place. The friends I liked to be with I don´t talk as much with anymore, and you donkey assholes ruined it all. The autistic four are the worst offenders. If you know who you are, piss off and KYS now.

Hall of basedness

  • Socialism - The economic system that actually cares for the poor.
  • Republicanism - The term "republic" originates from "Res publica" which means "the public". Fits well because real republics are intended to represent a platform for the masses.
  • Marxist Feminism - Feminists within the Socialist movement are right to be against Capitalism. Capitalism is against anything perceived as radical, and by the means will use traditionalist propaganda to defend its unjust ways. Or instead, it recognizes Feminism as something that can be neutered for profiting its businesses (than destroying the reputation of), which is why Liberal "Feminism" exists.
  • Indigenism - I'm sorry for what your ancestors had to go through. Your land will be given back to your people someday, and when that day comes, we should celebrate with joy.
  • Marxism - Reading his book as of right now. Though I don't fully agree with all his ideas, you made some good points. They inspired some aspects of my thinking.
  • (Redoing this entire section)


    (Redoing this entire section)


    (Redoing this entire section)

    Not a fan

    (Redoing this entire section)


    • Nazism - Your retarded anti-Jewish conspiracy theories were a hoax for plain blatant racism, proof that idiotic divisions create the deaths of millions. And do people actually think this guy is a socialist? Literally, and like literally, anything disapproves that.
    • Racial Nationalism - Racism is an outdated system, get over it. Go burn in hell with your crushed ethnostate distopias.


    Polictial Test

    Retaking later.

    Polictial Parties

    All modern political parties are asses, yes even the ones I used to be sympathetic for. The only good ones are the ones that actually represent socialism.




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      • TEB - Will do later.
    • AnAnonBoi123 - With regards to your relationships section, you claim to hate the toxic polcompball community yet you actively engage in the same toxic behaviour, stooping so low to send suicide threats.
      • TEB - At the time the PCBMH liked to really piss me off back for when I was less intelligent, so I was heated at the time especially because many online friends I grew comfy with left to them. I don't share the same sentiment now.

    (Edit: Also, thanks for gaslighting/foreshadowing) the fact that I was often harassed by PCBMH (not sure you knew regardless but I must explain). Everytime I showed up in the server there would always be some dickhead that tried to make me a laughing stock (Jao screenshoting this exact page and using it to get Xenosystem to laugh at me for my sexuality), called me offensive terms (Mao-Clairo and Libby calling me an autistic retard) or straight-up death threats from Polfax. But I'm the one stooping too low or returning the same sentiment? This was a year ago when I got on PCB, my responses were undeveloped and mature, said that multiple times.

    • - add me.
      • TEB - I'll add you all. Add me back as well.
    • Demosocman - Dude, why did u send me something that says I am a status quo? U don't know anything about me. I am a socialist who believes electoralism is ok, and if the previous system becomes a ruthless dictatorship, revolution is needed. Plus, you can still keep democracy afterwards. BTW, I support the Black Panther too. Fred Hampton was based!
      • TEB - I sent a political message to you which ended up being heavily scripted in code-read only. I mean, Democratic Socialism may be socialist but in the long run it believes in parliamentary/liberal democracy (electoral) which in the end is controlled by the bourgeoisie that want to stop workers from getting to power.

    Also elaborate on ruthless dictatorships.

    1. ↑ Imagine trusting Wikipedia. I'm fully convinced any rando can put in fake shit as long as they simply have an account or bypass the poorly working firewall! Source document supermacy!!!!