Catholicism (Disambiguation)

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Catholicism may refer to:

  • Roman Catholicism - The most common use of the word.
  • Independent Catholicism - Includes the Liberal Catholic Church, the Palmarian Catholic Church, and the Old Catholics, a group that separated from Rome after the First Vatican Council of 1869-70 that believes it is carrying forward traditional pre-conciliar Catholic doctrines (they should not be confused with traditionalist Catholics such as the SSPX, who oppose the Second Vatican Council of 1962). Today they often take progressive social positions.
  • Orthodoxy - The Orthodox Churches believe they have apostolic origins and boast traditions of catholicity.
  • Oriental Orthodoxy - Even Oriental Orthodox pride themselves on being true Catholics.
  • Anglo-Catholicism - Some High Church Anglicans emphasize the Catholic origins of the Church of England.
  • Evangelical Catholic Lutheranism - Some Lutherans claim that their religion is fundamentally Catholic and call themselves Evangelical Catholic, Augsburg Catholic or Augustana Catholic.