Centrism (Disambiguation)

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Centrism is any ideology that is in the center of the compass.

Centrism may refer to:

  • Moderatism - Ideology based around taking moderate, pragmatic stances on political issues and seeking change from within the Overton Window (range of policies viewed positively by most people).
  • Neoliberalism - Often portrayed as the current controller of the Overton Window within the polcompball community, though this is of debatable accuracy.
  • Dead Centrism - Polcompball mascot and prime strawman of centrism, wishing to find solutions at the exact midpoint between two policy proposals.
  • Radical Centrism - Ideology focused on combing different strains of political ideas from across the compass to form a new synthesis.
  • Apoliticism - Ideology that rejects politics altogether.
  • Radical Apoliticism - Ideology that EXTREMELY rejects politics.
  • Centrist category - Category featuring all ideologies in the centre of the political compass.