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    'This article is about an ideology that rejects politics. For other uses, see Centrism (Disambiguation).

    "What is called politics is something so superficial and inhuman that, practically, I have never fairly recognized that it concerns me at all."

    Apoliticism is a non-quadrant ideology whose only defining feature is apathy towards politics.

    The character's design and mannerisms are a reference to I Just Wanna Grill for God's Sake, a meme poking fun at the apolitical tendency of baby boomers. Other traits derived from the meme include Apoliticism's love of grilling and hatred of racism, shootings, Socialism and the KKK .


    Apoliticism doesn't have a history. It has existed ever since the beginning of political thought and some would say even long before that.


    Apoliticism is apathetic or antipathetic towards all political affiliations, often responding to political discussions by saying: "I just wanna grill for God's sake!". He is completely politically neutral, and only cares about non-political issues like interpersonal relationships, cooking, and sometimes religion.

    Personality and Behavior

    Apoliticism appears in comics as a generally cynical and dim-witted every-man character. He is based on the archetypal American baby boomer, a middle-class man skeptical of societal progress and burdened by an unhappy marriage. He occupies himself with grilling and responds dismissively to politics or political discussion.

    Stylistic Notes

    He is the only character to have hair, which appears as loose, coiled strands on the top of his head to represent balding. This style of illustrating hair is derived from Polcompball's predecessor Anarchyball, which depicts Anarcho-Capitalism in a similar state of hair loss.

    How to Draw

    Apoliticism's design is based on the "I just want to grill" meme guy, with coils of hair representing him balding.

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color the ball white (the most neutral color)
    3. Add several black coil-shaped strands of hair to the top of the ball,
    4. Draw the eyes,
    5. (Optional) Give the ball a cooking spatula, and draw a grill with meat on it next to the ball

    You are finished!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Light Grey #808080 128, 128, 128
    Light Brown #BA7B56 186, 123, 86


    Grilling Buddies

    • Radical Apoliticism - Those were some unusual, but still good tasting steaks at Barbara's last week. What did you make them out of?
    • Religious Rejectionism - My religious child, who (depending on his faith and what I grill), may or may not come for steaks.
    • Moderatism - Basically me, albeit still interested in politics.
    • Horseshoe Centrism - Between you and me, I don't see any dang difference between those Democrats and Republicans either.
    • Gerontocracy - Hey Dad, are you cleaning your dentures with my grill brush again? No? Okay, then.
    • Satirism - I like watching clowns.
    • Kakistocracy - What a lovely child! Wait, don't scratch my hair!
    • Epicureanism - My philosophy. It is better to just live your own life and seek pleasure in simple things (especially grilling) than to get involved in the counterproductive quarreling known as "politics".


    • Centrists - Listen here kids, you make a lot of sense, but I don't want to hear any more of your politics!
    • Manosphere - I like it when you discuss relationships, women, personal experiences, and self-improvement but please stop speaking about politics and I don't care if some of them benefit masculinity.
    • Machiavellianism - You don't care about ideologies but still want to gain political power for selfish reasons, despite all the woes and risks involved.
    • Agorism - You are disillusioned with voting and political parties just as much as I am, but you are still too political, radical even. And I think I am a bit too old for all that counter-economics stuff, too.
    • Anarcho-Egoism - Also doesn't like ideology, but also just really, really weird. If grilling pleases your ego then you can join me if you want.
    • Anarcho-Nihilism - He hates politics and sees it as a circus, but why do you hate life when you can just enjoy grilling?
    • Transhumanism - This guy has tools to make cooking more efficient, such as a built-in electric grill and cultured meat. But he is sometimes involved in politics as well.
    • Veganarchism - Those veggie burgers tasted kind of weird and you're still somewhat political.

    Political Morons

    • Any political ideology (especially extremists) - I'm not brave enough for politics.
    • Anti-Centrism - Why do you hate me? The only thing I do is grill steaks.
      • Exactly.
    • Anti-Realism - And I thought he was crazy...
    • Radical Centrism - Centrist, but extremely political. No, I don't care about politics at all. Just leave me alone and stop nagging me to participate in political discourses.
    • Radical Democracy - For the last time, I'm NOT VOTING!
    • The Propaganda - You seem to report of nothing but racism, shootings, socialism and KKK nowadays! That's why I watch comedy shows instead of news right now.
    • Racial Nationalism, Black Nationalism & White Nationalism - Racism and KKK.
    • Socialism - No thanks. I just wanna grill man.
    • Illegalism, Combatocracy & Anarcho-Fascism - Mass shootings.
    • That Edgy Teen - Another racist who calls us "normies". He needs to get off the internet and become a normal person like me. He has become very hateful, because of politics. Moreover, he made death threats against us, and therefore we must call the police.
    • The SJW - Another extremist who makes death threats against me and I may need to call the police if necessary. I am against being politically involved. I would rather just enjoy living my life.
    • State Liberalism - Oh come on! I just wanna grill for god's sake! Stop calling me a crypto-fascist!
    • Terrorist - *holds his phone* Hello 911? A terrorist is about to kill me because he thought I was cooking pork!
    • Escapist junkie - Quit those drugs, forget about fantasy esoteric and sci-fi transhumanist nonsense, be more realistic, and please go outside and touch some grass.
    • Indiana Jones Nazi - Are you that nutcase that made me stop watching the History Channel at night?
    • Commie city crazy - Why are you carrying that weird huge thing? Are you... *Obliterated by nuclear blast*
    • Complainer - Will you please stop complaining? It's not my fault your steak is getting cold.
    • My wife - God I hate her so much.
    • Smith - I hate when that twit keeps bragging about the junk they said in Fox and how bad The Current System is (as if I care)!
    • That Bad Man - HOW COULD SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN IN THE TWENT-FIRST CENTURY?! I'll still keep grilling like nothing happened.
    • That strange not working guy - That guy always sometimes go to the night and then returns with a lot of money. I will call the police, if he does something strange.

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