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Hello there Aycee here I am here to announce the feature changes this wiki will go through as well as some previous changes I have made

Already Implemented Changes

I have added a variants section to the Ideology template if you want a good example go to the Technoprimitivism page.
I have created a full list of all currently existing regional and fictional ideologies even though the regional ideology list will be useless.
I have removed unpolitical media from the fictional movements list.

Removed Pages

Coming Changes

Big Changes

Abolishment of the Split

So we originally had the Canon, Non-Canon split which was abolished for being insanely redundant and replaced by the Canon, Regional split which was mushy and badly defined in my opinion. Later (more accurately a few weeks ago) I expanded this split to the Canon, Regional, and Fictional split which seemed just as redundant, so we as the mod team have decided collectively to abolish the split entirely for being insanely redundant this means the categories of canon and regional will be getting deleted. This does not mean that Fictional as a category, navbox, and message box will be abolished. In effect, this means every ideology is canon.

Cleaning up Pages and Deleting Files

We will be mass deleting duplicate files, and we will be mass deleting unused files along with cleaning up redirects and cleaning up and renaming categories.

Ideology Council

This is one of the biggest announcements maybe in PCB history but we will be creating a PCB Ideology Council (PCBIC). This council will have a few functions:

  1. Deciding which pages should be deleted
  2. Deciding which pages should be renamed
  3. Deciding which pages should be merged
  4. Deciding which pages should be integrated
  5. Deciding which pages should have which redirects
  6. Deciding which pages should be added
  7. Deciding which ideologies should have their design changed
  8. Deciding which variants a page should have

The council will consist of mod and non-mod members of the community and you can sign up to the council via this google form (the google form will also be on the front page) current members of the council are:

  • Inky
  • Monkey
  • Atzyn
  • Aycee Lovelace (expert on accelerationism)
  • Nguyen (expert on marxism)
  • Nyteulo (expert on marxism-leninism)
  • K-tech (expert on reactionaryism)
  • Froggers (expert on early liberalism)
  • Jao (expert on fascism)

For any big decision (deletion, merger, integration, addition, design change, renaming) to be made at least 2/3 of the council has to vote on it, and for it to pass at least 2/3 of the council have to agree.

Changes to Ideology Template

You will now be able to change the background color of the given Ideology template.

New File Name Rules

We are changing the file name rules to be:
(Shortened Name of Ideology).png
(Name of comic)-(Artist)-comic.png
(Name of thinker)-icon.png
(Name of ideology)-(Artist)-portrait.png
(Name of user)-(test name)-(date the test was taken)-test.png
(Name of Ideology)-flag.svg

The first example is for ideology icons. If the artist is not known we will just put unknown. A portrait is defined as a drawing that displays a singular ideology. For icons the (alt), (alt(insert number)) system will remain.

Mass Redesign of Ideologies

A lot of Ideologies' ball/flag designs will be changed to be more unique along with individual ideologies having more unique accessories.

New Navboxes

Three new navboxes will be added:

  • Philosophies
  • Globalists/Internationalists
  • Political Concepts

Variants are official now

Variants of ideologies are recognized as official ideologies examples would be Meta-Anarchism can now be used on the subreddit in a comic because it is a variant of Post-Anarchism. Voluntarism can now be used again in comics because it is a variant of Anarcho-Capitalism. This policy of course means that variants will be heavily regulated and in the ensuing period we will crack down on variants we do not think should be recognized as official.
For examples of how variants should be implemented look at Liberal Socialism for how portraits should be implemented. DO NOT add portraits of variants to the ideology template as this will clutter it.

Social Features Return

The features of the User: namespace will return (pfps as an example of such) as they were disabled to avoid a ban.

Small Changes

  • Navbox templates will be moved and renamed to Template:Navbox/(Navbox name)
  • Messagebox templates moved and renamed to Template:Messagebox/(Messagebox name)
  • Accelerationist pages will be locked for the time being and be rewritten to be accurate to the accelerationist ideologies by me (Accelerationism, Unconditional Accelerationism, Zero Accelerationism, Right Accelerationism, NRx, Xenofeminism, LesbiaNRx)
  • Egoism will be moved to Anarcho-Egoism
  • Chinese Blueshirtism will be integrated into Tridemism
  • Fujimorism will be integrated into Authoritarian conservatism
  • Christian communism will be integrated into Christian Socialism
  • Marhaenism will be integrated into Pancasila
  • Vegan anarchism will be integrated into Total Liberation
  • Person dignity theory will be integrated into Authoritarian Conservatism
  • Trumpism will be integrated into Right-Wing Populism
  • Luxemburgism and Centrist Marxism will be merged into Classical Social Democracy
  • Deletion of the (insert value)(insert figure) lists
  • Reducing size of all fictional media to one page
  • Put all Usericons into Module
  • adding a navigation section to every page
  • We will ban all people under 14 years old and everyone who is still 14


I hope you enjoy these changes we will implement most of these till the end of the year or by the end of next year's second quarter. If you have anything to talk about/ask go to the talk page of this page.