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De Leonism, occasionally known as Marxism–De Leonism, is a form of unionist Marxism[1] developed by Daniel De Leon. De Leon combined the rising theories of American unionism in his time with orthodox Marxism. According to De Leonist theory, industrial unions (not to be confused with labor unions) are the vehicle of class struggle. Industrial Unions serving the interests of the proletariat (working class) will bring about the change needed to establish a socialist system. These industrial unions will then form the basis for the dictatorship of the proletariat, and then with the establishment of communism, the basis for the association of producers.



De Leonists take a impossibilist stance on the reform or revolution question, which believes reform under capitalism strengthens the bourgeoisie and secures their power while weakening socialist movements. And because of this, De Leonism is opposed to any form of reformism. However, De Leonists in the past did opt to run in presidential elections in the United States, but only as a way of seeing how much mass support they had.

Socialist Industrial Unionism

De Leonists advocate for an “industrial commonwealth” revolving directly on industry formulated around socialist industrial unionism. This socialist industrial unionism should not be confused with the industrial unionism of the IWW, which is of a syndicalist and libertarian socialist character, whereas in socialist industrial unionism is a distinct form of organization from syndicalism. Socialist industrial unionism would operate on a model where workers elect workplace industrial shop organization which then elect industrial unions which elect themselves to regional associations of unions. These industrial unions are tasked with coordinating all industries and deciding resource allocation.

How to Draw

Flag of De Leonism
  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Fill it with red.
  3. Draw a yellow circle inside.
  4. Draw a silhouette of a muscular arm holding a hammer in yellow (#D8C306) inside the circle and fill the silhouette in.
  5. Draw the eyes and you’re done.
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #C9261F 201, 38, 31
Yellow #D8C306 216, 195, 6



  • Marxism - My father.
  • Ergatocracy - Only through the socialist industrial unions can the dictatorship of the proletariat be organized.
  • Council Communism - We enjoy bulling syndicalists and reformists together, but my methods are superior, sorry not sorry.
  • Impossibilism - My son who continues to fight against reformism.


  • Leninism - You were successful at creating the first socialist state, but it degenerated into bureaucratic despotism early on.
  • Georgism - You’re on the right track but you fail to see the inherent problems of capitalism and instead place those problems on land.


  • Capitalism - The only thing you do is destroy workers lives.
  • Fascism - Militarism is only the natural accompaniment of capitalism fully developed.
  • Marxism-Leninism - Bureaucratic despotism at its finest.
  • Anarchism - Utopian who rejects the power of a directing authority.
  • Reformism - You can change a poodle's appearance, but a poodle it will remain.
  • Reformist Marxism - Reformism will only strengthen capital!
  • Libertarian Possibilism - What is this monstrosity?
  • Social Democracy - This is literally just the natural conclusion of reformism...
  • Third Way - I think I'm going to be sick...
  • Blanquism - Why no mass movements?
  • Theocracy - "Theology or religion is a delicate and occult thing. No man of sense and surely none of feeling will, ‘hit back’ at that tender vein. He will respect that private feeling with others, as he will expect others to respect it with him. But that is one thing, and another is to allow clergymen to extend the jurisdiction of ‘theology’ over terrestrial and civic matters, as they endeavour to do. To allow them to, and not ‘hit back,’ and hard, too, at such clerical usurpations over a domain that is purely civic, would be to allow them to walk into our encampment, take possession, and non-suit the cause of Socialism – and that indeed would 'be satisfactory to the enemy.' With Daniel O’Connell, the S.L.P. says: 'All the religion you like from Rome, but no politics.'"
  • Syndicalism - I am not you! You fail to lay even the slightest bit of stress onto capitalism besides on its function, and you do realize labor unions even if radicalize will never be revolutionary? And how dare you expel me from the IWW? Slum proletarian.
  • National Syndicalism - Some dumb nationalist, don't listen to him.
  • American Communism - Gravedigger of communism who slandered me as somehow an anarcho-syndicalist and a reformist.
  • State Socialism - We shall either have socialism, and and that means that the state shall have vanished; or we shall preserve the state, and then we shall have no socialism.
  • Intellectuals - The "Intellectual" can not grasp the importance of Unionism. It is a case of material interests and moral and mental make-up combining. For bona fide Unionism the "Intellectual" has the feeling that a scalded cat has for water; to bogus Unionism he takes like a duck does to a mill-pond; - in short, the question of Unionism is a test that assays the "Intellectual" and proves him dross.

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