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LesbiaNRx is the ideology of well known internet blogger and theorist Nyx Land also known as N1x


There isn't a exact point in time at which can be said that LesbiaNRx fully formed as a ideology, but the rough traces of its origin can be traced back to 2016-2018, since that was when N1x first started blogging and receiving wider attention for her Cyber-Nihilist works.


Meatspace, Meta-Meatspace, and the Wired

The Meatspace

The Meatspace in LesbiaNRx theory is seen as a natural, but ultimately static and unchanging state of existence that the ideology wants to accelerate into something else


The Meta-Meatspace is a term in LesbiaNRx jargon, most commonly used to describe the internet, as while often conflated with The Wired, the Internet is a separate Entity that is ultimately just as controlled and static as the Meatspace

The Wired

The Wired is considered fully artificial and a fully uncontrolled, changing and automated state of existence that LesbiaNRx seeks to Accelerate into. WIP

Feminising Technocapital





Cyber-Nihilism specifically discusses the ideas LesbiaNRx has that relate to how meatspace, the wired, and meta-meatspace all relate to each other, along with discussing the relationship technology has to nihilism.

Gender Accelerationism

Gender Accelerationism as a label describes a collection of theories within LesbiaNRx which pertain to the feminizing effects of capital taking inspiration from CyberFeminism in that regard but developing those ideas of CyberFeminism further.

Behavior and Personality

LesbiaNRx is very autistic eccentric, rambling a lot about Sadie Plant and Nick Land not being able stop herself when she starts. It is also obsessed with 90s animes and more generally film discussing it a lot on her blog, her favorite anime is Serial Experiments Lain, from which she borrows a ton of her terminology along with a lot of her aesthetics being obsessed with overcrowded wires.

LesbiaNRx is also very promiscuous flirting with anything and anyone who is slightly feminine.

LesbiaNRx is incredibly misanthropic hating anything that could be called human, instead of prefers the cyborgian or the post-human. It loves the aesthetic of slime as formless and as rhizomatic, this plays into the ideas if LesbiaNRx of transwomen as the synthesis of technology and biology as cyborgs.

Stylistic Notes

  • Doesn't talk with spaces between words
  • Sometimes says UwU, OwO and :3
  • Pretty much a TERF but with Opposite views on Trans Issues.
  • Has a cute little Feminine Penis




  • Landian Accelerationism - Thanksfortechnocapital,dad,butwhydoyouthinkusingittofeminisenon-femalesisabittoofar,whenyouhavebuisnessmenbecomingaigods?
  • Tomboys - You'reagirl,butyou'redefinitelyabittoomanlyformytastes.
  • National Feminism - Ilikethatyou'reafemdomwhorapesm*n,butc'mongenderisasocialconstruct,sodon'tcallmetranny.Whycan'twegetalongandfeminisem*ntogether.
  • Proudhonism - Youreconomicsareamazing!ButstoptellingmeIhavetogobacktothekitchen,infactbythatlogic,youshouldjoinmeinitaswell.


  • Manosphere - Alright,putonthisskirtandthesethigh-highs,you'reeventuallybecomeeitheratransgirlorafemboy.
  • Patriarchy - sameastheabove.
  • Fourth Theory - Idon'tcarewhatyousay,youmisogynisticcommie,I'mnotevensurprisedthatyou'llmisgendermejusttomakemeupset.
  • Nilssonianism - Youaremyfulloppositeihateyousomuchpleasediealready.Butweagreethatthestateisshitandsoarecommies,duetothemnotlikingleftwingmarketanarchism