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    Community:Wiki Guidelines

    Welcome to the Polcompball Wiki! Before you get started, here are some guidelines that everyone should follow. If you want to contribute, you can click the links above to get to those certain guidelines, since the guidelines will be separated into different parts. By reading them, you also agree to them. If you want to report anything, visit this page to find out how.

    The Moderation Team will always be referred as "we, us and our" in the case of these guidelines.

    Latest Revision: March 23, 2024

    Miraheze's Policies

    • A Miraheze account is required to interact and contribute to the wiki. Before creating an account you must read and abide by the Terms of Use and Content Policy. If you haven't done so already, you should do it right now.
      • According to the Terms of Service, you must be at least 13 years of age (or in the case in California and the European Economic Area, 16 years of age) to enter the wiki and create an account. If someone is suspected to be under 13 years of age or 16 in some areas, they will be blocked until they turn 13 or 16 in the presumed area they live in. This policy is made to abide with the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and other child online protection laws around other parts in the world.


    • We ask all members of this wiki to be civil, caring and helpful.
      • If someone harasses, intimidates, bullies or discriminates based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, country, etc. they will be warned or blocked depending on how excessive the violation is present.
      • Organizing raids associated with the Polcompball Wiki or raiding the Polcompball Wiki will result in further ramifications, and all raid participants will be banned.
      • No edit warring. If a conflict does arise, contact an administrator.

    Acceptable Content

    • In the wiki, we only accept content relevant to the wiki's subject, in this case Polcompballs or anything else related to the subject. Irrelevant content will be removed.
      • Original character ideologies are not under any circumstance allowed in this wiki and will result in a ban of the user if done repeatedly. If you want to create one, create the page on the Anarchy Wiki.
      • Creating or adding to the list of ideologies not approved by the mods will result in removal and if done multiple times a ban of the user. Again, if you want to create a page for it, use the Anarchy Wiki, and if the ideology is relevant in real-life politics, TBA
      • Content that violates the Art Guidelines will also be removed.
    • Discussion posts that aren't directly related to the polcompball community and the wiki will be removed and if done frequently will result in a ban of the user.
    • Content that violates any other guidelines will also result in a removal, will result in their warn or block depending on what guideline on this article is violated.
    • Content that violates laws of the jurisdiction of their country and international laws will be removed and have their posters blocked, with exception being laws that are trivial or immoral in nature.


    • We don't tolerate vandalism and other means that in a way can mess with the page.
      • Blanking, completely changing a definition of, or removing certain parts of a page, for example, will be reverted and they will be warned or blocked depending on how excessive the vandalism is present on a page.
      • Altering influences of ideologies in a nonsensical manner is explicitly banned and may result on a ban depending on the severity.
      • Altering categories and ideological placements to fit your personal view instead of the placement the mods have chosen will result in instant reversing of the edits and ban if done repeatedly.
      • Removing non rule-breaking & reasonable content from pages (just because something in it offends you, doesn't give you the right to remove it)
      • Undoing edits done by administrators (purple names) will result in a ban, as well as repeated undoing of non-vandalistic edits.
      • Creation of new categories is decided by the mod team and pages are decided if it's suitable for the wiki and the community. Restoring pages and categories that have already removed from the wiki by adminstrators for being deemed unnecessary will result in instant ban.
      • Adding categories destined for ideology pages to blog posts or user pages, this includes using the {{Ideology}} (which automatically adds the user category) in your user pages, use {{User-ideology}} if you want to use the Ideology infobox instead of the User infobox in your user pages.


    • Doing any of the following actions repeatedly will result in a ban of the user
      • Adding unnecessary categories and navboxes, specially extra quadrants (each page should only have 1 quadrant navbox, variants don't qualify).
      • Adding pointless references and nonsensical trivia to pages (nobody cares about your minecraft "anarchy" servers or if an ideology appears to be trans because of another editor's mistake).
      • Adding low effort or unrelated comics.
      • Adding tier lists or any similar content.
      • Linking ideologies from sub-official wikis in the Polcompball community.
      • Uploading non-PCB related content to the wiki (exception being if it's going to be used in the "User:" namespace)
      • Linking a specific ideology in other ideologies' pages even though they have no meaningful relation (we get it you really like X ideology, no need to link it everywhere)
      • Spamming the same thing over and over in comments or pages.
    • Creating pages that aren't ideologies or support material for the existing ideologies will be deemed as spam and result in instant ban of the user.

    Multiple Accounts

    • If you have more than one account, you can only use multiple accounts in this wiki if you're locked out from your main account which is currently not banned.
      • If we find out they are using multiple accounts just to circumvent blocks, the block will be changed on their main account on how much they use multiple accounts to circumvent blocks, along with the account blocked. If this persists, we will contact Miraheze admins and they'll globally lock them.


    • We ask everyone to respect everyone's privacy and away from someone's personal information.
      • If personal information (e.g. real names, phone numbers, locations or any other information that can be sensitive) of someone else is shared on the wiki, it will be removed and they will be blocked.


    • If there is a violation of any of the guidelines, you have the right to report it to us, and we will be quick to punish the violator whenever possible.
      • Reporting on someone they hate, or from something random not a violation of these guidelines, for example, is considered false reporting and they will be warned and repeated attempts will result in a block.
      • Comments and posts shall be reported by using the report option, everything should be reported via contacting an administrator.

    Changes To These Guidelines

    • We can at anytime, and for without any further notice, make changes, additions, remove portions of, and make any modifications to these guidelines, if possible.
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