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"When the government does stuff."

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"Workers of the world, unite!."

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"Horseshoe theory of sexuality"

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Friends (Both online and IRL)

keepin' em anonymous btw


Political Journey





File:Kirakween.png (2020-2021)



Gender Abolition


Against Sex Work and Pornography


The State and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

The state be functioned in an authoritarian, if not totalitarian manner to that of the Leninist theories of a dominant revolutionary vanguard party, with the leaders representing the educated proletariat; and democratic centralism.

On the topic of parties there can only exist one party that controls the state.

Meowxism thinks that a strong state should exist to violently purge the oppressors. The "dictatorship" part of DotP should be taken literally. The notion of liberty and freedom, in the (bourgeois) individualist sense, is a very utopian belief that is impossible to guarantee or achieve during the stage of the DotP, as oppressors and dangerous enemies of the state are also guaranteed these freedoms. This is also the criticism of the bourgeois ideology that is (liberal) humanism: the belief that abstract "rights" are the very essence of what is called "humanity". This is clearly idealistic and has zero basis in the material liberation of the oppressed class.

If the past must be erased and should the DotP be successful in transition to socialism, the state must be strong and robust.

On Conservative Pacifism and Moralism


AE"S": Conservative, Anti-Marxist, Reformist, Lassallean, & Kautskyite Nonsense


Critique of Stalin: Where Did He Go Wrong?


Bourgeois Individualism vs Individual Freedom under Communism: What is the Difference?


Repression under Capitalism



Heraclitus (535-475 BC)
Shang Yang (390-338 BC)
Han Fei (280-233 BC)
Qin Shi Huang (259-210 BC)
Jean-Paul Marat (1743-1793)
Jacques Hébert (1757-1794)
Maximillien Robespierre (1758-1794)
François-Noël "Gracchus" Babeuf (1760-1797)
Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840)
Karl Marx (1818-1883)
Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)
Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924)
Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952)
Valentine de Saint-Point (1875-1953)
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1876-1944)
Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)
Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)
Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)
Enver Hoxha (1908-1985)
Frantz Fanon (1925-1961)
Vikky Storm (?-)

Some OCs of mine cuz why not

What political figures do I remind you of?



Template:PCB -
Template:PCB -
Template:PCB -
Stalinism - .
Template:PCB - Taught us the virtue and art of youth, technology, violence, and speed. Very based art movement. Tear down the old world! Death to moralism!


Template:PCB - Opposed the social imperialism of the Eastern bloc, the opportunism of Castro, and a hero for Latin America, even if Foco is shit and MRTA sucks.


Template:PCB - I don't like you ideologically, but you were a progressive force for Libya despite many of your shortcomings, especially in your last 12 years.




Very Cringe







Very Cringe

Template:PCB -

judge of ideology, NOT personality btw
File:Atronism-icon.png Atronism - You're quite idealistic and utopian, I unfortunately must say, albeit the truth. Recommendation? Read more theory, especially Critique of the Gotha Program.
File:Cynicallibra.png Neo-Libraism - Generally based. I really like gender accelerationism, too. Unfortunate that the Stalin arc had to end, though, but I'll let that slide either way. Ok never mind, you're a leftcom now /j
Template:Iberian Communism - Basically my Portuguese counterpart but not furry, which is still ultrabased nonetheless. We share a lot of similarities.
Template:.dotdotdotsam Thought - Same as the above but Colombian and not as based.
CanadianCommunist - Same as the above but Canadian and also sorta revisionist Thought - Pretty based ideology. Why do you hate furries?
Template:Ascheominh - You're basically just me but slightly more moderate. Still based, though.
Jefbol Thought - Quite based. Definitely a huge improvement from your Natsynd phase. I'm glad you finally recognized syndicalism isn't a viable method of achieving socialism in today's world anymore and I also like the situationist influence. Also, your take on radlibs and the hedonistic "left" (aka "leftists" who want to preserve the reactionary patriarchal institution associated with the superstructure that maintains the economic base that is prostitution and the sex industry) is based. The only reason you're not placed in "gigabased" is because I'm not really on line with the De Leonist method of Marxism. Also, my opinion on you is pretty much the same, even after you became the Damenite variant of Leftcom-ism.
File:Murb.png Neo-Murba - You're a very interesting case, but as of writing this it's kinda late here and I'm too lazy to do a full-analysis dive on ur ideology srry ;-;.
File:SGB-Greek.png Smarter Greeceball Thought - I admire the fact that you're influenced by me, but you're still too libertarian for my likings, and individualism (both economic and personal, so I'm talking about individualism in the general sense) is very bad. It is great that you recently dropped the (liberal) humanist bs, though. Otherwise, you're not that bad, but I do recommend that you read more theory to get a better grasp of the political sphere. /nm
Template:ChemistryLove - Also too libertarian, but otherwise based as well.
Template:AquaHeart - Anti-authoritarian hippie. You're also quite idealistic and a bit utopian, to be honest.
File:Nay2.png Nayism - Progressive furry comrade and Changed enjoyer, albeit too libertarian for my liking.
Template:Bacon - Overall based, just too libertarian and I don't like the hedonism and pornography stuff.
Yoda8soup Thought - You're too liberal and moderate for my likings.
Owfism - Same as the above.
File:Soc3Waywithanhat.png Socialist Third Way - Also the same as the above. Also, I don't think you know what an SJW is aside from being "culturally far-left" lol, and I am not an "SJW". File:Gbnl.png Great British New Left - Good takes on the File:Culturewar.png culture "war" stuff, though, and an overall slight improvement from before. It's also good that you're looking into situationism, some of the theories of Fisher are interesting.
Mainstream Hard Left - Same as the above, if not a bit more cringe. File:Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism - Meh, anarchism and individualism is bad. But it's alright that you've become a tad more radical.
Template:Dr. Occo - Pretty much the same as before except I don't think you're similar to me at all, plus you became a bit more chauvinistic, which is cringe. I do agree on the culture war stuff and the second half of what you said about the justice system. Punitive justice isn't at all bad if correctly applied and/or used.
File:Kirakween.png Kira Kweenism - Have these gentlemen ever seen a revolution?
File:Liblovsprite.png Liberty-Loverism - Libertarianism, individualism, and markets are very cringe. However, progressivism (even if still not RevProg), transhumanism, environmentalism, advocating for space colonization, and thinking FALGSC is unironically based is good.
Template:UserArthurwp - I apologize about what I said to you a couple of days ago and I stand heavily corrected on what "repression" really entails now that I have been trying to read more into it. But still, your brand of socialism is revisionist, ironically coming from a leftcom themselves, many of whom identify as "anti-revisionist". Postmodernism, post-Marxism, et al. are also anti-Marxist in nature as such movements reject integral aspects of Marxism, such as dialectics, the belief in a grand narrative (i.e. class struggle), etc.
File:SerbSoc.png Serbian Socialism - Being against the Dengoids does not make up for being a Titoite scum. Also, Taiwan is an illegitimate state and lapdog to the west lmao. At the end of the day, neither China nor Taiwan is "less capitalist" than one another.
Template:UserDuyQuangNguyenPham - Don't have much too add. Average succdem.
File:NeoUnopxl.png NeoUnoGamerism - An improvement from your postie self, but it's not much of a huge one considering you're still against the use of a strong state, a stirnerite Marxist, take revisionist influences, and a nihilist.
File:Postaccicon.png Post-Acceleration Thought - Good for being revprog and liking technology, but you take it too far for the latter and you're still a post-leftist.
File:Luth.png Lunarikian Thought - Slight improvement from your older self, but still not that good. The rest about you (like transhumanism and colonization of uninhabited planets) is based though, I guess.
File:O'Langism.png O'Langism - Syndicalism is an ineffective way of achieving socialist society, and so is electoralism/reformism. Also, many of your views are quite idealistic and akin to that of liberal takes. I don't like Mao as he became an opportunist later in his life, but just take this quote because it's very true:

  • "Communism is not love. It is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy." - Mao Zedong
File:Iconfloofel.png Floofel's Thought - Anti-status quo and the environmentalism are both good. Although as based as that all sounds, you're still just an anti-socialist individualist nihilist who's technically an AnPrim lite.
WaffeniK - Futurism, transhumanism, and federalism are based; economics and (limited) internationalism/alter-globalism are alright. However, fascism, ultrnationalism, complementarianism, and the reactionary aspects of your ideology are not. One of the least worse fascists on my self-insert relations list, but you're still not THAT good.
Pantheonism - Least libtard, imperialist, Zionist, reactionary, and monarchist Vaushite. What's even to like about this ideology? I like that you like Gaddafi, but that's frankly a very low bar.
Ego-Progressivism - Individualism, egoism, and being a V*ushite is bad. Also, you remind of my File:Kirakween.png old self, except I wasn't a Vaushite. At least you're revprog, I guess.
Template:Ego-Libertarian Marxism - MUCH better version of the above; not a Vaushite unlike them and a bit more similar to how I was in 2021-mid 2022 and totally not also because you like Dr. Pepper and macros uwu.
Temujin Leeism - Not much of an improvement from your old ideology, other than being more radical. WIP
File:YTrojan.png YTrojanism - I like how you support xenogenders, the LGBTQ+, and sexual freedom. But remember, the porn industry is very exploitative and especially objectifies not only women, but also trans people, gay men, etc. to the point of objectification. They literally commodify what came from left-wing groups in the 60sm which tried to challenge the patriarchal boundaries that goes in hand-in-hand with the capitalist system (hence why many porn producers are cis men) that restricts us from our ways in which we want to love others, no matter the gender.
Template:Erissky - Well, what can I say? You're basically just me but economically opposite, more technologically extreme, and imperialist. I think radically changing the nature of things is based, especially if it is to break the boundaries of the oppressive aspects of biology (whether it be from abolishing the obsolete binary via technology to getting to choose whether you want to be immortal or not). But not in the sense that I want to destroy the environment and bring about a Landian cyberpunk dystopia and replace all of life with robots or similar. Individualism and hedonism is not good, either.
Template:JustaWorker - Essentially the above, if not on steroids and nihilistic. Also without the hedonism added into it, as well.
Template:Inexistent-Template - Nice guy and pleasant to talk with, but still quite ideologically cringe, though I guess the economics sorta have a saving grace to it.
File:Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - No need to explain. A fascist is a fascist.
MugiKotobuki8814ism - Same as the above. At least you seem to like furries.
Template:UserAfun - You're basically just my opposite. No explanation needed.
Refined Citizenism - Same as the above but a bit more worse. Literal reactionary libtard. My worst nightmare
Template:2x2Master - Same as Template:UserAfun but less worse. You are a friendly guy though, and we talk to each other occasionally.
Template:Im not Dead nor Drunk - Same as the above except you don't fall on the other extreme side of the cultural spectrum. Literally the only remotely good thing about you is your philosophical materialism and anti-hedonism (the latter of which makes you stand out from many other individualists), but even then your materialism isn't from a Marxist perspective, but it's definitely better than the rest of the people who identify as individualist.
File:Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - Literal fascist who hates furries. I'm going to turn you into one Only good thing coming from you is environmentalism, supporting technology (even to some degree) as well as space colonization.
Template:LordCompost86 -
Template:HelloThere314 - I don't like egoism and your overall philosophy (despite how interesting it is). However, I do admire how you seem far more well-read than I am.
File:IndVoluf.png Individual Voluntaryism - Anarkiddie cappy egoist, also nihilism is 💀.
File:-ism.png - - AuthCap chauvinist. The only redeeming quality coming from you is transhumanism but you are still a bit too far on that. I also kinda like technocracy as far as managing the economy goes.
File:GanzismIcon2.png Ganzism - Basically a Reactionary AnPrim. Your economics are sort of good for being left-leaning however, but that's a low bar. And why yes, I DID become authoritarian because I wanted to enforce my beliefs, and?
File:AryanMonarchBow.png Aryan Monarchism - I don't know what to say aside from that you're monarcho-authoritarian pink capitalism with gamer characteristics. You do hold some based civic views though, I'll give you that.
File:NeoGlencoe.png Neo-Glencoeism - Another actual state liberal (just without the gamerism characteristics of the above).
Brazilian Liberalism - Same as the above but Brazilian. Rigby Thought - Same as the above but conservative.
File:ELP.png Equitable Liberal-Progressivism - Average Vaushite.
Template:UserHans Herman Hoppe - My complete opposite...Well, almost. Basically a Hoppean ancap but progressive and transhumanist. Still doesn't make up for being the former.
Template:UserNeohuman - Basically a much more moderate version of the above with a side of capitalism's last ditch and a bit of welfare. Economic globalism, liberal humanism, anti-auth, and so on are all bad. You do seem like a cool guy, though.
Template:Aceffism - Same as the above, and you're also a quite a bit like Matteel (especially philosophically) but without all that "anti-woke" stuff and more economically right.
Template:HeredyBall - Pretty much the same as the above but a bit more regulated. Average liberal succdem.
File:PCK9.png Packetic09 - Literally social fascism (though idk if you reject the label "fascist", but still). Totalitarianism and futurism is great, though.
File:Erislib.png - Fellow furry futurist :3, but you're still a hedonistic individualist as well as a l*btard.
File:Julianism wolf.png Julianism - Another fellow furry! >w< Too bad you're too libby for my tastes, though. </3 And m*rket "socialism" is just social democracy. Final verdict: Just a V*ushite minus the vehement neoconservatism (although Second Thought is better than him since you are influenced by him, despite him also being a Dengite).
Template:Cyberdelic Egoism - Suddenly, opposing bourgeois individualism (atomization of society, that is) somehow makes me a fake futurist lmao. Yes, the futurist movement consisted of many individualists, but many were bourgeois and there were also socialist futurists (the Russian futurists, for example). Also, sex work and pornography does NOT represent sexual freedom. Read "Prostitution and Ways of Fighting it" by Alexandra Kollontai. I will probably write more about you but for now this is what I can think of as of writing this.
Template:Charles de Guell - Very bold to call out post-Mao China as revisionist when you are literally just an average Khrushchev-adjacent Titoite with a good amount of liberal takes. Might write more but for now I'm too lazy ghhh T_T
File:CounMarx.png Council Marxism - You remind me of Rosa Luxemburg quite a bit, I like that. I also like how you somewhat sympathize with Hoxha and his anti-revisionism and anti-opportunism as well. You do have a couple of problems, of course, but you're still overall very based. You also get more points for liking Dr. Pepper
File:FutReunionIslandball.pngMacDeko's thought - What Template:Greenlink said. Otherwise, your run-of-the-mill conservative communitarian.
File:CannabisAnarchy.png Cannabis Anarchy -
File:Niiloism.png Niiloism -
Template:MeadowsinThought - Fellow enjoyer of JPEGMAFIA. I appreciate your passion greatly, but I have the same critiques that fall in line much with File:CounMarx.png Council Marxism's criticisms of you.
Template:ETS - Literally Technoliberal Lassalleanism. It's good that you oppose bloc politics, but for different reasons. Also, . And why advocate for "gender equality" when you can just abolish all gender distictions and the oppressive gender system associated with the superstructure that is a byproduct of the economic base?
Template:Greenlink - Literal statelib. Progressivism and Nietzscheanism is good, but otherwise you're still cringe nonetheless.
DECBism - Americoid libtard. Enough said.
Template:Rojtleft - Fellow Omori enjoyer. A bit too moderate for my likings tho, but you'll get there, trust me.
Template:CRThought2 - Your page is quite bare, but you seem like your average cringe reactoid.
Jadedism - Larouchite succdem WIP
File:Ego-Stalinism small.png Ego-Stalinism - Futurism, Nietzscheanism, totalitarianism, and liking Stalin (even though you like him for completely different reasons) is based, but the rest about you is cringe.
File:Fungal.png Fungal Anarchism - Hmmm, your page is quite bare, but I really love your analysis on the relation between gender and the economic base, and how you're a fellow gender accelerationist (of the Vikky Storm kind, from what I assume), but I don't really agree with your conclusions from said analysis (i.e. the radqueer/transid stuff).
File:Vilenca333.png Vilencism - Aside from the very minor disagreements here and there, we're otherwise very similar and overlap a lot for the most part.
Template:Bread and Circuses Thought - The overall idea of "breads and circuses" is cringe, plus I believe in tight regulations for alcoholic beverages and the production of them.
File:Terekball2.png Terekhofism - You wouldn't last a day under Hoxha, trust me. Just another social fascist.
File:Grpball.png Genosse Owens Thought - Literally me but German
Template:Belousism - I have no idea what to say other than that you seem like a weird Nazbol.
Thugtholomew - Literally interventionist Yang. I do like your art, though, that's for sure.


It would be better without sexual liberation, postgenderism, gender accelerator. You support Assad and Sankara. Good.

  •  MedicsChaotics  - Oh, you're gonna hate my ideology, but please add me. I'll add you later :3
  • AmericanCatholic - 🗿 beliefs (Literal fucking woke furry Gonzaloite). Anyways, add me.
  • Gabovaura - Literally "what a woke Idpol does to mf" thing 🤡. Anyway, ad me in neutral section.
  • KorwinFan1991 - Add me, commie.
  • Thugtholomew - Bro says he was Ba’athist and Philosemitic at around the same time 💀 Add me tankie
    •  K1R4KW33N  - added sorry it took so long T_T ive been VERY busy
    • - I added you back btw

Is it true that revprogs are hamas supporters? 🤔

  1. Represents my grandma who is an English immigrant, can be distinguished by the fact that the relatives on my "American" side have settled far, FAR longer (like since the 17th or 18th century) in America.
  2. He used to say a lot of unusual statements and believed that climate change wasn't real, because he a poured a cup of water and put ice in it and reported that the water levels didn't change when the ice melted.
  3. He replied with "So real!" when I said that organs shouldn't determine the gender of a person and that sex should be abolished. He also stated that a girl with a dick made him go "postgenderist".
  4. He wore a CNT-FAI hoodie once.
  5. He's an artist on Instagram whom I occasionally talk to on Instagram. Idk if we're really friends though, so I put him here.
  6. He expressed support for the the CEO of Arizona Tea's decision to make their products as cheap and affordable as possible (99 cents) as opposed to their more expensive competitors.
  7. 7.0 7.1 I had a phase where I was so proud of my Lebanese blood that I hated America and Israel, despite having never been around my Lebanese family members, all of whom are unfortunately dead.
  8. Except for when I had the aforementioned anti-west phase
  9. Not really in the reactionary sense, per se. It was during the period of time I used to frequent PCM and I'd get mad every time my quadrant at the time gets misrepresented as moderate bourgeois liberals who like capitalism if it's woke.