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Not to be confused with Men's Liberation.

"It is not the mediocrity of women's education which makes their weakness; it is their weakness which necessarily causes their mediocrity."

"The average is 5.5? I thought it was 4. This is very unsettling."

Manosphere is a collection of Men's Rights Movements typically associated with the cultural right, (although some sub-factions of them would reject said labelling despite said association), and are characterized by a focus on re-empowering masculinity, anti-feminism, and the use of pills of different colors as metaphors for explaining their theories regarding men's place in relationships and sex in regards to women. Manosphere covers the various broad male-focused movements such as the men's rights movement, incels, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), pick-up artists and the fathers' rights movement and often have various off-shoots that vary significantly in ideology. Unifying the various splinters under a single ideology, movement or political goal would likely be near impossible, due to the large-scale ideological disagreements between the numerous different sub-factions on "how" a manosphere society should be managed within manosphere spaces is extremely common.

It is often politically associated with the Alt-Right principally for being one of the main inspirations behind the movement as well as notable personalities being part of both. Manosphere movements are heavily associated with extremely toxic behavior, both participating in and encouraging others to participate in self-harm, suicide, or in extreme cases even violence against others, alongside widespread online harassment, and aggression targeted against opponents especially against women in particular, alongside other things he holds a deep-seated vendetta against, such as what he considers to be the mainstream media and his various other retractors. However, despite this, some manosphere movements identify as left-wing, vaguely "progressive", or even as full-on anti-sexists, although the validity and genuineness of such claims as seen by other members of said progressive and left-wing movements are typically seen as dubious at best, and who are often greatly excluded from said communities due to affiliation.


While every group that conforms to the Manosphere has its own set of ideologies, they have some overarching core beliefs, although even this is often arguable, and contended against as there is no unified ideology that represents the manosphere movement:

"Traditional, Mainstream" Manosphere Thought (Redpill)

  • Modern society has been corrupted by feminism.
  • There are inherent behavioral differences between men and women.
  • Men should adopt a hyper-masculine role and get women to submit to them.
  • The concept of the "taking the red pill", a metaphor borrowed from The Matrix, which refers to the "awakening" of men to the supposed reality that society is inherently misandrist and that men are oppressed by women. Conversely, not accepting this ideology is referred to as "taking the blue pill".
    • There are a variety of other "pills" not from The Matrix, such as the "black pill", which advocates for fatalism, defeatism for the unattractive, and a deep hatred of women either due to them being corrupted by society or due to their own nature as women, and the belief that they are hopeless in love, romance, sex, and even basic friendship in general. Another one is the "purple pill", a broadly leftist perspective on Manosphere ideology. Other less popular but still notable examples may be the "white pill" which is the opposite of the black pill, often seeing itself as a natural progression of the nihilism and defeatism of the blackpill philosophy, and advocates for rejecting the attracting the desires of women, and to instead seek self-betterment.
  • Other widely regarded views are that men with various inherited conditions such as mental, psychological or neurological disorders like Asperger's syndrome, autism, avoidant personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, social anxiety disorder or other disorders must "ascend". Often by following certain "teachings" or taking courses made by gurus and pick-up artists on how "normal people attract women". Which in reality, often falls flat on actually making said men more socially normal, and if anything, usually only accelerates the social problems.
  • Men are divided into "alpha", "beta", "gamma", " delta", " omega" and " sigma" males, where "alphas" and " sigmas" are sexually dominant and attractive, while "betas", "gammas", " deltas" and " omegas" are undesirable and unattractive. They also believe women gravitate towards "beta" males for financial benefits. And often believes that women especially attractive ones will keep getting banged by "chads" until they need financial stability which they will use the beta for before often divorcing them for Chad in the end and taking all of his money and children.
  • That women (Especially white women, but depends on the region too) tend to be attracted to minorities, i.e. black males over white men. This theory is typically known as the "BBC" theory (Which won't be said here for obvious reasons).
  • That feminism has largely if not only made women more powerful in society over average men, where they have both the advantages of traditionalism and progressiveness and none of the disadvantages of both at the cost modern men who have increasingly less power in society and are often entirely disregarded. Therefore, patriarchy simply does not exist, (or in the case of certain purple-pill arguments) if it does to some extent, it is merely perpetuated by the powerful women in society due to their privileged position often not having to work nearly as hard as their husbands if at all and is therefore for men, fake power.
  • The power of men in society has been increasingly made weaker because of progressivism and men are slowly being phased out and being seen as "toxic". Therefore, supporting Right-wing Populist and National Conservative figures is ideal, or in the very least, support politicians who openly pander and dog-whistle to their beliefs, such as Donald Trump from America, Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil, Éric Zemmour from France, Thierry Baudet from Netherlands, Rodrigo Duterte from the Philippines, Janusz Korwin-Mikke from Poland, Moshe Feiglin from Israel, Ko Wen-je[16] from Taiwan, Imran Khan from Pakistan, and Lee Jun-seok and Yoon Seok-youl, both from South Korea, often with the idea to eventually reform mainstream society back into how it was before, where men had great direct authority in both family roles and in society and where hard-core masculinity and traditional values are seen as ideal; or alternatively, that mainstream politics is already too corrupted by feminism and progressive ideology and is therefore not worth investing time in. With some manosphere individuals believing in political nihilism regarding the ideas of liberal democracy, some promote the tenants of supporting a violent uprising of beta males against the neo-liberal world order. As aforementioned, The attitude towards the government by Manosphere groups depends on the type of government. Some supported the government if the government was critical of feminism such as the presidency of Alexander Lukashenko from Belarus (as Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya was the leader of the Belarusian Opposition), presidency of Yoon Seok-youl from South Korea and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under Taliban rule while some do advocate anti-government sentiments if the government was too pro-women/promoting feminism, for instance the presidency of Vladimir Putin in Russia (according to Vladislav Pozdnyakov and Alex Podnebesny), presidency of Moon Jae-in from South Korea, and presidency of Tsai Ing-wen from Taiwan.


Coined by Roosh Valizadeh (Roosh V), Neomasculinity combines traditional beliefs, masculinity, and animal biology into one ideological system. It aims to aid men living in Westernized nations that lack qualities such as classical virtue, masculinity in males, femininity in females, and objectivity, especially concerning beauty ideals and human behavior. It also serves as an antidote for males who are being programmed to accept Western degeneracy, mindless consumerism, and immoral state authority. The principal doctrines of neomasculinity are as below:

  1. Men and women are genetically different, both physically and mentally. Sex roles evolved in all mammals. Humans are not exempt.
  2. Men will opt out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them.
  3. Past traditions and rituals that evolved alongside humanity served a net benefit to the family unit.
  4. Testosterone is the biological cause of masculinity. Environmental changes that reduce the hormone concentration in men will cause them to be weaker and more feminine.
  5. A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.
  6. Elimination of traditional sex roles and the promotion of unlimited mating choice in women unleashes their promiscuity and other negative behaviors that block family formation.
  7. Socialism, Feminism, Cultural Marxism, and social justice warriors aim to destroy the family unit, decrease the fertility rate, and impoverish the state through large welfare entitlements.

While the ideology of Neomasculinity is mostly based on the traditional, mainstream Manosphere (Red-pill), Roosh V also emphasizes other main doctrines of Neomasculinity, which are:

  • Patriarchy
  • Sexual marketplace value
  • Self-improvement (weightlifting, fitness, individual responsibility, hard work ethic & lifestyle optimization)
  • Free speech and due process
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Male-only spaces
  • Sexual moderation
  • Nuclear family
  • Binary sex model
  • Natural health and hygiene
  • Male virtue and development
  • Anti-socialism
  • Technological skepticism
  • Deeper meaning and spirituality

Alternative Manosphere Thought

While the ideology of Manosphere is typically considered traditionally right-wing by nature and is often considered such, especially by progressives and feminists, this is not in fact true. In reality, the ideology typically is extremely decentralized and varies significantly in ideology and belief system for each splinter, just like other movements (like feminism) have many variations and off-shoots that are not a part of "traditional" manosphere thought but are widely followed in many manosphere spaces both online and in certain activist communities. Many of these are widely regarded as not being unified in anything other than the general worldview that men are oppressed by modern society and that power is at least in many regards given to women over men and that significant, active, and radical political change, reform, revolution, or even full-on insurrection is needed to fix these deeply ingrained issues in modern society, or alternatively that such female-led oppression is simply irreconcilable to any change. Frequently it is assumed by many commentators due to the misogynistic, anti-feminist nature of manosphere movements like incels, that it is inherently parallel to that of the far-right, this is at best, a misconception. In 2022-06-02, a study was released reporting on the demographic of incels, the results suggested that the incel groups were extremely diverse from ethnicity, to political affiliation. Going on to write "Not only were there no differences in political orientation between incels and non-incels, but just 38.85 percent of incels reported to have a right leaning political affiliation, compared to 44.70 percent reporting a left-leaning affiliation." [17] If this information is indeed correct it could implicate that most modern self-identified incels in actuality have a greater tendency towards with left-leaning politics than what is describe in mainstream discussion of incelism, this left-wing can further be seen by numerous left-wing incel movements forming that have adhered to different left-wing ideologies such as socialism, communism, or anarchism in spite of the mainstream view of incels primarily if not entirely being aligned with far-right movements like the alt-lite/alt-right.

  • Alternative Pill-Jargons: With the popularity of the redpill being less popular in recent years, many alternative pill philosophies have been widely followed on the Manosphere. Another widely accepted Manosphere ideology online is that of the "Purplepill", a slightly more modern take on manosphere ideology based on a more left-leaning perspective. Various follows tend to subscribe to different left-wing philosophies such as Socialism, Communism or Anarchism, often seeing their loneliness as caused by hypergamy (numerous women going after one man only due to social status, attractiveness, money etc.) being a by-product of capitalism. These so-called "Purple-Pilled" movements could be seen as syncretic political philosophies between traditional Manosphere thought and certain Men's Liberation ideas, as opposed to other manosphere movements which usually subscribe to men following traditional male societal values and being "hyper-masculine" and detest the state as oppressing men due to their apparent disposability in service to said state, although they still tend to generally have extremely negative views on not only most (if not All forms of) feminism and intersectional anti-sexist movements but specifically towards women in general. The "white pill" ideology, is often known as the opposite of the blackpill and promotes stoicism, ignoring the interests of women and simply living for oneself regardless of their potential ability in the dating pool.
  • Left-Wing Manosphere: taking great influence from the above beliefs of purple-pill manosphere communities, some groups, especially the more economically left-leaning manosphere identify themselves under various sub ideologies that take great influence from various left-wing ideologies and philosophies, such examples could be that of "Sexual-Marxism" or other similarly aligned ideologies, generally speaking, such groups typically argue that men in society, especially those who are apart of economically disadvantaged groups, such as the poor, racial/ethnic minorities, people with mental disabilities and/or physical deformities are often due to them not having inheriting privileges of the higher-class inevitably seen as ugly, and/or unlovable by the hierarchies put in place by materialist neo-liberal capitalist state and society at large, ensuring they are destined to be lonely and are trusted into a lower class, to be avoided and feared by privileged women who often don't understand their priveledge, and because of it, are protected, seen as infinitely more valuable and as the "weaker" sex, and given unfair privileges over their male counter-parts by the state, and are often defended by said state whenever they feel threatened by using the disposability of said men to "protect" them, which in practice, is often used to justify violations of basic human rights due to their status such as police brutality, or public lynching's against minority, and mentally disabled, or other low status men to protect (more often than not) privileged white women from their fears of the lower-class men they often view as being either ugly, fat, disabled, weak, mentally ill and/or impoverished, often personifying said groups as "creepy rapists", with most women both psychologically being pre-dispositioned to feel such a way and/or who are being taught said false stereotypes of men, in that they are far more likely to be in danger of rape or much greater violence by men, as well as to believe by default that most (if not all men) they meet have the potential to be like this, and that only if they meet a strong and powerful man who is of high-status, financially well-off, tall, socially dominant, competitive, neurotypical, and often white or at least of a brighter skin tone (commonly referred to as "Chad") who will provide for and protect them from said "creepy" men will she truly ever be safe, thus making most women inherently at least on some subconscious level, overtly sexist, as well as classist, ableist and racist with this worldview being deeply ingrained in women throughout modern society. Such left-wing manosphere groups typically argue that this therefore makes them a counter-revolutionary and "bourgeoisie-like" class in regards to their sexual capital, and whose material interests inevitably lead to views which are irreconcilable to true social and economic equality, nor are unable to be negotiated or worked with at least in the long-term, as their interests are by nature opposed to any form of genuine social change, with their existence solely antithetical to the values of a true egalitarian and communist society which would destroy said unjust hierarchies over their male counterparts," While the proposed ideas, methods, and praxis one should take to lead to such a revolution varies widely, many left-wing manosphere groups are more often than not unified in the general idea that a true socialist, communist, or anarchist government would be impossible without large-scale changes regarding females role in society, to the wide-spread disempowerment or taking away of certain privilege's women seemingly have over men, or even phasing out the "female class" entirely due to them in the left-wing manosphere's worldview, inevitably perpetuating an unjust hierarchy against men for their sole benefit. And only after such revolutionary action takes place, could a truly free, classless and stateless society without oppression and unjust hierarchies take its place. Notable left-wing Manosphere movements include Kakuhidou (Revolutionary Alliance of Men whom Women Find Unattractive), an Incel subculture in Japan that adheres to anti-capitalism and Marxism.
    • r/Braincels: r/Braincels was an anarchist (left), and purple-pilled and incel subreddit founded in 2018 by AnathematicAnarchist, later (supposedly) committing suicide. The original ideology was in large part a backlash to the black-pill ideology and more overt misoginy, alligning itself moreso with the white-pill philosophy, however due to increasing cynism within the community, the subreddit eventually started gradually becoming more black-pill and explicitly misoginistic, The reddit was rejected by Alt-Right manosphere communities and was accused of misogyny and male positivity, even though it was more "lite" compared to other manosphere subreddits. With the founder AnathematicAnarchist supposedly having been open about his disregard for the more extreme forms of misoginy the rest of the manosphere groups have been well known for, The sub-reddit was banned regardless in 2019 for violating the harassment rules, in which users accused the reddit of being ideological.
    • Kakuhidou: One of the most left-wing versions of the incel are the Kakuhidou, in which they make squats and peaceful protests of a Marxist nature and against what they call "capitalism of chocolate", "love market" and "romantic industry" on Valentine's Day, Christmas and White Day. Many braincels end up passing through kakuhidou in a false way.
    • Anti-Feminist Left Front: Anti-Feminist Left Front and the Movement Against Involuntary Celibacy, or ALF, is a left-wing incel political group in Russia. It is partially led by Alex Podnebesny. The movement is said by the founder to be a coalition of socialist, communist, and anarchist male advocates in opposition to what they call "vagino-capitalism" and "vagino-fascism". WIP
    • Pro-male collective: A group of left-liberals (primarily on Reddit) who sympathize with, but reject the MGTOW ('Men Going Their Own Way') movement. They believe men do not need women, and that women exploit men for financial gain. They primarily advocate against male cirumsision, and believe that social conservativism and right-wingism is fundamentally anti-male. They advocate equal parenting, and also think a Universal Basic Income would be one of the best policies for the welfare of men. The group was founded by two Youtube vloggers named Analyzing Male Slavery, and Male Sentient Void. Both were ostrasized from the group they founded for being too controlling, after which their largest subreddit of thousands got banned from Reddit. They primarily organize on Discord and Youtube. They are known in the manosphere for heavy use of sockpuppet accounts on Youtube and elsewhere to advance their agenda. They also are fans of deplatforming tactics, and got many radfem subreddits banned, including r/thepinkpill and r/blackpillfeminism.
    • Podnebesnism: The most radical left version, based on activist Alex Podnebesny, leader and founder of the Anti-Feminist Left Front and the Movement Against Involuntary Celibacy . He has already been arrested and severely tortured by the Center for Combating Extremism for his speeches, in which the judge sentenced him to 8 years in prison, but his fans protested, in which it worked and the process did not go forward, but he was arrested and tortured again. in 2020, staying only 15 days. He is a self-proclaimed incel and communist, being an anti-blackpiller and critic of liberalism, conservatism and puritanism. He is also a supporter of Che Guevara, even having his shirt, as well as fighting what he calls "vaginocapitalism", adopting an anti-capitalist and anti-Putin stance. He defended Stalin in a debate with a non-binary ancap journalist, later taking a nazbol stance, claiming a Jewish mafia that doesn't go after incels. Other ideals would be environmental protection and free sex as a universal right.
  • Self-Insert Theories: Some also use their own theories that are the inverse of things like the "BBC Theory", "JBW" (Just be white) theory or SEAmaxxing. Where women typically find white men more attractive than minorities and are often unattracted or even afraid of men who are non-white minorities. Because of this, a sexual revolution mostly if not entirely of lower-class men must take place against their supposed oppressors. Many purple-pill manosphere movements argue the modern feminist movement is inevitably corrupted by Neoliberalism, or other similar ideologies such as what would closely resemble State Liberalism and/or Pink Capitalism and is, therefore, just another tool of the establishment to keep themselves in power and is needed to be destroyed.
  • GBT+ Manosphere: There are also certain bisexual/ pansexual manosphere communities that believe that healthy traditional male-women relationships are inherently unrealistic in the modern era, and believe that things like dating other males who look more "effeminate", such as twinks or "femboys" are more ideal. Such examples could be gaycel and rainbowcel communities although many other manosphere groups are explicitly anti-LGBT and see being LGBT+ or acting feminine as inherently toxic or anti-male. There also are to a minor extent, some incels who identify with the "Trans" identity and are often referred to as "Trans-cels" who advocated "Trannymaxxing" in order to get laid with women, many of which identify with the incel label due to a large portion of the population not having preference towards them. However, much like rainbowcels, bicels etc. Are often greatly excluded by other incel communities, doubly so by right-leaning ones (especially considering that trans people often either identify as female when regarding MTF trans people or still a female despite their male gender orientation regarding FTM trans people). In several cases, most incel movements regard asexuality as "incel in denial" as they regard asexuality as a form of abstinence from getting laid or a coping mechanism for celibates who are unable to ascend.
  • Femcels: Ironically enough there are also a few open movements that have taken the manosphere template but re-aligned it for women. A good example is the Femcel movement, which has also expressed their hate of appealing to mainstream male beauty standards and feel that they won't be loved. However, they typically are not considered to be "real incels" by most other incel/manosphere communities due to a founding Femcel reddit page being removed by the founders because of the page being flooded with requests by male incels who were requesting relationships with them and the female users having to reject them for "not passing". Often claiming that they only are "Incel" because they can't attract the type of men they find attractive rather than being upset that they can't attract men in general.
  • MGTOW: In the MGTOW community there are various levels, the last levels(4 and 5) propose isolation from the blue pill world, avoid taxation, any kind of contact with women as much as possible. MGTOW 3.0 is a variant of the philosophy created by members of the Hispanic community in order to give MGTOW a more solid theoretical framework based on scientific and legal empirical demonstrable asymmetries that benefit women over men and individual self-reliance.
  • Kingpill: The kingpill community believes that men should ascend by heavily improving themselves since ascended macho Kings can reject society better and more effectively than basement-dwelling NEETs. Kings may or may not interact with women, depending on what they believe rejecting society means, however "simping" and sexual degeneracy such as hook-up culture is always wrong for Kings.
  • South Korean Manosphere: Anti-Feminism in South Korea is divided into two main factions, which are Idaenam and Ilbe Storehouse. Notable anti-Feminists politicians include Lee Jun-Seok, People's Power Party, Yoon Seok-youl, People's Power Party, and Lee Jae-myung, Democratic Party of Korea.
    • Idaenam/Isipdaenamja (이대남/20대 남자): Idaenam has a negative tendency toward feminism, and some are said to be similar to broflake. They are also compared to "Angry Young Men" in Susan Faludi's 1991 book 《Backlash》. Idaenams are strongly opposed to "Misandry" (Korean: 남성혐오 or 남혐). Unlike Angry white men, a low-income far-right force in the United States, anti-feminism in South Korea is rather more pronounced in high-income young men. The Idaenam phenomenon is a social backlash similar to the Western "angry white man", but this often leads to political conservatism or populism (Including both left and right sides). South Korea's liberal Moon Jae-in government has implemented a more women-friendly policy than the previous conservative regime, and men in their 20s have a severe antipathy against it.
    • Ilbe Storehouse: anonymous users of Ilbe Storehouse are the younger followers of Ilminism who utilize Satirism and the Internet, also they're considered the equivalent of the Alt-Right in his country for being accused of anti-feminism, xenophobia and homophobia.
  • Left-wing male supremacy is a concept present in some incel forums that believes average women (at least generally speaking) are predisposed to be selfishly antithetical to broad social and economic justice, leading to gender conflict, emotional or economic damage to men, and ultimately male sexlessness. Background ideological assumptions for this theory have previously been partially advocated by Doctor Wolfgang Lederer in the 1960s,[18] and most explicitly by the socialist author Mary Marcy in 1918. Wolfgang makes the argument that women are anti-reform because they were excluded from the creation of society, while Marcy argues that women are counter-revolutionary because they have easier access to heterosexual sex than men. Marcy's thesis has also been reiterated by the modern academics Kathleen Vohs and Roy Baumeister, who wrote Sexual Economics: Sex as Female Resource for Social Exchange in Heterosexual Interactions. Alex Podnebesny popularized the term vaginocapitalism, and shares virtually all of Mary Marcy's background assumptions as well. Adherents of vaginocapitalist theory who have entered the political sphere, (such as the ALF and the ACI in Russia) advocate for the leading of a male-led sexual revolution in the redistribution of sex, where everyone would get equal access to love, intimacy and sex without men having to transfer their capital and resources to women to perpetuate the vagino-capitalist class. Their utopian vision, rather than their methods, borrows a small amount from the early feminist Charles Fourier.
  • Sexual MarxismJust like many other left-wing manosphere movements, Sexual Marxists argue that modern systems like capitalism in regards to sexuality, was in large part created as an extension of the traditional sexual hierarchies within former societies, which often saw a few powerful men having polygamous control over most of the females in a society, with men not within that hierarchy having a significantly smaller chance of sexually reproducing, and that in capitalism, said hierarchies largely continue for the purpose of men to try and compete with and attempt to dominate other men so as to collect a higher-social status above over other men in attempt to increase ones overall sexual success from women, and that it is for the most part women who have contributed as well as who benefited most of all from that exploitative system as (according to Sexual-Marxists) it is in their nature to be "protected" and to seek the most "powerful", "dominant" and "competitive" males in society as a good predictor of what qualifies as a good provider and therefore mate, while in large part, ignoring all other men who don't meet her said qualifications or only using them as temporary acquirement of short-term resources (betabux) out of pragmatism before inevitably dumping them when given the opportunity for men she sees as having more "qualified" traits, therefore making them in (at least according to Sexual-Marists), the leading cause to most of the various forms of oppression in the modern world we see today, and that a true classless and stateless society would be impossible to conceive with such deeply rooted female instincts which lead to the large-scale societal competition and inequality between men.
    • Sexual Marxist Policies: Proposed policies by Sexual Marxists vary significantly, however typical arguments a Sexual-Marxist could argue for example could consist of the following:
      • Government-funded escorts or prostitutes for incels;
      • Legalization of female rape;
      • Universally enforced monogamy (or alternatively, enforcing women into male-dominated polygamy and orgies)
      • Forcing women seen as discriminatory to forcefully breed with those they are seen as discriminating against, for example, forcing women (especially those who are white) to race-mix as a form of anti-colonial resistance, or for formerly upper-class women to have sex with lower-class men, as a form of class liberation and for able-bodied and neurotypical women to have sex with mentally and physically disabled men as to tackle ableism.
      • The creation of state-ran or communally owned public-sex facilities to help incel men, possibly by using women who submit themselves voluntarily, or by force, such as using female prisoner populations and other women deemed "undesirables" or "counter-revolutionaries" by the regime to create what would essentially be considered in practice to function effectively as "sex-gulags" etc...
      • The creation of freely distributed fully-automated sex machines for men as to serve the replacing of human females, possibly with fully augmented artificial intelligence. Possibly to the point where female copulation would no longer be required or even seeing the need for women's survival phased out entirely.
      • For certain GBT+ Manosphere communities, possibly taking influence from above, using modern technology for further research into making males and boys more effeminate and "cuter", to effectively make women obsolete and eventually phase them out entirely. For example, arguing that a society may not truly be free from female-dominated oppression and vagino-capitalism until all "genetic-kulaks" are purged from the world entirely. This idea is highly popular among radical sexual Marxists and anarchists who see women's hypergamy as an unjust hierarchy and is therefore needed to be destroyed at all costs in order to form a true classless, and stateless society and that anyone who sympathizes with women and advocates for women's advocacy even self-describes revolutionaries are actually counter-revolutionary and are therefore not real communists/anarchists.
  • Incel Accelerationism[19] is a form of social accelerationism, it consists in increasing the number of self-identified or plain incels to an extreme for a political goal.
  • TFL (True Forced Loneliness)is a group that can be considered an MGTOW-Incel synthesis or also an Incel with MGTOW characteristics, they're involuntary virgins who don't want serious relationships with women seeing something dangerous for men, they tend to be in the same spaces as MGTOW.
  • NeoGastonism is an ideology created by Alt-Lite youtuber John Doyle which makes reference to the character of Disney's Beauty and the Beast seeing him as the true good guy of the film, it promotes traditional gender roles and rejection of sexual degeneracy (Porn, Polygamy, etc...).
  • Islamic Manosphere Very commonly the attitudes toward Islam and its practicers by the members of the Manosphere are hostile due to polygamy for a small number of Chads, though usually they also have sympathies for the actual government of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for defeating what they considered a feminist state dominated by USA, apart from viewing Saudi Arabia as their role model.
  • Anti-Semitism in the Manosphere: Some factions of the Manosphere, especially White nationalists and Islamic manosphere held anti-Semitic views as they claim that Feminism is a tool of Jews to disrupt the natural order between two sexes, for instance, claiming that most feminist movements are lead by Jews. Notable Manosphere and Anti-Feminist individual(s) and/or movement(s) that held anti-Semitic views include Andrew Anglin, editor of the Daily Stormer and the Nacionalismo movement from Argentina. However, there are also anti-feminists who are Jewish, such as Éric Zemmour, Moshe Feiglin, Bronze Age Pervert and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

A lot of Western manosphere movements are heavily related to the alt-right, and white nationalist movements while others are more in line with the alt-light and right-libertarianism, while some non-Western manosphere movements are related to ethnic nationalists or racial nationalist movements. Much like those movements, Manosphere groups are often racist and xenophobic. However, some do tolerate minorities, whether inside or outside their group. Some certain minority groups also may consider themselves as apart of certain manosphere communities such as self-identifying with the incel label, and often are referred to as "racialcels", and are named according to race or by stereotypes regarding their communities, often known individually as Arabcels, Blackcels, Ricecels, Persocels, Currycels, Turkcels, Redcels, Kikecels etc. respectively, which may also include religious celibates such as Christcels and Muslimcels. This also includes self-identifying incels based on their appearance, i.e. Shortcels, Fatcels, Wristcels, Dickcels, Chincels, Acnecels etc. alongside their psychological, neuro, mental, or job status i.e. Autistcels/Aspergercels, PTSDcels, NEETcels, STEMcels etc. or other reasons of being in the inceldom such as Escortcels, Weebcels, etc. Certain groups also include some LGBTQ+ identities, usually bisexuals, queers and pansexuals with a very small community of incels being openly trans. It would however be dishonest to say that these groups don't also to a certain degree tend to be excluded from the manosphere and incel mainstream due to the overt popularity of radical right-wing ideology and discriminatory beliefs among a majority of the manosphere population. (with certain exceptions made for many Ricecels who typically make up a relatively sizable portion of the incel and manosphere movements in both the Eastern and Western manosphere population)

One movement that stands out from the other Manosphere movements is the Fathers' rights movement, as it is not explicitly anti-feminist. However, the movement does contain a large number of misogynists.

Personality and Behaviour

Because of the decentral nature of the Manosphere movement, he has the equivalent of multiple personality disorder, representative of numerous different sub-groups and communities. He typically switches his identity based on his moods and his whims. His temperaments are mostly very bitter and the vast majorities of his personalities are highly misogynistic.

One of his most prominent personalities is often shown as terminally online and a NEET. He enjoys watching "Feminists Owned" or "SJW Cringe" compilations, running YouTube channels, playing video games, reading comic books and manga, watching animated series (especially anime) and being constantly on social media. He is very bitter towards female ideologies and has very few friends (if any at all). He is obsessed with his own appearance, trying to make himself sexually attractive to women to appear as an "alpha" or a "sigma". He usually blames women for all of his problems, and the world's, and thinks they should pay "sexual reparations".

When he DOES talk to people, he typically is extremely socially awkward, possibly autistic, and openly uses a bunch of online jargon only he understands with others in conversations. He typically refers to women as "femoids", "foids", "THOTs", "Toilets", "roasties" or simply "w*men". He doesn't like referring to women as individuals, and generalizes all women as being the same. He also is very transphobic although he still might consider dating one, as he may think a "trap" might be his only way to truly ascend his virginity. However, due to his transphobia as well as his obvious misogyny, it is unlikely trans people would want anything to do with him.

Another example of his personalities is a wannabe improver who spends way too much time looking at alpha-male and sigma-male memes, takes that way too seriously and lifts to get laid. Despite this, he still remains extremely socially awkward, just that he tries to act in ways he sees as "normal" and "confident" which end up making him look like a try-hard.

He can also be a radical Alt-righter when he wants to seem "alpha" and flex on others he sees as "inferior" or when he gets enraged at people he sees as SJWs or calls him out on his shitty behaviour only to immediately switch to the extreme self-righteous attitude of a radical ancom when he feels discriminated against and accuse anyone who upsets him as "discriminatory, racist, ableist, misandrist, classist, capitalistic, neo-liberalistic, pro-wage-slavery" etc. in attempts to smear women or those who stand for them who he sees as discriminating against him and to portray himself as the victim and to preach values which essentially boil down to "have sex with me or you're a bigot". Usually, he uses whatever ideology he identifies within the moment as a mere front to justify his bigotry against half the human population alongside his refusal to do anything about the actual problems he claims to commonly face.

How to Draw

Flag of Manosphere

Drawing Manosphere is fairly simple:

  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Fill the ball with white
  3. Draw a dark violet Mars symbol in the middle,
  4. Add the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Dark Violet #955BAC 149, 91, 172



  • Alt-Right - Down with Feminism! Down with Cultural Marxism! Up White Heterosexual Cisgender Males!
  • Alt-Lite - When I'm not feeling like harassing women, you're very agreeable. I like how you expose in your videos that feminists, SJWs and cultural Marxists want to destroy men.
  • Neoreactionaryism - Hey, you're talking sense!
  • Patriarchy - “You should not love another man but me. You should have no photographs of another man. You should not worship those photographs because I will get jealous. You should not say my name in a joking manner. Don’t forget these commandments; they are very important. Honor and obey your husband in the home that he has given you."
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - Based for upholding traditional masculinity like the above.
  • Right-Wing Populism & National Conservatism - I vote for you during elections, despite being too moderate.
  • Libertarianism - Government interventionism usually benefits w*men by undermining men's rights. We need to intervene in the opposite way. The only way to truly fight for Men's rights is to sacrifice w*men's rights.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - A lib that isn't a cuck, pretty based AF, I also vote for him, Baudet is an alpha GigaChad, the Pareto law is real, especially in the dating pool.
  • National Liberalism - Moderate version of above, also he shows the way for that based blue .
  • Korwinism - Based old dude from Poland, and NGL, I like your book, especially the "If you cannot resolve conflict with your wife in any way, if you cannot convince her, then, unfortunately, you have to use physical force" part. but why should beating women be seen as "unfortunate"?
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Level 4 MGTOW, Stefan Molyneux and Murray N. Rothbard are absolutely based.
  • Separatism - Truly the inspiration for men going their own way! Keep those roasties out entirely or as sex slaves!
  • Orthodox Theocracy - The way you run Mount Athos is perfect.
  • Anarcho-Fascism - Rejecting the Gay Identity that the State Contributes to Develop, Reclaiming Masculinity by Organizing in the Smallest Political Unity.
  • Anarcho-Communism - u/AnathematicAnarchist, founder of r/braincels, may you rest in peace. Sharing foids to every incel sounds based. And anti-capitalist polyamorous communes with brainwashed promiscuous w*mans (that never influenced by crapitalist hypergamy thing) sleep with every man inside commune sounds really nice and hippie-pilled. And Nechayev did nothing wrong.
  • Post-Left Anarchism/NEETcels - Modern Leftism and Feminism ignore the plight of us lumpen men! Also, not working and staying inside all day is beyond based! Wait, why am I banned from r/AntiWork?
  • Crypto-Anarchism - Our praxis of promoting freedom to say what we want against our tyrannical matriarchal society will be protected through the anonymity of the internet to be used on our battle stations!
  • Anarcho-Individualism - Pre-Ancap which makes him based. I also like his idea of not working.
  • Autarchy - Going your own way is the path to follow.
  • Illegalism - [Insert MRA shooter/rapist here] did nothing wrong.
  • Avaritionism - Patrick Bateman is a true sigma male.
  • Insurrectionary Anarchism - Has some quite frankly BASED ideas and praxis we can use for the beta uprising...
  • Reactionary Socialism - Sharing femoids as communal property without the shitty feminazi Hyper-SJW identity politics and neo-Marxist bullshit as well as maintaining traditional male social dominance hierarchies over women? BASED!
  • Paleoconservatism - The only based and redpilled boomer, I also voted for you during the elections. Also Nick Fuentes is mega-based, especially on the feminist question and the femboy stuff.
  • Paleolibertarianism - Red-pilled libertarian who cares about individual liberty but for men only and traditional family.
  • Libertarian Conservatism - Moderate version of above.
  • Hoppeanism - We must physically remove feminists in order to protect a libertarian social order.
  • Christian Theocracy - See? Ephesians 5:22, Genesis 2:18, and Genesis 3:16 proves that us men should adopt a hyper-masculine role! Wait what do you mean that I misinterpreted the Bible?! Also if you just go by what Saint Paul wrote (in the Old Testament)[20], you're not going to be anything other than a hardcore misogynist.
  • Nazism - W*men must remember the 3K's: Kinder, Küche, Kirche.
  • National Capitalism - I love Pat Buchanan and thanks for investing so much in Bigot Inc...
  • Buddhist Theocracy - I saw this and realised that the Buddha was based and whitepilled, tho.
  • Jihadism - Taliban's Afghanistan and Hamas's Palestine are actually better than the Western Soyciety!
  • Islamic Populism - Imran Khan was based AF, I voted for him during the elections.
  • Mutualism - "A woman's choice was to be 'courtesan or housekeeper'. To a woman, 'A man is a father, a chief, a master: above all, a master'." BASED. What do you mean I like Proudhon for the 'wrong reasons'?
  • National Anarchism - A True proudhonian!
  • Showa Statism - I like your comfort women system. Sad that post-war Japan was cucked by a f*minist constitution writer!
  • Reactionaryism - We must return to the good times, where there was no f*minism. Also, I'll vote for Zemmour instead of Le Pen.
  • Bonapartism - The Napoleonic Code was based because it threw w*men's rights in the trash where they belong.
  • Ilminism - Shame that you were removed and replaced by pro-w*men cucks.
  • National Libertarianism - I voted for Feiglin, thanks for the Coolidge effect.
  • National Democracy - I'll also vote for Bosak.
  • Post-Humanism - A mandatory step in making big boobie 2-D anime girls real. Soon they will replace all those disgusting 3-D foids thanks to robo-waifu AI. Wait, wrong Sigma male
  • Nihilism - Fellow blackpiller... Why should I bother trying to improve my social status in soyciety when Stacy will just use me for my BETABUXX and then dump me for Chad regardless?
  • CEO of Racism - It will be a pleasure to work with you in Bigot Inc.
  • Futurism - I also agree feminity is evil, women are a threat to the spirit and I love your takes on masculinity! You are such a great guy and stu- wait why are you touching my legs?
  • Brazilian Integralism - Ah yes, a S I G M A male, my idol!
  • Jacksonian Democracy - Best president of the USA!
  • Militarism - The military is manly as f-, and most of you exempt women from conscription, allowing men to separate themselves. Also, I didn't agree that women should be involved in the military, as if you put a 120 pound weight on a back of a woman, she'll crumble like a f*cking crouton!
  • Japan LDPism - I vote for him, Japan is so cool thanks to him. Still, worse than what was before you.
  • National Bolshevism - Your ideas are great for unifying my far-left and far-right variants. And your truths of some peoples being counter-revolutionary by nature and who must be purged in order to establish true communism is really based... Soon we will get rid of all those f*male "hereditary-reactionaries" once and for all and then a truly equal society can take its place!
  • Welfare Chauvinism - Moderate version of the above but a true laborist that opposes the cultural Marxism of the modern misandric left.
  • Alt-Right Libertarianism - A libertaryan that cares about the identity and liberty of White Males. Augustus Sol Invictus, Christopher Chase Rachels, TJ Brown, Vincent John and James Allsup are based for the most part.
  • White Nationalism - White Heterosexual Cisgender Males are oppressed by the feminist gynocentric SJW mob! Once we get those filthy immigrants and minorities out, those degenerate white roasties will no longer be obsessed with taking BBC's in every orifice and race-mixing with savage 7 ft. black Chads and Tyrone's and secure an existence of our white male people and a future for white male children!
  • MinorityRightsMovements - Ignore what I said above! Minority men are victims of female white privilege, white hypergamy, vagino-capitalism, and systematic white w*men's racism to justify their discrimination against us in the dating pool. We need REPARATIONS! EVERY WHITE W*MEN MUST PAY FOR THEIR RACIST CRIMES AGAINST US, AND BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE MEN SHE SEXUALLY DISCRIMINATES AGAINST! IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP MINORITY MALE OPPRESSION FROM THE COLONIALISTIC MISANDRIC WHITE W*MENS MATRIARCHY!
  • De Francism - This guy f*cking gets it! Those white roasties can't ever be trusted, A TRUE social revolution cannot come from letting w*men choose their mates based on their inherently racist, colonialistic and discriminatory nature. The ONLY way to ensure true social progress is to force those w*men to participate in mandatory race-mixing!
  • Athenian Democracy - I love ancient Greece, the best form of democracy Except for male slaves
  • Anime and Gaming - My hobbies. Meliodas, Master Roshi, Griffith, Sasuke Uchiha, Larry, Yusuke Urameshi, Duke Nukem, Kratos, Gex, Rance, Conker, etc. are redpilled fictional characters who teach good values to their male viewers and trigger feminists.
  • Agorism - Pacific contra economics is a sigma attitude. I also don't believe in copyright because I pirate the majority of products that I consume.
  • Orbanism - A strong alpha leader against feminist cuck EU.
  • Anti-Authoritarianism - Ignore again what I said above. Feminism is just another form of Authoritarianism that infringes on men's rights and masculinity.
  • Ingsoc - Ignore yet again my previous statement. You have state-mandated gfs and that is good. I also use doublethink to justify my misogyny.
  • Religious Zionism - Your religion is patriarchal and that is good. You are also part of the Feiglin fan club.
  • Neo-Ottomanism - The Ottoman Empire was patriarchal until K*mal ruined everything. I like how Erdogan wants to undo K*malist reforms, I hope he gets to undo the ones dealing with w*men rights.
  • Chestertonism - This shows how based you are. Pls ignore individualist MGTOWs.
  • Social Authoritarianism - Lukashenko is a strong masculine leader who is threatened by the cutlet femoid Tsikhanouskaya. Also, only men deserve welfare.
  • Anti-SJW - I'm on your team buddy, Death to Social Justice Warriors!
  • Zemmourism - The president France needs!
  • Afunism - Against Single Motherhood, Wokeism and Abortion? Straight Black Man Unity? BASED!
  • Soulism - Green pill is valid too. And after that, why do we need physical real w*men, when we can any time have sex with succubuses in lucid dreams, or even just shift our minds into our chad clones in a parallel dimension?
  • Orwellism - George Orwell was way ahead of his time with regards to taking note of female hypergamy, women's natural predisposition to classism, bigotry, oppression of the male lumpenproletariat, and obsession with betabuxx and Chad cocks, and then even being so breadpilled to rightfully say that male sexlessness is as almost as bad as literal poverty, homelessness and starvation. He's a certified sexual revolutionary in my book, he even called out the proto-gaycels/bicels in my movement before it went mainstream as a by-product of male-sexlessness.[21]
  • Kraterocracy - So red-pilled, this is really how society, especially sexual hierarchy, works!
  • Chinese Theocracy - It was better before the tridemists and the maoists came and ruined gender roles. You are even better than Xi.


  • Classical Conservatism - Boomer Gentleman alpha male, sometimes is Gynocentrist but he's mostly good.
  • Third Way - Don't deny that you had sexual relations with that woman, also that Toni Cantó is based.
  • Xi Jinping Thought - Censoring feminists and re-emphasizing real masculinity sounds based, but... WHY DO YOU DEMERIT ME FOR JUST GAMING AND WHY DID YOU PERMABAN MY FAVOURITE FEMBOY PROFILE??!!! REEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Tridemism - Despite your support towards her for "modernization", you have several great ideas compared to these pan-green cucks and I vote for you during the elections, apart from that based and redpilled Ko Wen-je in Taipei.
  • Objectivism, Thatcherism, Seibtism & Bennettism - Shame you're w*men, but you oppose the women's rights movement from the inside and worship masculinity. If only we could transition you into males, but you're all sadly anti-transgender.
  • Mainstream Conservatism - You have some great ideas! Why do you let women (dare I say, tradthots) into your movements?
  • Conservative Socialism - Capitalism breeds hypergamy and also good views, but too soft compared to him and him.
  • Rainbowcels/Homofascism - Jack Donovan is based, but some of us think homosexuality goes against traditional masculine values and that you participate in behaviors that some would consider absolutely degenerate, though you are promoting gayness for all the right reasons because you understand the virtues of pure male supremacy and that modern society may never truly be stable as long as ""people"" like w*men are allowed to inhabit it, and you are still miles better than those cucked soy neo-marxist SJW's. But women are still useful as breeding machines. So a purely homosexual world would seem counter-productive. Also, you're banned from
  • Homoconservatism - Dave Rubin, Issac Parejo, Florian Philiphot & Ricardo Delgado are based but similar to the above but lite. Also, some of your followers like Alice Weidel are w*men.
  • Cultism - What do you mean the blackpill is a death cult?
  • Death Worship - As I said above... If only blackpillers could unify into a giant self-sacrificing totalitarian superstate like you.
  • STEMcels/Scientocracy - A nerd who has no time with the opposite sex, but is also a normf*g who hasn't taken the redpill yet... Don't go to school tomorrow.. Also, I once defended him from those feminists that triggered by his based T-shirt.
  • Kakistocracy - Likes calling women "smelly cooties", kinda based. BTW still a cuck... Which is good because I can use him as a useful idiot for my cause...
  • Apoliticism - Hates his w*fe, but still has one. Also, Doesn't care about Politics which benefits strong Masculinity.
  • Caste System - Modern soyciety + hypergamy discriminates against 80% of men! Ignore the presence of sex slaves in my ideal society, that's the other thing.
  • Marxism - Sexual Marxism actually sounds really based. But your followers are all CRINGE who are trying to put their neo-woke politically correct BULLSHIT in my hobbies and think that women should be equal to men which are cucked... And Marx also hated Lumpenproles like me who don't like working.
  • Trotskyism - I love Militant Tendency, but most of you are SJW cucks who want basic women's rights.
  • Yiannopoulism - Why yes, feminism is cancer, but why are you discriminating against short men in your Telegram?
  • Petersonism - Some of us supported you for pointing out the problems of gynocentrism. MGTOWers hate you for blaming themselves for avoiding responsibility. No comment on who is right.
  • Ko Wen-je - Unmarried femoids aged 30 years and above are a national crisis, but why did you become an absolute cuck after assuming office?
  • Globalism - How about uniting only half of Humanity?
  • Trumpism - Some of us think you are based and redpilled but some of us are not so sure if you would actually be a good president for us men, due to your ideology having no respect for us jobless NEET's. But thanks for beating that disgusting foid Hillary and showing w*men that they can never be president, and the time you said "Grab 'em by the pussy" was god levels of based. We need more male presidents who aren't total cucks and who put women back in their place.
  • Classical Liberalism - Limited government, individual freedoms and entrepreneurship is good for men and therefore based but you have to come with the BS of equality before the law for women.
  • Lee Kuan-Yew Thought - Legal prostitution and defence of the traditional family? Based. Decriminalizing male homosexuality which was previously banned? Also based. Saying male rape legally doesn't exist? Cringe.
  • Neoconservatism - You are anti-woke and support the Saudi patriarchy, but please don't hate the Taliban, ISIS, and Iranian patriarchies. And Bush was a cuck who let w*men into the army... Your Japanese counterpart is peak basedness tho.
  • Neo-Libertarianism - Libertarian version of above, Shapiro and Buckley are ok tradcons but Goldwater and Polievre need more b@ll$.
  • Men's Liberation - We had a falling out at one point. Though he's useful for purplepilling the youth about men's issues, such as misandry and male disposability, at the end of the day he is just a fake MRA soycuck that panders to the f*minists. Though Radical Men's Liberation is kinda based though
  • Eugenicism - I'm mixed about him, on one hand, this is what women believe in when they reject short autistic beta nice guys, and also aborting a non-born male child isn't something that I like, but I admit that under a patriarchy it can be useful to turn the table of the sexual market in our favor. And we can also reduce the population of women.
  • Traditionalism - I sometimes criticize him and even call him a tradc#ck but he has a good amount of based takes, also our greatest enemy is the same. And what's this nonsense you're saying about how men need to "protect" women?
  • Esoteric Fascism - Evola was a based male supremacy fan, but Herman Wirth claimed w*men were leaders of ancient Aryan civilization.
  • Gileadism - I don't get why feminazis and soycucks keep comparing me to Gilead from that asswipe Handmaid's Tale, clearly they don't understand that we already are in a society where all the women are entirely breeding with the upper classes of dominant powerful males based on strict hierarchy in a radically hypergamous society, the difference in our modern soyciety it is all completely voluntary on w*men's part because of their endless desire for Chad. At the very least they are honest about it and understand men's superior nature and have state-mandated gfs, but otherwise still cringe and was written by a cuck femoid who can't accept that w*men are the real cause of said oppression by choice.
  • Islamic Theocracy - Not going to act as if I am a big fan of the Islamic faith, with its focus on polygamy for the select few Chads, but Islam is right about women tho. Oh and thanks for this.
  • Turkish Idealism - You mostly have the same flaws and the same benefits as Islamic Theocracy and Clerical Fascism, but you are much better than k*malists. I would vote for MHP if AKP fails to undo w*men's rights and restore patriarchy.
  • Transgender People - You support transgender women because you support LGBTQ+ rights, I support trans women because they prove that biological w*men are weaker in sports and everything. We are not the same... *Approaches trans men* Good luck trying to get laid and ascend with your short stature and small frame then.
  • Khomeinism - Mostly the same flaws and benefits as Islamic Theocracy. But I would still support you against rebelling femoids.
  • Fourierism - Charles Fourier was really based and wanted to ensure true Sexual-Marxism for people like us. But please stop being a disgusting f*minist. And understand only true sexual equality can happen by state-mandated GF's and sex gulags.
  • Maternalism - Tradthot doing what it fits her for being a worthy wife material, some us still prefer to go their own way or be non-heterosexual but at least you're better than average women nowadays.
  • Neoliberalism - If only you abandoned the SJWs and sided completely with this chad, we could have made an unstoppable team.
  • State Atheism - Feminism is like a secularized religious cult, Hitchens and Dawkins are kinda based and Neckbeards are oppressed beta/omega males but many of you are white knight soyboys like TJ Kirk. Also, many religions agree with me on gender roles.


  • Feminists - [Comment removed by moderator for violating hate speech rules on: Gender]
  • Radical Feminism - SEE?! FEMINISTS ARE MAN-HATER FEMINAZIS!!! But I agree with you that men and women must stay separate. Also, I am basically just you with a dick
  • Liberal Feminism - What's wrong with "rape culture" and "oversexualized" women in anime, you misandrist FUN POLICE?! Go fuck your dog instead! So that I can convince others that the dogpill exists.
  • Conservative Feminism - Tradthot who attempted to be a camouflaging pick-me woman. Also FUCK YOU KAREN! WHEN WILL I SEE THE KIDS AGAIN?
  • National Feminism - Totalitarian Feminazi!
  • Postgenderism - The future the fucking feminists want! How can I show everyone how much of a hyper-masculine sigma-male gamer I am if gender ceases to exist?
  • Progressivism - FUCK OFF CULTURAL MARXIST!!!
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - ULTRA CULTURAL MARXIST THAT I WANT TO KILL!!!!
  • Voluntary Human Extinction - NO, NOT THAT BLACKPILL!!
  • Social Liberalism - A cultural neo-Marxist ruining the name of liberalism.
  • Thompsonism - Same as above.
  • Millism - The first feminist ally that ruined Classlib!
  • Police Statism - Oh, come on! Trying to talk to a THOT is NOT A CRIME!!! Also f*ck you for saying "sexual harassment is not okay" Her socks were one centimeter higher than usual so she was asking to get raped!
  • Le Penism - Populist Tradthot, Zemmour is far better!
  • Cultural Neo-Marxism - The worst enemy of all men everywhere and therefore mine as well, I'll smash you into a fine pulp!
  • Frankfurt School - The Frankfurt school is nothing more than a ring of neo-marxist intellectuals aka M@ng¡n@ white knights and red misandric professors, die as well!
  • Ittihadism - Stupid M@ng¡n@ feminist ally breaking up families and preventing alphas from having harems!
  • Kemalism - Another M@ng¡n@ from Turkey! Even worse than the last one!
  • Maoism - If women hold up half of the sky, we will destroy that half of the sky.
  • Taiwan DPPism - You want to demonize Taiwanese masculinity and a disgrace for Natlib heir. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR "ANTI-STALKING LAW", "GENDER EQUALITY COMMITTEE" AND YOUR DECRIMINALIZATION OF ADULTERY!!!
  • Condism - Tradthot Vagino-Capitalist that wants to cuck all men in this world!!!!!! Also, you ruined Neoconservatism.
  • Radicalism - You're the seed of cultural Neo-Marxism that ruined the world and liberalism with w*men's suffrage.
  • Wilsonianism - Why did you let w*men vote?
  • Left-Wing Populism - Demagogic, M@ng¡n@, SJW, Cuck and Cultural Marxist!
  • LesbiaNRx - Yes, I like Femboys and (sometimes) Transgirl, but you take THIS so far, to the point of hating any and all masculinity?! AND NO, I WON'T WEAR THIS GAY-ASS FEMBOY MAID OUTFIT YOU GAVE TO FEMIMISE ME!
    • - Iknow,butyou'llgetthereeventually,especiallywhentechnologyisalsoinvolvedaswell.

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  4. He praised Taliban for their attitude toward women
  5. The founder of the Male State, Pozdnyakov, in his Telegram channel, called for the nuclear bombing of Ukraine. He also wrote that he was looking forward to living in a post-apocalyptic world.
  6. As some members of Male State have identified the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia as their political partner.
  8. According to Rodger's manifesto, his family descended from the British aristocracy.
  10. While Rodger was aware that his political beliefs "disturbed most people" (See below why), he believed several pseudoscientific beliefs including "the Law of Attraction"
  11. Subscribed to The Young Turks on YouTube.
  12. [1]
  14. Some of them hold that Christianity is a proto-progressive/leftist religion
  15. Papua New Guinea's tribalism makes it one of the worst countries to be a woman
  16. Taiwan People's Party chairman Ko Wen-je was condemned by feminists for making several sexist remarks, which included: "Unmarried women above 30 years old are national crisis", apart from allegedly following a sexist Instagram Account with the username ba_board (霸社佈告欄; However, despite his statements towards feminism, he supported several feminist policies such as gender equality courses in Taipei.
  17. [2]
  18. The Fear of Women by Wolfgang Lederer
  20. References to 1 Corinthians 11:3-10, Exodus 21:7-8, Judges 21:10-24, and Deuteronomy 20:10-14 & 22:28-29
  21. "Tramps are cut off from women, in the first place, because there are very few women at their level of society. One might imagine that among destitute people the sexes would be as equally balanced as elsewhere. But it is not so; in fact, one can almost say that below a certain level society is entirely male. The following figures, published by the L.G.C. from a night census taken on February 13th, 1931, will show the relative numbers of destitute men and destitute women: Spending the night in the streets, 60 men, 18 women. In shelters and homes not licensed as common lodging-houses, 1,057 men, 137 women. In the crypt of St Martin’s-in-the-Fields Church, 88 men, 12 women. In L.C.C. casual wards and hostels, 674 men, 15 women. It will be seen from these figures that at the charity level men outnumber women by something like ten to one. The cause is presumably that unemployment affects women less than men; also that any presentable woman can, in the last resort, attach herself to some man. The result, for a tramp, is that he is condemned to perpetual celibacy. For of course it goes without saying that if a tramp finds no women at his own level, those above - even a very little above - are as far out of reach as the moon. The reasons are not worth discussing, but there is little doubt that women never, or hardly ever, condescend to men who are much poorer than themselves. A tramp, therefore, is a celibate from the moment when he takes to the road. He is absolutely without hope of getting a wife, a mistress, or any kind of woman except — very rarely, when he can raise a few shillings — a prostitute. It is obvious what the results of this must be: homosexuality, for instance, and occasional rape cases. But deeper than these there is the degradation worked in a man who knows that he is not even considered fit for marriage. The sexual impulse, not to put it any higher, is a fundamental impulse, and starvation of it can be almost as demoralizing as physical hunger. The evil of poverty is not so much that it makes a man suffer as that it rots him physically and spiritually. And there can be no doubt that sexual starvation contributes to this rotting process. Cut off from the whole race of women, a tramp feels himself degraded to the rank of a cripple or a lunatic. No humiliation could do more damage to a man’s self-respect." —George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London, 1933