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"If one also grants the importance of equality of life prospects, then equal opportunity left-libertarianism is, I claim, the most plausible version of libertarianism."

The Steiner-Vallentyne School is a Left Libertarian ideological school of thought. It bases its support for economically left-wing ideals in Classical Liberal, Georgist, and Physiocratic ideas on self-ownership, land appropriation, land ownership and the ownership of natural resources. It opposes the ownership of natural resources and land if such ownership acts as a detriment to others, and believes in state welfare programs and some form of wealth redistribution. Unlike many schools of left-libertarianism, the Steiner-Vallentyne school is not socialist, communist, or anarchist, as it is more moderate in its economically left-wing views.


Steiner Vallentyne School was developed by the ideas of Peter Vallentyne and Hilel Steiner who used Analytic Philosophy in order to solve solve issues regarding the apparent extremism of Libertarian Socialism. Now despite being very similar to Libertarian Social Georgism it is quite different in terms of in terms of origins as Steiner Vallentyne School was from mixing thoughts from Liberal ideologies and such. Also it is a separate ideology while Libertarian Social Georgism is a faction of Social Libertarianism.

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Flag of Steiner-Vallentyne School
  1. Draw a ball with 5 stripes; three of them red and 2 of them white.
  2. Draw a dark blue triangle positioned on the left and pointing to the right.
  3. Draw a white star inside the dark blue triangle.
  4. Add the eyes.

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  • Libertarian Socialism - Sorry, but I think this might be a bit too far.
  • Social Liberalism - We both try to combined the principles of classical liberalism with egalitarian outcomes, but positive rights are a bit of a headache.
  • Geoanarchism - I'm not so sure about how you can maintain common land ownership in a stateless society, but it's the thought that counts. Also, please be less friendly with him.
  • Agrarian Socialism - I want land reform, too. But I don't think that socialism is necessary for that.
  • Tridemism - A little too authoritarian for me, but at least you were better than who came before you and especially those who came after you.
  • Ehh you are ok considering that markets are good but the lack of egalitarianism in your pure forms is concerning sometimes....
  • Military Interventions- In reality I am against any intervention outside of Stanistan but my liberal principles might accept it in some regard especially against Tankies


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