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Not to be confused with Liberalism.

"It takes no compromise to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions."

Progressivism is a culturally left ideology, rooted in Hegelian philosophy, which holds that the betterment of society can be attained by the destruction or dismantling of oppressive or repressive traditions and advancements in science, technology, and social organization; adherents believe that the ideal state for mankind is either inevitable or ought to be reached by choice. Those who fit into the latter but support violence or a top-down iconoclasm to achieve this are revolutionary progressives. Progressivism also refers to, especially on this website, Social Progressivism.

Progressivism is usually heavily associated with centre-left to left-wing politics, although in theory, it can align itself with any economic and civic system as shown by ideologies like Pink Capitalism and Kemalism.

The progressive ideology on this wiki represents the general social position of progressivism as whole, similar to how the page for conservatism is inclusive of all conservatives, from socialists to liberals. Progressive-leaning individuals, schools of thought and parties that encapsulate much more than solely social progressivism are delegated to pages which better represent their views as a whole (for example, Brianna Wu is represented on the page for social democracy, though she is a progressive herself) just as how Rishi Sunak and Donald Trump aren't put on the conservative page but rather fiscal conservatism and right-wing populism.


The United States

United States

In the United States, Progressivism exists in the form of Sandersism. Sandersism first came around as an ideology in 1972 when Bernie Sanders ran for senator of Vermont under the Liberty Union Party, but lost the vote. He ran for Governor of Vermont as well in the same year but also lost. Bernie Sanders did later become senator of Vermont in 2006 and still has been the senator of Vermont to this day, but is now under the Vermont Progressive Party (but somewhat independent) rather than the Liberty Union. Though he is still part of the Senate Democrat Caucaus and runs for president as a Democrat. His runs for president in 2016 and 2020 put the term 'democratic socialism' into mainstream American political discourse, although his economic policies which more resemble that of Social Democracy, with him heavily citing the Nordic Model as an inspiration, makes his classification as a democratic socialist debatable but makes him more of a social democrat.

Congressional Progressive Caucus

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is the most left-leaning faction in the Democratic Party. The founding CPC members were concerned about the economic hardship imposed by the deepening recession and the growing inequality brought about by the timidity of the Democratic Party response in the early 1990s. On January 3, 1995, at a standing room only news conference on Capitol Hill, they were the first group inside Congress to chart a comprehensive legislative alternative to U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich and the Republican Contract with America. The CPC's ambitious agenda was framed as "The Progressive Promise: Fairness".

Vermontese Progressivism

Vermontese Progressivism is based off of the beliefs of the regional Vermont Progressive Party, a left-wing political party active in the U.S. State of Vermont. On social issues it advocates for social justice, the end of systemic racism, gender equality, LGBT rights, disabled rights, easier immigration, and an open and inclusive society. As for economics, it supports left-wing policies such as progressive taxation, universal healthcare, free education, housing for all, and small, local cooperatives as opposed to multinational corporations. It also supports combatting climate change, including a transition to renewable energy. As for foreign policy, it supports diplomacy and pacifism, and opposes interventionism.


Social Justice

Social Justice is justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. Although not directly tied to social progressivism, social justice is a form of economic progressivism that supports the creation of social safety nets, environmental justice, and regulation & taxation for equal opportunity to advocate for gender, ethnic, social equality, environmental justice, and for the physically and developmentally disabled. Because this is a form of economic progressivism, it can be practiced by both socially progressive and socially conservative ideologies, such as social democracy which social justice is one of the main principles of, or Christian democracy.

Social Progressivism

Social Progressivism is a socially constructivist view of society which advocates for the progression of morality and scientific advancements based off of science and philosophy rather than things like religious dogma. Socially progressive ideals include things like: Legalization of same-sex marriage, cultural tolerance, religious tolerance, LGBT rights, feminism, ect.

Cultural Progressivism

Cultural Progressivism is a form of progressivism that is focused on progressing societies identities and advocating for the equal protection of people for things like disability, sexual orientation, gender, ect. Cultural progressivism differs from cultural liberalism because cultural liberals do not favor things like identity politics to advocate for the rights of minority groups.

Economic Progressivism

Economic Progressivism, or Fiscal Progressivism, is a political and economic philosophy incorporating the socioeconomic principles of social democracy and political progressivism. Economic Progressivism is rooted in social justice through improving human conditions via government regulation and spending, progressive taxation, economic interventionism, nationalization of some key industries, wealth redistribution, investment in infrastructure, the establishment of a social safety net, free education, expansive social programs, universal public services, expansion of workers rights, and social welfare. Economic Progressivism differs from social market capitalism to socialism, and critiques capitalism in ways such as: market fundamentalism, wage slavery, "socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor" as well as rugged individualism.

Religious Progressivism

Religious Progressivism, also known as Religious Modernism, is a form of progressivism that justifies progressive ideals based on theology. These ideas themselves are almost always rooted in philosophical religious humanism as a justification. It supports things like abortion rights, LGBT rights, feminism, and other liberal ideals using religions as justification.

Progressive Atheism

Progressive Atheism, also known as Progressive Secularism, is a form of progressivism that justifies ideologically progressive ideals based on secular reasoning's, or is just an atheist who holds progressive ideals.

Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christianity is the ideological justification of progressive ideals based on theological Christianity, and Christian humanism.

Progressive Islam

Progressive Islam is the ideological justification of progressive ideals based on theological Islam, and Islamic humanism.

Progressive Socialism

Progressive Socialism is a variant of socialism that wants progressive reforms to establish worker ownership over the means of production in some form. This can be seen in ideologies such as Democratic Socialism or Liberal Socialism. Progressive socialism expands general socialist theory to emphasise the importance of black, gay, female, trans or intersex etc etc liberation as opposed to sole focus on worker liberation prated by the Old Left. Due to the importance of combatting toxic symbols of masculinity like violence and war, authoritarian structures and peer pressure many progressive socialists are extremely reformist neo-Marxists.


What is and isn't considered progressive is highly debatable, however, some ideas that are generally regarded as progressive include LGBT+ rights, feminism, multiculturalism, open borders, legalization of abortion, secularism, racial equality, drug decriminalization, religious tolerance, sexual liberation, and more. It is important to note that while all of these ideas are generally regarded as progressive, one does not have to support all of these ideas to be progressive, and conversely, one can support some of these ideas and not generally be regarded as progressive.


Intersectionality is the idea that oppression based on identities mutually enforces each other. For example, they believe that a Black woman might face discrimination from a business that is not distinctly due to her race (because the business does not discriminate against Black men) nor distinctly due to her gender (because the business does not discriminate against white women), but due to a combination of the two factors.

This concept is criticized through the counter-concept of "Oppression Olympics" in which identities are constantly mashed up to find the single most oppressed individual there is, causing an endless downward spiral of wokeness. Another criticism of the concept is that it is not clear what identities count, with memes about various groups being included as oppressed such as landlords or gamers.

Whig Historiography

While not exclusive to cultural progressivism, Whig historiography is the justification for much of progressive doctrine. Whig historiography sees history as the progression to the point of ever greater equality and liberation. In this view, there is no such thing as repeated cycles, only obstacles to inevitable progress.


Progressivism can appear rather alien but is really chillaxed when you get to know him. He doesn't mind it when you ask him for money, as he is pro- Nordic Model. He loves weed but isn't too annoying about it. He likes following trends in social media, especially when it comes to international issues, and hangs out with multiculturalism for that purpose. However, he will be annoyed if there's any issue that doesn't align with him and regarded them as "hateful", "bigoted" and "problematic", and willing to seek changes to end such problems.

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Flag of Progressivism
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Friends of equality

  • Anarcha-Feminism - Slay, quee- uh... anarch?
  • Anarkata - Never Forget George Floyd! BLM! Sometimes you can be too radical for my taste though.
  • Civic Nationalism - A really respectable kind of nationalism.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - Like the above guy, but even better! Habash was right. #FreePalestine
  • National Progressivism - And here's the best form of Nationalism!
  • Radicalism - He was pretty much an earlier version of me.
  • Democratic Confederalism - Support Rojava!
  • Democratic Socialism - Don't care about that whole Socialism thing, but keep pushing those reforms!
  • Liberal Socialism - A better version of the above, and you are more committed to advancing society than soclib.
  • Enlightenment Thought - My ideas can be traced back to here!
  • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism, Civil Libertarianism, Social Libertarianism and Libertarian Feminism - Don't use the power of the state to enforce anti-progress ideas.
  • Indigenism - Fuck Christopher Columbus! Take back your land! Down with the Dakota Access pipeline! #LANDBACK
  • Kemalism - Good job at modernizing Turkey and abandoning the outdated Ottoman, but why are you friends with Zionism? Even he hates Zionism.
  • Left-Wing Populism - POWER TO THE PEOPLE! DOWN WITH THE ELITES! Wait, are we the elites? If so, then I don’t like you, but I don’t think we are.
    • - That depends, are you just some Hollywood liberal elite who just wants more Female Imperialists and CEOs or are you the real based Progressivism from the 1960s
  • Feminism - Fight for gender equality!
  • Men's Liberation - Besides women, men are also victims of inequality! Reforms should be made to equalize both genders.
    • - You see this is what I am talking about
  • Multiculturalism - Respect all cultures! DIVERSITY!!! no you can't go to Martha's vineyard!
  • Reformism - Change is good!
  • Republicanism - A way better alternative than monarchy.
  • Secularism - Very agreeable, separation of the church and state is very necessary!
  • Social Democracy - My kind of democracy!
  • Social Liberalism - One of my oldest friends, and my favorite kind of liberalism!
  • Technoliberalism - You're pretty chill; we agree a lot.
  • Scientocracy - I F#!&ING LOVE SCIENCE!!!! Time to teach those science-deniers a lesson on vaccines and gender! Unless it hurts me
  • Twitter - Our praxis to promote social change and cancel our opponents.
  • Transhumanism - I appreciate that you want to improve humanity.
  • Mandelaism - Good job at ending apartheid in South Africa.
  • Acid Communism and Agorism - Weed/cocaine/[insert drug] LMAO.
  • Soulism - Optimistic friend, that sometimes talks very weird things. Spiritual hedonism in lucid dreams without any physical limitations and zero side-effects? Sounds good, but I just stick with material ones.
  • Bundism - Fellow opponent of antisemitism, but unlike him, you don't try forcing your religion and culture on others, and embrace being the diaspora (meaning more diversity).


  • Revolutionary Progressivism - We agree on almost everything, but revolution is never the answer. Also, your strong sympathies for that idiot is rather troubling.
  • Bidenism - Better than Trump, I guess... Also, let's not forget that you were racist in the past. And quit giving money to Israel and funding their war of extermination.
  • Progressive Conservatism - I don't know... I understand that traditions aren't inherently bad, but you just come off as a self-contradictory fence-sitter most of the time. You're really cool when it comes to indigenous and other minority groups though.
  • Liberalism - You're keeping my beliefs going! Just wish I wasn't always confused with you. And some of you are regressives.
  • Socialism - Meh economics, but I like equality. He achieves your goals in a better way.
  • Guevarism - I mean I don't care much about you or your movement but I might wear you on my T-Shirts to piss off the regressives .
  • Queer Anarchism - Don't care about the whole anarchism stuff, but LGBTQ+ rights!
  • Pink Capitalism - As the consumers modernize, so should the businesses! But why do most of you refuse to boycott this person?
    • - Which is more of a Misogynist Homophobe, Israel or Palestine? The answer is Palestine, I do not know why you like Palestine over Israel so much.
    • - How about the "Queers in Palestine" website? You better check out this site, you'll understand it. If Palestine is a Misogynist and Homophobic, then why in Palestine many men love and care about women and their rights, and has homosexuality been decriminalized in Palestine since 1951?
    • - I was talking about Hamas that is the Misogynistic Homophobe, which controls Gaza.
    • - Why did you say Palestine then?
    • - Uh..Gotta go sell some gay socks!
  • Neo-Marxism - I am not sure what to feel about you. Some of your thinkers have good theories on social inequality, but /pol/tards use you as an insult against me. Christopher Lasch is megacringe, though.
  • Anti-Fascism - Appreciate the enthusiasm, but don't you think you could tone it down a bit? Why do you need to indiscriminately beat potential fascists up when we can remove actual fascists from politics using rules such as German 86a?
  • Jacobinism - Your ways are too extreme but I'll at least give you credit for starting the whole thing. Plus, you're my great-granduncle.
  • Anarcho-Communism - You're cool and all, but why spill so much blood? Your attempts at establishing your ideology were all failures.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Same as the above.
  • Maoism - Even though you were progressive for your time, even giving women near equality, the cultural revolution was too extreme; you really didn't have to go after a bunch of things that weren't doing anything wrong other than being "old". I'll still take you over Dengism though.
  • Ho Chi Minh Thought - I initially supported you against neocon, but you later became friends with him and now you are culturally conservative.
  • Conservative Feminism - Feminism is based, but how can you be a conservative? I'm confused, what about the historical relations of women under Patriarchy?
  • De Francism - You have some cool ideas, but you shouldn't force them on people.
  • Third Way - I like your social policies, but why did you ever think it was a good idea to help him invade Iraq?
  • Enlightened Absolutism - I'm glad you support progress, but absolute power is bad.
  • Yangism - You were kinda cool until you made that tweet supporting Israel...[2]
  • Homoconservatism - At least we both want LGBTQ+ rights. But aren't you kinda contradictory?
    • - At least I support this guy that has one of the best queer rights in the Middle East even though they haven't legalized same-sex marriage yet. I don't know why you like Palestine, are you aware that they throw queers off rooftops?
    • - That might be true, but Israel is still committing genocide aginst innocent Arabs.
    • - Arabs also commit genocide against Jews, Antisemitic hypocrite. Also the Arabs struck Israel first and Hamas uses those innocent Palestinians as human shields.
    • - Ask these guys if they support LGBTQ rights, and their probable answer would prove my point.
  • National Liberalism - Can you cut it out with Islamophobia? Also stop making fun of me and hanging out with them all the time please. BTW DPP from Taiwan is based AF.
  • Neoliberalism - People like to tell me he’s basically the devil, but I honestly can’t see anything I genuinely don’t like about him. Your much more conservative beginnings in the 80s were obviously pretty cringe though.
  • Social Authoritarianism - You're them but with authoritarian tendencies. Thaksin, Long, and Atatürk were good, but that sexist scumbag Lukashenko needs to go.
  • State Liberalism - No, I don't want more transgender drone pilots.
  • Fordism - What's so dystopian about this?
  • Tridemism - Based for getting rid of the outdated Qing and foreign imperialism, and modernizing China. Chiang and his white terror were horrible, though. You are too conservative nowadays, and I'll always choose the DPP over you!
  • Free Syrian Army - I supported you back in 2012 in overthrowing Assad, such a shame many of you got corrupted by these guys and hate him. But at least some of your factions are still based though.
    • - I told you! They are Jihadi CIA Agents working for Turkey and Saudi Arabia to violently regime change Syria through a colour revolution into a Islamic State and build a US-Owned Oil Pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Turkey! And were planning to backstab the Kurds all along!
    • - Yeah, and you were also on RT when you said that...
  • Liberal Conservatism - I appreciate that you want to withdraw from the rest of your clan but at the end of the day, you still don't care as much about innovation as we do.
  • Radical Centrism - Same kind of issues with the guy above but on a broader scale. I wouldn't really call you a 'crypto-conservative' like some other people, just pretty misguided.
  • Archeofuturism - *visible confusion*
  • Technocracy - We're similar and we're both intellectuals but why are you authoritarian?
  • Interculturalism - While promoting the co-existence of different cultures is fine, you're often a bit too focused on assimilation and don't really pay attention to issues like racial equity that much. Still prefer Multiculturalism to you.
  • Libertarianism - We both smoke weed, but he flirts with conservatives a bit too much for my tastes.
  • Futurism - Why don't you like me.. are you a fascist or something? Wait, YOU ARE A FASCIST! Wait, you aren't??? Ok, I think my brain is starting to hurt.
  • Postgenderism - Calm down buddy. Non-binary people deserve our respect no doubt, but your idea of just completely abolishing the concept of gender feels pretty idealistic and misguided. A whole lot of people like being seen as a man or a woman, and there isn't anything wrong with that.
  • Sanationism - You were really progressive for your time but I'm not a fan of repressive autocracy neither Hitler flirting with you.

Outdated and discriminatory

  • Alt-Right - Chud scum. Get off of the computer and go take a shower for once.
  • Alt-Lite - Not as bad, but also a bit more mainstream. Still a chud, nonetheless.
  • Traditionalism - C'mon man! It's 2021 2022 2023 2024! Can we just END these archaic """traditions""" now for the sake of progress?
  • Conservatism - Hick who enables hatred. Wait, we had a son?
  • Conservative Socialism - Eww, socialism is definitely not always good. And please stop calling everyone you disagree with a radlib.
  • Authoritarian Conservatism & Reactionaryism - Stupid White Terrorists.
  • Anarcho-Fascism - Fascists believe in the strangest things.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - Why? Just…why? Why would anyone want to go back to the Stone Age? I don’t even know why anyone would want to go back at all!
  • Primalism - Like the above but even more antiquitist. Go back to the zoo, you filthy animal!
  • Post-Leftism - Some overly pretentious dude who complains about how I'm too reliant on "identity politics" or whatever. He just complains about everything and is overall annoying and needs to go outside and take a shower for once.
  • Absolute Monarchism & Monarcho-Fascism - The worst kinds of monarchy. REFORM OR ABOLISH THE MONARCHY!!! #ขีดเส้นตายไล่เผด็จการ #หยุดคุกคามประชาชน #ยกเลิก112
  • Khomeinism - As much as I hate absolute monarchs, even the Shah was still better than you. Some of us do support your moves in Israel, though.
  • Black Islamism - Look, I'm all for religious freedom and minority rights, but this is just stupid.
  • Brazilian Integralism - Cry harder, green chicken.
  • Neoconservatism - Some folks are born made to wave the flag, They're red, white, and blue And when the band plays "Hail to the Chief", They point the cannon at you, Lord, It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senator's son, son, It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one. At least you also hate Russia, China, and Iran, albeit for different reasons.
  • National Conservatism - If you really love your nation so much, embrace progress like them .
  • Tatmadawism - You are a Muslim Murderer that is friends with other Muslim Murderers! #StopRohingyaGenocide
  • Chinese Theocracy - The cycle of dynasties is over.
  • Classical Conservatism - Go away, old man! You're no longer in your prime!
  • Clerical Fascism - Religious supremacism? Easily one of the worst fascists.
  • Brezhnevism - Same as above. You ruined everything!
  • Juche - Totalitarian scum who isn't even trying to hide his reactionary views anymore. At least we both hate Zionism and the US's intervention in the Vietnam War.
  • Xi Jinping Thought - Intolerant Han supremacist.
  • Chen Quanguo Thought - The worst of the CCP.
  • Paternalistic Conservatism - Stop bribing people to follow outdated values using welfare also JP!. Though the Pope and Quakers are pretty decent.
  • Welfare Chauvinism - Ethnocratic Social Fascism, welfarism at its worst.
  • Esoteric Fascism - Sick weirdo!
  • National Primitivism - Yet another sick weirdo! You're like everything I hate jeez.
  • Fascism - Stop saying that Mussolini quote and talking about that Black Mussolini meme, you can't convince me you're not racist, because actually, you are!
  • Gerontocracy - If you dislike social justice activism then OK BOOMER, you're no longer in your prime! Bernie is cool tho.
  • Neoluddism - The industrial revolution was good, actually.
  • Homofascism - You must be a very conflicted individual. I pity you.
  • Stransserism - Not only do you suffer from gender dysphoria, but you also suffer from political and ideological dysphoria. I pity you too.
  • Eugenicism - Ableist and pseudo-scientific monster! But we used to be such close friends.
  • Francoism - YOU WILL NOT PASS!
    • - Hemos pasado, jajajaja! Now face the wall!
  • Hoppeanism - Not cool, dude.
  • Crusadism - I'm thankful that the Catholic Church (for all its flaws) is no longer this crazy.
  • Jihadism - This is not the type of Islam I want. But some of us may say Hamas is a positive force against the genocide on Palestinians.
  • Zionism - Just because I stand against antisemitism and because some of you are pro-LGBTQ doesn't mean I support your quasi-theocratic apartheid state[3], or genocidal wars against Palestinians for simply following the "wrong" faith or speaking the "wrong" language. At this point, you're just like this madman. Though some of my variants are Zionist, but we don't talk about that.
    • - Progressive in Name only. I am more progressive then most of the Middle East (and Muslim Countries as a whole). The Arabs attacked us first for every war we had against them. I wouldn't have to kill that many innocent Palestinians if Hamas didn't attack first and used those innocent Palestinians as human shields. Are you aware about the Jews that have been kidnapped and killed by Hamas? Hamas is the real Theocratic Apartheid state, if it was true I was an apartheid state, then why are there multiple active Mosques in Israel but no active Synagogues in Gaza even before the Israel-Hamas War? You are so much of a hypocritical Antisemite that you favor Misogynist Homophobes over me (in which I have one of the best Human, Women, and Queer Rights in the Middle East) despite being you being progressive. Ignore the fact that I am allies with some regressives like Myanmar and actual Apartheid South Africa.
    • - You haven't even legalized same sex marriage yet. Also, not everyone you don't like is a anti-semite.
    • - At least it is legal to be LGBTQ in Israel, while Hamas executes them. Also, please be more like these progressives, thanks.
  • Ba'athism - Of course, that doesn't mean the Assadist state is any better for fighting any of the two above. It is such a shame that the rebels became corrupt tyrants themselves because they were absolutely justified to take you down for all the horrible you've done to the Syrian people. At the very least you didn't invade Rojava... yet
  • Korwinism - *Mental breakdown flashbacks*
  • Putinism - Путін хуйло! I stand with Ukraine! Although my hippie friend has his doubts about American support for Ukraine.
    • - Damn hippie, you want to destroy illiberal civilizations, you hedonistic warmonger! FSB, give him polonium ASAP. His hippie friend can stay.
  • Manosphere - Eww, this is why you're an INCEL!
  • Radical Feminism - Go back to the hell you came from, TERF/SWERF! Your views towards men are no different from white nationalist views towards black people.
  • Patriarchy - SMASH 'EM!!! The problem of every society!!!
  • Matriarchy - You and your society did not exist as you're just merely that incel's straw woman and the opposite of Patriarchy is not you, but EQUALITY. What do you mean Matriarchal societies have existed throughout human history??? I think you consumed too much fiction then.
  • Nazism - LITERALLY HITLER!!! LIKE, LITERALLY ACTUALLY HITLER!!! At least we both celebrate 420 but for completely different reasons.
  • Trumpism - Literally Th*rmond!
  • Henry Kissinger - You aided the PRC's rise into being conservative and Operation Condor was terrible. But thanks for pulling out of Vietnam.
  • Paleoconservatism - Your mindset is even more outdated than the one Neocons and Trump have. Fuentes and Taylor Greene are particularly unpleasant. At least we both opposed the Vietnam War and Nixon, and oppose Zionism, even for completely different reasons.
  • Pinochetism - A neoliberal stratocrat is still a white terror tyrant.
  • Racial Nationalism - RACISTS!!!
  • Ethnonationalism - XENOPHOBES!!!
  • White Nationalism - Racist chud, but they prefer the term Latinx to refer to people from Latin America or of Latin American descent, albeit for different reasons from some of us.
  • Right-Wing Populism - Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Xenophobic, ...[insert wall of text]... piece of shit! You're CANCELLED!
  • Reactionary Liberalism - NOO, LIBERALISM BACKSTABBED ME!
  • Conservative Liberalism - You are like him, but a bit more moderate. I especially hate Prager and Peterson.
  • Religious Nationalism - Nah, dude. Freedom of religion and secularism are important.
  • State Atheism - Also nah. Secularism means the separation of religion and state, including atheism. I know religion isn't perfect, but religious people aren't these inherently delusional backward cultists like you say they are. Although I rooted for you during the Vietnam War. And we both hate Zionism.
  • Kahanism & Revisionist Zionism - Why are there three pages for Jewish-Nazism? Although he is an anti-Zionist.
  • Ilminism - I will never forgive you for banning me in 1955!
  • İttihadism & Neo-Ottomanism - Genocidal reactionaries who cannot accept that the Ottoman empire is dead. Also, How do you like that, killers? I recognize the Armenian Genocide! What do you mean the first one is a reformist and had Homosexuality legal in the Ottoman Empire?
  • Nixonism - Why do you hate drugs and hippies? And no, protecting endangered species does not count as a redeemable quality. Plus, Operation Condor was f*cking atrocious but thanks for pulling out of Vietnam after I pressured you to do so.
  • Fourth Theory - Evil reactionary chud who is Putin's ideologue. At least we both like Palestine, but for completely different reasons.
  • Shapiroism - My feelings matter too, you bigot!
  • Neoreactionaryism - Cold-blooded reactionary, who wants to create a cyberpunk-type dystopia? Ableism-lover? And social-Darwinist??? Holy , you are miles worse than him.
  • Counter-Enlightenment - The Enlightenment was cool, actual- why do I hear screams coming from your basement?
  • Reactionary Modernism - I don't know what I expected from Hitler's sculptor and architect, it genuinely feels like some evil psycho grafted you together specifically to kill me and everyone and everything I love.



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