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This is mainly a rough copy so I can just get my page out there.

Affiliatedism is the ideas of the user Affiliated, who while being mainly Postciv, has been influenced by many different ecological, anarchist, or anticapitalist thinkers.

Ideological Journey:




I am against the idea of both rehabilitative prisons and punitive prisons. The Punitive Prison, and Death Penalty, may present a threat to the physical being of the dissenter, but the Rehabilitative Prison is a threat to the psychological and ideological being of the dissenter, as it re-educates the dissenter with the ideas of the Bourgeois Society.


Because there's no revolution coming today, nor tommorow, nor any day after that, capitalism, industrialism, and the rest, will keep going and going and going. Some of these problems have been locked in since the very beginning, such as urbanism and monoculture. Eventually, it's going to result in total ecological collapse, maybe quickly or slowly, and it will be unavoidable. In fact, one could even speculate that it is already upon us, if we look at the overall state of the world.


I am not a primitivist, despite what some of my detractors may say. A primitivist rejects technology, I reject a society based around technology. I am not against agriculture, but rather more for horticulture and permaculture, instead of the monoculture created by civilisation. I do not reject science, unlike primitivists, I just do not put it on a pedestal. Primitivists, while forming the basis for all anti-civ criticisms, are not nuanced. In addition, the structure of tribalism is quite collectivist, and usually very socially conservative and rigid. We CANT go back to the Stone Age, even if we wanted to. Moving forward, with more nuanced critiques of civ, is the only way forward. Plus, letting 7 billion into the woods with no training or survival tactics after the incredible domestication that has occured to the human race would be incredibly stupid.

Ecosocialism and other eco-leftist ideologies:

Many eco-leftists are simply just leftists who add eco- prefixes because they like the environment to some degree. However, none of them want to strike at the heart of the destruction of the environment. Instead, they want to simply abolish capitalism, (and sometimes, the state), then live in collectivist agrarian eco-communes for the rest of their lives. Most of them don't even want to destroy the mega-machines of industrialism, and the ones that do still can't understand the problems presented by agriculture-monoculture. As such, many of are environmentalists, instead of ecologists, as they simply support the solutions to environmental destruction presented by liberal politicians, just simply put into a different economic system, which is environmentalism, as they are simply changing the method of stewardship of the environment, instead of letting the environment rewild and take care of itself. Many of them support the continued domestication, both of the human and of the non-human. In as such, I do not like nor support many eco-leftists. "The Marxists see only the mote in the enemy’s eye. They supplant their villain with a hero, the Anticapitalist mode of production, the Revolutionary Establishment. They fail to see that their hero is the very same “shape with lion body and the head of a man, a gaze blank and pitiless as the sun.” They fail to see that the Anti-capitalist mode of production wants only to outrun its brother in wrecking the Biosphere." -F. Perlman, "Against History, Against Leviathan"



  • Beryab - I'm not particularly fond of your ideology, but you are a friendly user, and designed my icons, so I thank you for that.
  • Bsaheed527 - Fellow postie, but I've heard something about you being pro-nationalism (?), which is frankly concerning.
  • ChronicFemcel - Not quite a postie, but still a lot closer to postleftism.
  • File:Councilguy2.png Councilguy - Another postie (kind of). You've gotten a lot more based recently, thanks to Compost.
  • LordCompost86 - Probably one of the most based users on this site, and converted Councilguy, which is cool.


  • IvarsBalodis - I can't say anything about you as a person, but from what I've seen about your ideology, I don't like it.
  • Pirate Tails - You seem like an okay person but Social Liberalism isn't my cup of tea. What's with the anti-intelligentsia?
  • SumisuAirisu - One of the most (unintentionally) funny users on the whole wiki. The idea that I am a *quote* "Cringe Post-Leftist anprim lifestylist who does nothing but strawman Bookchin" is very funny to me. On a serious note, the fact that you're an anarchist is based, but stop being such a collectivist, and crack open an ecology textbook once in a while.
  • Tony567 - I don't know much about you besides the fact you're a capitalist, which I don't entirely agree, but you seem nice enough.
  • YugoslavPartisan2 - Average leftist tbh, I don't know anything else to say.
  • Bman - I don't really like Marxismleninism that much, but you seem decent.
  • ChiroPro - Very moderate, very tame.


  • Ukraiana - I have nothing positive to say about this user.
  • KaiserKlausMouse - Nor this one. You and Ukraina are practically made for each other.
  • Typicalfan4 - Based how you don't want gun control, but why are you against abortion and drugs? The capitalism's cringe in my eyes too.
  • Comrade Shrek - Scary gamerism.



  • Theodore Kaczynski - You did what had to be done, and you were right about some things, but damn, your critique of leftism sucked.


  • Nick Land - You used to have legitimate criticisms against an inert left, a sleepy left, laid down the foundations for /Acc, and inspired Fisher, but now you're a weird racist neoreactionary.


  • Noam Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent was decent, but most of your other work is just you being a pseud! Also, you denounced the Cambodian genocide? Why???


Ask ideological or philosophical or even just general questions here.

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