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will improve this page soon probably

I am Comrade Shrek, you may know me as a gamer. My ideology is national communism, conservative socialism, authoritarian socialism, populism, religious socialism and syndicalism. I’m basically authoritarian, economically far left, culturally right, but I’m generally fine with anyone as long as they aren’t shit person. What else do I put here


I like shitposting and memeing a lot. I also like gaming and also creating things. I’m interested in history, politics, science, mathematics, meme creation, drawing, geography and whatnot. I am interested in HOI4 related stuff because gaming and also in nationstates because why not

Generally I ok with most people regardless of their political opinion, so long they aren’t horrible people or have really vile values(such as liberals :troll:)

Socialist states have the best music, you can’t change my mind. Now let me listen to the sacred war for the 918281892972192th time


My ideology is General Shrekretary Thought, and can be summed up as authoritarian, economically far-left, nationalist, socially conservative, revolutionary and anti-imperialist.


Economically I believe in the collectivization of the industry, land, resources, labour and practically all means of production. I believe the capitalist mode of production is exploitative, greedy, degenerate and inhuman and that it dehumanizes the workers while stripping them of their surplus value and morality. Socialism is a core aspect of my ideology and the rest of my beliefs: authority, nation, tradition - are what I see the best way to achieve it. I oppose the private ownership of production and capital and believe workers collective ownership with collective worker’s democracy is the best way. Economic planning is good but best way to apply it is to find the right balance where the more major industry is centrally planned and local is decentrally planned. I believe revolution is necessary and through coordinated mass action with a revolutionary guide. Basically far-left on economics.


My civic views are generally highly authoritarian and I believe that a strong state is necessary to uphold and implement the values of socialism against capitalist siege. The siege stage is an inevitability during any workers’ revolution, so authoritarian governance is necessary to counter both external and internal threats. Revolutionary violence a necessary evil and that the masses should be armed and coordinated by a collective group, but the end of abolishing a system of total degeneration would far justify the mean in my view. I strongly oppose anarchism and most libertarian socialism seeing it as very idealistic, decadent and revisionary, and most implementations of anarchism collapsed quickly to internal or external pressure. I don’t view liberal democracy as democratic in any way, rather as bourgeois “democracy” with corporate oligarchs, and prefer democratic centralism as the path to true democracy.


I’m pretty socially conservative overall and believe traditional values and morality are the basis of true human society. The degeneracy that modern western leftists espouse is particularly disgusting and inherently bourgeois in nature. I strongly value family, community, hard work, faith in even the hardest times, nationality, morality and culture, and oppose doing away with those core values. I’m religious myself, but I oppose theocracy and prefer a secular state that supports pluralism and religious values. Sexual deviance, lgbt ideology, abortion, drugs, etc I am against and I especially despise western cultural liberalism(woke ideology). However, while I’m pro-tradition I take a strong stance against reactionarism. I believe in equality of the sexes, strongly oppose racialism of all sorts, and oppose far-right ideologies. I would guess Stalin or Gaddafi most closely match my cultural views.


I am very much a nationalist, and value it as one of the main tenets that actual socialism requires. National self-determination and sovereignty are extremely important and I strongly despise imperialism and globalism. The liberation of the workers of the nation is the best path to resist global capitalism and neoliberalism - the worst evils of the present world. The workers state should focus on developing its own nation and independence and opposing globalism first and foremost. Left wing nationalism is much better than globalism, and we see this with how horrible trotsky’s permanent revolution went vs how successful Sankara and Tito and Gaddafi and Nkrumah and Stalin and Kim Il Sung and Castro and Zhivkov and Nasser and Ho Chi Minh were all in developing socialism. I am not opposed to solidarity - nationalism and international anti-imperialist cooperation are not mutually exclusive but complementary in fighting globalism.


My beliefs are heavily influenced by a wide range of successful socialist leaders such as Gaddafi, Sankara, Nasser, Ho Chi Minh, Stalin, Castro, Lenin, Tito, Zhivkov, Honecker etc. This is definitely a broad range of leaders with differing views, but one thing they all have in common is their accomplishments in history and applying socialism to their nations. Socialist patriotism is based, cope radlib revisionists and degenerate baizuos, whores and homogays have no place in socialism.


  • Socialism - The main aspect of my ideology. Capitalism is the ultimate disease.
  • Conservative Socialism - The proletariat must fight for their moral values.
  • National Communism - Workers of the nation unite to drive out globalization and imperialists.
  • Religious Socialism - Landlords are haram there is no lord over the land but Allah
  • Gaddafism - Extremely based and successful implementation of socialism with so many accomplishments, and huge influence on my ideology. RIP
  • Arab Socialism - The best path for the Middle East to free itself from capitalists, imperialists and jihadi reactionaries.
  • Sankarism - African comrade and one of the greatest and most accomplished revolutionaries, helped his people unfashionably based.
  • Classical Marxism-Leninism - Socialist revolution must be applied to the conditions of each country under a coordinated democratic central framework. The ussr had great parts but also shortcomings that need to be analyzed and improved for true a scientific socialist process.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - Socialism and nationalism are not exclusive but complementary. Socialists SHOULD be nationalist.
  • Nationalism - The nation state is an important entity whose sovereignty must be preserved amidst an increasing globalized world.
  • Syndicalism - Workers should organize against the oppressors. But get a revolutionary guide to coordinate the strikes.
  • Populism - The elitist status quo must be toppled by the will of the masses.
  • Authoritarian Democracy - True democracy needs an iron hand.
  • Ergatocracy - Dictatorship of the Proletariat is true democracy.

User political views:

  • Immorxy - We are so similar ideologically, comrade and brozzer.
  • Verona - Synonym for “based”.
  • Yugoslav - Down with the British imperialists! Down with the American imperialists!
  • Sus - Chad ideology and good leftist nationalism.
  • Scarlet - Anti-imperialist leftist nationalist and socially critical of wokeism, based.
  • Chinese Socialist - Socialist patriotism is the way. And down with west imperialism.
  • Bman - Based Marxism-Leninism.
  • ChiroPro - A bit moderate, but left wing civic nationalism is good.
  • SamThekingofdoom - Cool views.
  • IvarsBalodis - Very based, old left and nationalism are gigachad.
  • Stalin2929 - Chad anti-sjw in top left corner.
  • Comrade345 - You have redeemed yourself with your path to basedhood. Nationalism and Marxism-Leninism chad.
  • Nazbolgang - Game.
  • KaiserKlausMouse - Based conservative socialism. But too reactionary.
  • Dumnorix - Very based. Socially conservative and anti-capitalist, although we disagree on the state.


  • Marxism-Leninism(in its existing state) - Your modern form has unfortunately degenerated into decadence and revisionist sjw cringe.
  • National Bolshevism - The gang memes are based and left natbol is cool, but racism is gay.
  • Conservatism - I like traditional values. I don’t like capitalism or preserving the political status quo.
  • Paleoconservatism - Too capitalist but atleast you value nationalism and tradition above capitalism, and are anti-interventionist.
  • Reactionary Socialism - You troll the libs well, gamer, but your too reactionary.
  • Ultranationalism - The nation is a very important structure and sometimes militarism is needed, but you can often be imp*rialistic and supremacist.
  • Reformist Marxism - Hearts in the right direction, but the elite will not willingly step down.
  • Market Socialism - I prefer a more coordinated economic model but you can be based like in Yugoslavia and Vietnam. Co-ops aren’t too bad as long as they are more cooperative than competitive.
  • Dengism - Too rightist and revisionist and deng had cringe policies, but you are having based development and social conservatism and nationalism under xi. Better than homosexual west.

User political views:

  • Typicalfan - Capitalist, but based nationalist and con.
  • Blartyboy - Disagree on culture and state and nation, but syndicalist socialist revolution is base.
  • Poland - Fascist, but has some based takes.
  • Sr Deyvid - Dont like capitalism but like cultural and national views.
  • File:Councilguy2.png Councilguy - Socialism and c o u n c i l based but too progressive and individualist.
  • Responsible - Has a lot of shit takes as a libertarian capitalism and also based takes as a conservative anti-imperialist.
  • Bacon - Con but lib.
  • Duy - Disagree with markets and culture and reform and liberalism but patriotic socialism is good. A little moderate but still a socialist.
  • Yori - Not fan of progressive reformism or market but fan of left patriotism.
  • SomeCrusader - Capitalist but cool views on other like culture and nation.
  • Avelicius - Is a moderate and soccap, but still pretty epic and based.


  • Capitalism - The ultimate ill of the world, a disease which reduces the masses to mindless decadent drones devoid of values and morals and true freedom.
  • Neoliberalism - The modern incarnation of the devil, bringing forth neocolonial globalization, exploitation and cultural degeneration.
  • Neoconservatism - Interventionism and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
  • Imperialism - You are the root of all suffering.
  • Globalism - You are the modern incarnation of the above demon.
  • State Liberalism - Why.
  • Pink Capitalism - Cultural capitalism is a disease, and bullet is the cure.
  • Liberalism - Your individualistic false ‘democracy’ misguides masses to believe they have a choice other than to consume endlessly for corrupt elites.
  • Libertarianism - Your ideal society is beyond stupid, and will lead to mass suffering where values and workers rights are degraded under corporate hyper-individualism.
  • Anarchism(and all its variants ) - Life without the state would be nasty, brutish and short. Keep coping soycuck teenagers.
  • Nazism - Do I even need to explain why this is so horrible.
  • Zionism - Fashoid in all but name.
  • Racial Nationalism - Racialism is the most idiotic interpretation of nationality. The differentiation of race is fan arbitrary concept utilizing skin color to dehumanize other humans and carve up groups not based upon shared values and culture but of melanin count. People regardless of skin color are equal, fuck off.

User political views:

User Relationships


  • Nazbolgang - Fellow based gamer and very epic person. First user here I had based encounter with and friend so epic gaming moment.
  • Immorxy - Halal comrade and based person. We’re ideologically very similar, and based memes. And very good person.
  • Yugoslav - Cool person and fellow anti-imperialist. Very nice person and extremely good friend.
  • Verona- The basedness never ends. Extremely epic user and good memes 💪💪💪
  • Sus - SUSSY also epic gamer. Nice user and based personality.
  • Typicalfan - We do in fact live in a period(society). Based epic person.
  • Poland - Very cool and chill person.
  • Bman - Based man and nice guy.
  • Chinese Socialist - Quite based. And epic dude.
  • Scarlet - Pretty based and nice personality.
  • Bacon - Cool epic.



  • AAAA - An*rchist. But shitposter
  • LordCompost86 - I very much oppose those views, still a cool and civil user even with not many interactions.
  • SweatingCup - Capitalism and interventionism are no, but alright user.
  • Gay - ancom and degenerate 🤮
  • ArGryo - Similar ideology to Piratetails, but I know the user less.
  • Vonali - Extremely cringe views, not much encounter with user.
  • Progressive0411 - Cringe ideology, but epic gamer.
  • Tony - Haven’t had much interaction.


  • That one bloodwarrior guy - Fed
  • That one KahanK guy - Fed
  • That one Muskrat guy - Fed
  • User:ANewDude - retard
  • User:Palostius - retard
  • LARPers and trolls - retards


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