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Neoluddism, sometimes called Kaczynskism when specifically referring to the Unabomber's conception of it, is an ideology that rejects Techno-Industrial society and technology, and believes that the Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. Seeks to return to an agrarian form of life and preindustrial technology. Would live more like the Amish do than the tribal lifestyle that Anarcho-Primitivism promotes.


Kaczynski was born into a working family in Chicago in 1942. When he was in primary school, his IQ was 167, and he skipped the sixth grade. He later described this as a key point in his life: before that, he actively communicated with his peers and even became a leader. But after jumping the grade, he felt that he could not get along with older children, and he was also bullied. After jumping to high school, he developed a strong interest in mathematics. He often spent several hours studying and thinking about difficult problems. At the age of 16, he entered Harvard University with a scholarship. It is said that during his study at Harvard, he participated in an experiment led by Harvard psychologist Henry Murray. As part of the experiment, Kaczynski was abused and humiliated every week. Some data show that Murray's experiment is part of the CIA's brain control program. Some people believe that this kind of experiment may subconsciously stimulate Kaczynski's criminal activities. In 1962, Kaczynski graduated from Harvard University with excellent grades in mathematics. After that, he entered the University of Michigan to study for a master's degree and a doctor's degree. The professors were impressed by his intelligence and drive. In 1967, Kaczynski's paper "Boundary Function" won the Michigan Best Mathematical Paper of the Year Award. At the end of the same year, at the age of 25, Kaczynski became the youngest assistant professor of mathematics in the history of the University of California, Berkeley. His job is to teach geometry and calculus. However, his teaching is not popular with students. He only teaches the contents of textbooks and refuses to answer students' questions. On June 30, 1969, Kaczynski suddenly resigned from his teaching post. After resigning from the University of California, Berkeley, Kaczynski returned to his parent's home in Lombardy Village, Illinois. Two years later, he built a small wooden house outside the Lincoln settlement in Montana, where there was no water or electricity. He lived a life of returning to the wild. His initial goal was to be self-sufficient and self-study survival skills, such as tracking prey, identifying edible plants, organic farming, bow drilling, and other primitive life skills. Sometimes, he would ride his old bike to the town library and read classics. However, the good times did not last long. The real estate developer destroyed the wilderness around his cabin. He felt that he could not live peacefully in nature. Gradually, he had the idea of retaliating against American society. Kaczynski recalled after his arrest: "You can't imagine how depressed I was at that time. I am determined to revenge."

From 1978 to 1995, Kaczynski mailed a series of bombs with increasingly advanced performance, causing panic in American society. According to statistics, he mailed a total of 16 bombs. His first parcel bomb was sent to Buckley Crist, a professor of materials science at Northwestern University. But Crist was very vigilant and found that the package was abnormal, so he contacted the campus police. The police officer injured his left hand when opening the package. Then Kaczynski turned his target to airlines. In November 1979, the bomb package he sent was placed in the cargo hold of American Airlines Flight 444 from Chicago to Washington. Fortunately, the timing device failed and the bomb failed to explode, but it released smoke during the flight, forcing the aircraft to make an emergency landing. The FBI took over the investigation of this case. However, Kaczynski's crime was very ingenious. He deliberately left the wrong clues on every bomb he sent. Because Kaczynski did not leave fingerprints on every bomb he mailed, the FBI director could not solve the case. In 1985, the first serious injury case of a parcel bomb occurred. The captain of the United States Air Force lost four fingers and one eye. This bomb, like other bombs sent by Kaczynski, was made by hand. Soon, the owner of a computer shop in Sacramento, the capital of California, was killed by a bomb containing nails and fragments. On February 20, 1987, a similar attack against a computer store took place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The bomb disguised as a piece of wood exploded and broke a person's left arm. After the explosion, Kaczynski stopped for six years. In 1993, he committed the crime again. He mailed a bomb to the professor of computer science at Yale University, causing the latter to be seriously injured. Within a week, another bomb was sent to the home of Charles Epstein, a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco. Epstein's fingers were blown off when he opened the package. In 1994, Thomas Moser, executive of Boya Public Relations, was killed by a parcel bomb sent to his home. In an anonymous letter to the New York Times, Kaczynski said that he killed Moser because "after the oil spill in the Gulf of Alaska, Boya Public Relations helped ExxonMobil restore its public image. More importantly, the company's business is to develop technology to manipulate public opinion". He also sent an anonymous threatening letter to Philip Sharp, a geneticist at MIT, threatening to kill him. On April 24, 1995, Kaczynski committed the last crime. The parcel bomb he sent killed Gilbert Brent Murray, president of the California Forestry Association, a timber industry lobby group. After finishing the last vote, Kaczynski anonymously sent a letter to many media outlining his goals and requirements. He requested that his 35000-word essay, "Industrial Society and its Future", be printed in a big newspaper verbatim. If this requirement is met, he will stop terrorist activities. The Attorney General and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation suggested that the newspaper publish this essay, hoping that readers can help determine who its author is. On September 19, the New York Times and the Washington Post published this article, which laid the groundwork for Kaczynski's family to report him later. It is reported that "Industrial Society and Its Future" tells the theme of "industrial revolution and its consequences are a disaster for mankind". This essay was praised by some scholars after it was published. James Wilson, a professor of political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, said in the New Yorker magazine that the "Industrial Society and its Future" is a carefully reasoned and skillfully written article. If it is the work of a madman, then the works of political philosophers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Paine are hardly rational.

For many years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been tracking down the "King of Packet Bombs". The Bureau, together with other agencies, has formed a special team consisting of 125 agents to investigate the case. The special group even issued a reward of US $1 million to anyone who can provide information to capture the "King of Packet Bombs".

After reading the articles published in the newspaper in September 1995, Kasinsky's brother David began to have doubts. He found that the relevant contents of the letters sent by his brother to the newspaper could be traced back to the 1970s. These letters attacked the abuse of technology in terms similar to the article "Industrial Society and Its Future". So David hired a private detective to investigate his brother's activities secretly. After the private detective collected evidence, he hired a lawyer to contact the FBI. On April 3, 1996, the Federal Bureau of Investigation captured Kaczynski in the cabin. A search of the cabin found bomb parts and a bomb ready for mailing. Shortly after, the federal grand jury charged Cassinski with a number of crimes, including illegal transportation, mailing and use of bombs, and intentional murder. On January 22, 1998, Kaczynski was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. On June 10, 2023, Ted Kaczynski was found dead in his prison cell.


Lives in the woods and sends packages to industrialists and university professors. Loves nature and the beauty it creates and he wishes to protect this beauty at all costs. Craves to be a part of a meaningful community, as long as said community lacks industrial technology. Will get angry if you begin to show him postindustrial technology, if you do so you can expect a package bomb from him.

How to Draw

Flag of Neoluddism
  1. First, set up your easel, brushes, and natural paints (you aren't drawing this on a computer are you?)
  2. Paint the basic ball
  3. Paint the black gear in the middle
  4. Then add the horizontal green stripe in the middle of the ball.
  5. Allow the painting to dry before moving for display
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Light Green #1EC030 30, 192, 48
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


Anti-Industrial Club

  • Radical Environmentalism - We agree on a lot of issues.
  • Agrarianism - The perfect system, we should listen to him. What do you mean I can't bomb combine harvesters and hydroponic farms?
  • Anarcho-Naturism - Your nudity tells me that you reject technology and industrialism.
  • Eco-Anarchism - Whilst many of your followers are leftists, we share many core ideas and a love for our environment.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - Ideal, but unrealistic. Ted’s critique was of utopians, not primitivism as a whole.
  • Agrarian Anarchism - One of the better political ideas.
  • Kakistocracy - Let's bomb technophile nerds! Let me take away your phone first.

Partially Anti-Industrial

  • Primalism - A bit too far there.
  • Lys Noir - Your view about Industrial Revolution and Nature are based, but you scare me.
  • Eco-Fascism - We are often confused about each other but I don't care for the state. I don't care how "clean" you say it is, Also you're too racist.
  • National Primitivism, National Agrarianism and Odalism - Same as above.
  • Protestant Theocracy - The Amish got me, but most of you're variants are accepting the Industrial Revolution and modern technology, shame. Also, Uncle Ted was an atheist.
  • National Anarchism - You guys generally distrust the industrial revolution, but please stop being racist and start rejecting modern technology.
  • Eco-Authoritarianism - Their heart is in the right place but they think the destruction of the environment caused by technology can be fixed by more technology and big government. They have a lot to learn.
  • Ideologically Aligned Socialists - So close! Leftism is the problem, though, not the solution. But based on overall direction!
  • Post-Leftism - Good at attacking the destructive left, but I abandoned many of my post-left supporters for flirting with the ideas of the left. Also, many of you are open technophiles.


  • Technogaianism - Are you struggling with a crisis caused by technology, and as a solution you offer even more technology? What an oxymoron!
  • Reactionaryism - You aren't me, nor do you support anything I believe in, especially your pro-tech children.
  • Reactionary Modernism - OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE!
  • Transhumanism - Encourages us to partake in self-imposed slavery through technology.
  • Industrialism (and its consequences) - Have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in “advanced” countries.
  • Post-Humanism and Cyberocracy - My worst nightmare...
  • Technocracy - These technophile nerds are masterminds of modern technology and trying to hunt me with an army of robots, my wooden bombs will destroy you and your stupid technology somedays!!!
  • Climate Skepticism - Check your mailbox now.
  • Posadism - NO, DON'T NUKE EARTH!!! Instead, bomb factories and kill those industrialists from both left and right.
  • Machiavellianism - HE DEFECATED THROUGH A SUNROOF! Why are you so keen on compromising with those filthy industrialists? Have fun dying of air pollution after your lungs couldn't be DEALT with.
    • I have built up an immunity to many poisons by taking small doses over time, including aerial ones. Did you seriously think I wasn't prepared? You pulled that heartstrings con job on me?!

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  1. Ted Kaczynski was a critic of post-left, and he explicitly said that he did not consider himself a post-leftist. Despite this, Ted Kaczynski's ideology is often grouped with the post-left ideologies.