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My username is not my real name and I am not Latvian.


  • Guild Socialism - The guild system is based.
  • Endernax - Based economic left/social right populist YouTuber.
  • Longism - The greatest president who never was. Every man a king!
  • Social Credit - Good guy who wants to eliminate the consumer debt.
  • - Regulationism - We must R E G U L A T E
  • German National Bolshevism - The non-meme nazbol. Proposed organizing the economy along workers' councils while also espousing nationalistic views.
  • Strasserism - One of the more interesting third positionist movements as it supported a guild socialist-like economy and political decentralization and federalism. Also was not inherently anti-Semitic at all, contrary to popular belief. Overall, this is very based.
  • Classical Conservatism - Based anti-individualist right-winger, especially when it embraces corporatism.


  • Right-Wing Populism - Claims to be for the people, but supports liberal, internationalist economics. Despite our similar social views, I prefer Him because he actually supports populist economics.