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This is a list of icons of some known people. Could be real life people or fictional characters, this will be the list of existing icons in this wiki, if you create someone, add it to this list. For the design of the icons, you can refer their respective political parties, closest ideologyballs, nation represented, election symbols, proposed flags or in some cases, their personal coat of arms/banner (if any, such as those of Thomas Jefferson and Margaret Thatcher).

Also, PLEASE, for the love of god (or for whichever deity (or none at all) you pray for), make sure you put them in the correct order.

And the colors represent the most prominent color in the design.

Real Life People

Fictional Characters

Please add political characters only!!! For non-political characters you have Polcompball Anarchy


  1. His real name was Abele Rizieri Ferrari, Renzo Novatore was his pen name.
  2. Nobody knows for sure when he was born. Best North Korea says it's 1982 but South Korea says he was born in 1983.