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"Inclusive of both social and economic liberalism in its focus on the relationships between technology and freedom, technoliberalism is a discourse that attempts to make concentration on contradictions impossible."

Technoliberalism, or TechLib is a centrist ideology leaning on the libertarian right quadrant. They believe in the ideals of liberty, self-awareness, individuality, decentralization, and responsibility while developing technologies that are available to the general public and the five core interests of technoliberalism such as the construction of government, environmentalism, economics, education and science, and civil liberties.


In the book Technoliberalism and the End of Participatory Culture in the United States, Adam Fish describes technoliberalism as the belief that network technologies reduce the contradictions of a society that nurtures both the free market of Classical Liberalism and the social welfare of Social Liberalism.[3]

At the heart of the philosophy of technoliberalism as a belief and movement is "a predominant belief in technology, a suspicion of traditional modernist institutions, and the belief that the cumulative consequences of individual involvement in technology will generate social benefits."[4] The main beliefs of this ideology correspond to five main interests: Construction of the Government, education and science, economics, environment and civil liberties. They include:


Conservative Technoliberalism

Conservative Technoliberalism is an ideology that believes in much technological progression, but little to no cultural progression. They also support other standard Technoliberal principles, such as Environmentalism and Welfarism. An example of a follower of this ideology would be Elon Musk.


Techno-Neoliberalism is an ideology which advocates for the use of technology and Technocracy to maintain the world order, Capitalism, and Democracy across the world. As well as using the world order to advance technology.


See: Kurzgesagtism

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell is a German YouTube channel that focuses on science and tech. While generally being Apolitical, they do sometimes dive into politics. For example, Kurzgesagt has Often expressed the importance of Climate Change and the need for action against it. They have also kinda endorsed UBI in the video ‘Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI’.

Atari Democrats

In 1980s and 1990s US politics, the phrase Atari Democrat referred to Democratic legislators who suggested that the support and development of high tech and related businesses would stimulate the economy and create jobs.


See: BritMonkeyism

BritMonkey is a British YouTuber that makes videos about any subjects, one being politics. He expresses sympathies towards the American Model, and is a Georgist.

Socialist Technoliberalism

Socialist Technoliberalism is an ideology that supports technological innovation, but unlike normal Technoliberalism, which supports regulated capitalism, SocTechLib supports a market socialist or a left-leaning social democratic economy. Another difference between Technoliberalism and Socialist Technoliberalism is the fact that the latter supports alter-globalization, along with technological globalization.

Personality and Behaviour

Technoliberalism is the son of Technocracy and they can be seen doing parent/child activities. He can be portrayed as a stereotypical Liberal, with the added quality of being a massive nerd, obsessively speaking about science and often correcting other balls about minor mistakes. Despite this, he doesn’t really do anything maliciously, but he is, however, often snarky and passive-aggressive to those he disagrees with.

He loves the internet, and is often seen web-surfing, web-designing, and gaming. Thus, he might be portrayed as a stereotypical internet figure, such as a live streamer, or as a mold more similar to someone like Internet Historian. When he is not doing that, he may be seen researching S.T.E.M., listening to Mastadon, trading crypto, or watching YouTube.

When offline, he is probably tinkering with tech, performing a science experiment, or being in nature, which he has a deep love for, thus often using electric cars or solar-powering his home.

How to Draw

Symbol of Technoliberalism

Like Technocracy, TechLib is simple to draw.

  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Draw a yin-yang symbol in light grey and dark midnight blue.
  3. Draw in the eyes.

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Light Grey #BFBFBF 191, 191, 191
Dark midnight blue #003366 0, 51, 102




  • Technocracy - I love you, mom, and I do like your sentiment of being intelligent, but why do you argue with me for supporting liberal ideas? Isn't it how this world should be run?
  • Socialist Transhumanism - Technology is based, but socialism is cringe.
  • Neo-Enlightenment - My bright and hidden radical version. Please, stop being so laissez-faire.
  • Democratic Socialism - I like that you also advocate for democracy and regulation, but socialism takes things way too far left. And I prefer STEM power over worker power anyway.
  • Left-Social Democracy - You're only slightly better than DemSoc.
  • Liberal Socialism & Market Socialism - The least bad socialists.
  • Libertarian Transhumanism - You also like liberty, capitalism, and technology, but you're way too laissez-faire. Capitalism needs to be regulated.
  • Classical Liberalism - Benjamin Franklin was a good liberal man of science, but you're a minarchist obsessive. Still better than Misestard.
  • State Liberalism - Ah, yes a fellow man of science who wants a fourth industrial revolution and end climate change and diseases. But please calm down with the woke culture, elitism and neoliberalism
  • Chicago School - Not as bad as the Austrian School, but still too laissez-faire.
  • Neoliberalism - Woah woah woah! slow down there bud, trickle down economics don't work!
  • Francoism - You like science and merit too, but you are too authoritarian.
  • Lowellism - Some pretty based policies but you're still a Neo-Nazi.
  • Reactionary Modernism & Neoreactionaryism - Fellow men of science, but you are too edgy (probably due to being online for too long). And stop calling me a "midwit".
  • Cyberocracy - Only good if AI has the separation of powers and term limits. Otherwise, too autocratic.


  • Alt-Right - My #1 competitor in Fortnite.
  • Neoluddism - I'm not exactly sure how you plan on getting rid of all the world's technology.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - Sending everyone back to the stone age is not going to liberate anyone.
  • Socialism - If you want a raise next week, you need to stop protesting and do your science experiments or something.
  • Conservative Socialism - Ugh. S*cialist with backward cultural views.
  • Corporatocracy - You regulate capitalism in completely the wrong way.
  • Industrialism - Please follow my environmental regulations.
  • Austrian School - You do realize that the free market needs some regulation in order to function properly?
  • Right-Wing Populism - You're suffering from conspiracy brainrot, get help immediately.
  • Bolsonarism - Fake liberal, stop promoting pseudoscience.
  • Kakistocracy - I will prevent you.
  • Pol Potism - Absolutely disgusting.

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  1. He follows Joe Biden on X Twitter.
  2. His belief in observation was an important part in the development of modern science. Aristotle wrote about governments in his book called Politics. He divided the government into 3 types: monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy. He thought that the best government was a combination of all three types. Socrates’ theories would later go on to influence the Liberal American Model
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