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If a moderator sees this and tries to delete my account because I’m not especially prominent, just know that I am working on making comics to put on the Reddit.

Ideological History

Apoliticism, just a kid, didn’t know or care about politics.

Men's Liberation, started getting Anti-Feminist, but didn’t start to hate women.

Social Democracy, I started to learn about politics, formed into a quasi Social Democrat.

Social Libertarianism, I became a Libertarian, started to really admire Andrew Yang (I still do, but less so).

Now, I started rapidly learning about politics, found out what Technoliberalism was. I also gained a deeper respect for science.


Good (that I didn’t already mention as mine)

  • Democratism - I’ll vote for it, even as imperfect as it is. Best relevant American Party.
  • Supremism - Nevermind, THIS is who’d I’m gonna vote for!
  • Dean Phillips - Reaching incomprehensible levels of based, best Democrat.
  • Green Liberalism - SUPER good, the only reason that I didn’t put it in the ideological section is because I figure the other ideologies listed explain my opinion on this type of thing better.
  • Girondism - Best option for the French Revolution.


  • Hayekism - The government SHOULD make money, but other than that… I would be mostly fine living in a Hayekist society, with one issue. A somewhat strong government is required to protect Liberalism across the globe. But if every country used the system so that there’s no anti-liberal actors, it would be good.
  • Classical Liberalism - Started it all! However, just because it was great in the past doesn’t mean it would work THAT well today. The F.D.P. is based.
  • Agrarianism - Well, central governments shouldn’t dedicate too much to agriculture, but in farming counties or regions it’s alright.
  • Kleptocracy - Depends whether it’s being used for good or evil. Typically, though, it is very bad.


  • Biden - He would probably die like two months into his second term, and the mere existence of his political career hinders actually good Dems like Dean Phillips.
  • Theodemocracy - I already hate Theocracies, and Mormonism is the worst relevant sect of Christianity, with the racism and pseudoscience!
  • Fourth Theory - Pure evil! You know an ideology sucks when SAMEERA KHAN is the most moderate person of that ideology.
  • Accelerationism - Everything constantly changing would be very bad for the mental health of most people.
  • Khrushchevism - Bro really banned jazz because he personally didn’t like it.


  • Daniello - Mid ideology, but a really nice person who made a bunch of icons for me.
  • WD219 - Possibly the most based person on this wiki ideologically-wise, I wish he was active more so I could speak to him.
  • ThatDudeRightHere - Alright, Nationalism is mid but tolerable.
  • DualPlay - Made an icon for Brethrenism without me asking first was really nice of him!



Family Ideologies




First-Born Sister


Second-Born Sister

Political Parties, movements and criminal groups of Ketylovia (Alt-Hist)



  • Rojtavs - I saw your comment in every user page, which you don't know how to do this icon png. I recommend you download and use, then you can take some icons like , that's it and very simple.
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  • Daniello - I'm not proud of my work, but I tried to make your personal icon: .
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      • - I made two icons: .
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          • - And Williamson icon with a bow:
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                  • - I made icon for Napoleon: and updated icon of Authoritarian Liberalism. And there is KHUNTO: .
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                      • — I fixed Bull Moose Progressivism and Nazi ideology. Also I made icons of PSA and CSA: . And there is New England.
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                          • — I made icon of Center-left satirism: .
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  • EugeneTLT - Yo. Sorry, I haven't been on the wiki for like four months. Are you still in need of my designing help?
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  • DualPlay - I created icon of your faith. File:OpenBrethren.png
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