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    Political Way

    //////////////////Now (///)

    Related Ideologies




    Ideological Relationships

    Very Based (90-100)

    • Collective Leadership (100/100) — Only good form of ruling for socialism.
    • Industrialism (93/100) — Basically good way to develop the economics, but you should keep environment clean.
    • Marxism–Leninism (100/100)— Main inspiration and great political ideology. We will lead the people to socialism and progress.
      • Brezhnev Doctrine (98/100) — Excellent form of communism. We are agree on foreign intervention, preservation of socialism and collective leadership. Although your corruption is pathetic.
      • Honeckerism (99/100) — Another extremely based socialist. Markets are amazing, same as pro-Soviet sentiment. Just keep down police brutality.
    • Market Socialism (92/100) — Markets are necessary, but you're not as planned as well.
    • Proletarian Internationalism (100/100) — Unification of the world under the dictatorship of the proletariat is our goal.
    • Secularism (100/100) — There is no official religion, there is no state discrimination of religion.
    • Socialism of the 21st Century (90/100) — Don't marxist enough, but admirable. Stop to flirting with Putin, though.
    • Technocracy (100/100) — Based!

    Based (70-90)

    • Chavismo (80/100) — Based cultural ideology, but economically moderate and diplomatically russophilic and pro-Putin. We still can work against ameriKKKan imperialism, right?
    • Gaddafism (85/100) — True hero of Libya, rest in peace. Hey, you should disown islamism and become more progressive!
    • Guevarism (80/100) — Amazing ally against United States. But stop to call USSR revisionist.
    • Labour Zionism (84/100) — We will help Israel to get and preserve independence!I hope you'll be quite and kind...
    • Titoism (88/100) — We will get your practice now, but you should work with Soviet Union during Cold war. Cultural liberty is good, though.

    Kinda Based (60-70)

    Mixed (50-60)

    Kinda Cringe (40-50)

    Cringe (10-30)

    • Red Putinism (15/100) — Social fascist who support revisionism and capitalist collaborationism. Economically acceptable, though.

    Very Cringe (0-10)

    • Fascism (2/100) — Your ideas are disgusting, fascism were the main catastrophe of the 20st century.
    • National Capitalism (0/100) — Imagine nazism synthesized with Laissez-faire capitalism. It's disgusting!
    • National Bolshevism (5/100) — Your economics are too radical, don't say about cultural views. Someone unified stalinism with hitlerism, nothing more. I prefer you to guy above, though.
    • Nazism (0/100) — Fascism but even worse because of racism and Lebensraum.
    • Reactionaryism (0/100) — Your social and cultural views are terrible and dangerous. What the fuck this crusade against Bolshevism?
    • Revisionist Zionism (1/100) — Shame for zionism and every Jew. Your ultranationalist and fascist nonsense should be destroyed. Prepare to die.

    User Relationships


    Leaning Positive


    • User:Fsclander256 — Despite your anti-marxism, your ideology is interesting. Philosophical part is especially based. Existentialism, secularism, pantheism...
    • User:Khomeinism — Theocracy is suck, same as your peaceful opinion on Putin. Although we are agree on Anti-Imperialism, anti-americanism. Economically too moderate but admirable. Also yoo traidionalist.

    Leaning Negative

    • User:GEANVB — Better than other libertarians but still...


    • User:Mordecai — Libertarianism and interventionism (even though soft) are cringe, but environmentalism is chad. I still can not approve your ideology.
    • User:Rigby from Regular Show — Social capitalism is better than Laissez-faire, but still is authoritarian conservative and russophile.


    1. I was supporting the status of russian language as second official.


    - Hello, I'm sorry, if possible, please upload the black hat political ball file again, because it says the file is empty, and even when I download it, the political ball comes without a hat.

    • - Done.

    Do you support Communist Party of Ukraine?

    • - No, because CPU is conservative pseudo-communist party.

    Do you consider Zelenskyy regime as fascist?

    • - No. Zelensky is just neoliberal populist. He is definitely not fascist.

    Do you think that nuclear war between superpowers is dialectically inevitable and that socialist countries such as China must nuclear attack western countries first in order to achieve victory for socialists?

    • - Nuclear war is impossible conflict for now. And I think that China mustn't attack western states by nuclear weapon, it's total treason to socialism (don't talking about China is not socialist country even).
    • User:Rigby from Regular Show - ADD
      • - Ok.
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