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Hello and welcome to my personal user page. While I probably will not be using this much, I may or may not update it with my personal musings about society, politics, philosophy and my outlook on the world and how it works. The colours on the flag in my avatar reflect my primary beliefs: egoism (teal), existentialism (pale blue), Autarchy (steel blue) and anarchism (black). My political ideology and personal philosophy is influenced by post-left anarchism, autarchism, Stirnerite egoism, existentialism and Epicureanism among others (see my user infobox for the specifics). Long live the Union of Egoists!

My views in a nutshell:

  • Economic: Non-specific anti-capitalist, originally a market socialist but anything goes really, the "economy" is a spook, though, I am also an anti-Marxist
  • Civic: Anarchist and autarchist against the state and all forms of external governance
  • Social: Socially neutral, but I am a post-genderist
  • Philosophical: Existentialist and egoist with influences from absurdism, Taoism and Epicureanism