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"My motto is: walk expropriating and igniting, always leaving behind me howls of moral offenses and smoking trunks of old things."

Anarcho-Nihilism (AnNihil or AnNil) is an Individualist Anarchist ideology who believes that nothing at all contains objective and fixed meaning or essence, and as such, society, humanism, the state, morals, truth, and dogmas have no basis at all and should be rejected. They see negation of these constructs as liberation from them.

He sees government, family, and law as false constructs that have no real reason to govern the life of the individual, and thinks that the individual should reject false restraints. Influenced by the Russian Nihilism, he sees extreme violence towards social construct and authorities as a valid way to bring about political change.


Anarcho-Nihilism comes from Anarchism and Nihilism, that takes from apathy for authority from anarchism, and negation of all social constructs from nihilism.


Anarcho-Nihilism first appeared during the late 19th and early 20th century around the time of the Russian Revolution. Peter Kropotkin defined nihilism as: "the symbol of struggle against all forms of tyranny, hypocrisy, and artificiality and for individual freedom." Nihilism is meant to bring down social structures in society that hold back the individual, and to Anarcho-Nihilists, this meant government. The Nihilist movement started to die out in Russia, but was revived by Leo Strauss in 20th century Germany. Since then, Nihilist groups like the AIF have come to the front lines in order to try and revive the Nihilist movement.

Influenced by

Modern anarcho-nihilism is influenced by Stirnerite egoism and Russian nihilist movement. From egoism it takes negation of social construct, from Russian nihilism opposition toward moral values, religion and tradition. It also is compatible with other post-left movements, because tenets of Anarcho-Nihilism are similar to these of Post-Left Anarchism.


First movement that had similar ideology to Anarcho-Nihilism was Russian Nihilist Movement. Russian nihilists were diverse ideologically, for example Bakunin was social anarchist, Chernyshevsky was utopian socialist and Nechayev was considered as totalitarian communist, that doesn't count to Anarcho-Nihilism.


One of first people that was definitely anarchist, individualist and nihilist were Renzo Novatore and Fumiko Kaneko.


Modern anarcho-nihilists belongs to post-left anarchists. This ideology has little or no praxis in real life currently, but has modern theorists are Aragorn! and Serafinski (author of Blessed is the Flame). Not much is known about them, as ideology is currently popular in internet, rather than in politics from different reasons, like avoiding authority, organized political action.


IRL Examples

It's hard to tell which group is anarcho-nihilist, because of their avoiding of ideology.

Fictional Examples



Anarcho-Nihilism doesn't support any utopia or new system of governing, but negation of any society. Our reaction towards society, civilization, and so on should be hostility. There are no utopian visions, no political programs to be followed, the resistance is pure negation. Anarcho-Nihilism speaks about pleasure of destruction, destruction of society, social construct, morality and so on. Anarcho-Nihilists reject revolution as impossible, instead of, they proposes insurrection - spontaneous resistance against society and the state.


Some people considers Anarcho-Nihilism as simple connection of anarchism with existential nihilism, like "life is bad, suffering and we should end it". That isn't correct interpretation, because not every person considered as Anarcho-Nihilist has negative attitude towards life, for example Renzo Novatore wrote in one of his book about "happy" nihilism. But also some Anarcho-Nihilists, like Fumiko Kaneko said that they "negate life". "Though some strains of nihilism certainly arrive at a place of paralysis, the strain that collides with anarchism tends to be one of explosive creativity and relentless action. " - Blessed is the Flame


Internal conflicts in ideology

Anarcho-Nihilism may have two factions: these completely defeatist and pessimistic, and these more optimistic and active. Second faction believes that insurrection can be successful, and we can fight social construct and live free and happy with using hedonism. First sees only negation of life itself.

Schools of Thought


Personality and Behaviour

How it acts[2]

  • Excluded from society.
  • Introverted loner, wants to live alone, isolates themselves from society. His life is basically playing games and watching anime.
  • Depressed, hates this world.
  • Antisocial, doesn't want to integrate with people.
  • Doesn't care about anything.
  • Lazy and doesn't want to work.
  • Bases their personality on Joker.
  • Average quiet kid that could kill 1000 people during shooting.
  • Asocial, don't have any friends.
  • Asexual.
  • Always be serious except when he taking on Joker.

How to draw


Flag of Anarcho-Nihilism


  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Draw a diagonal line with a lighter shade of black (#141414),
  3. Paint the right side with the same shade of black,
  4. Paint the left side with grey (#3D3D3D),
  5. You're done. But for what? It's pointless anyway, correct vexillology is unnecessary.
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Grey #3D3D3D 61, 61, 61

Variation Designs


Relationships (not like it matters anyway)


Anarcho-Nihilism has no ideological friends since it would imply that some ideology has more values and meanings than others.


  • Post-Leftism - Welcome to the club, buddy. But you still believe that something can be changed.
  • Anarcho-Individualism - You get me. But you don't go far enough and you are still spooked by morality.
  • Anarcho-Egoism - Stirner was right about a lot of things.But you cannot be absolutely unique, you are part of this whole meaningless cycle of life, just accept death.
  • Agorism - Buying guns on the black market is cool. (Also just because our flag is similar, we are not the same!). But you are pacifist and believe in "pacifist revolution" which is laughable.
  • Anti-Humanism - "Humanity" as a concept is nothing more than abstract and transparent. But you can be very dogmatic sometimes.
  • Illegalism - Unorganized crime is praxis.
  • Insurrectionary Anarchism - “From the shattered tools and bones of our predecessors, we craft our own weapons. Nothing is guaranteed to work, yet we attack regardless. We do so nakedly, having shed the rags of morality, ideology, and politics that had accumulated over time. We confront this world raw, in all its horrifying glory.”
  • Queer Anarchism - Be gay, do crime. Let's go spread terror in catboy outfits together. But your modern variants are pathetic, focusing only on social media wars on idpol. You can cancel me all you want, but it's true.
  • Soulism - Drugs are making my life better, but your utopianism is stupid. You say that I can have what I want in lucid dreams, take psychedelics that change my state of consciousness, shift my mind into desired utopia permanently, or upload my mind to a computer? Sounds good!
  • Apoliticism - F*ck that circus called politics. But you are still enslaved by law and morality.
  • Radical Apoliticism - "There are no demands to be made, no utopic visions to be upheld, no political programs to be followed - the path of resistance is one of pure negation."
  • Anarcha-Feminism - Same as Queer Anarchism, you are too into culture war, turn off Twitter, pick up a gun and kill patriarchal politicians and clergy who oppresses you, reject family values, and live free.
  • Eco-Anarchism - Some of my followers support it, but we're all gonna die along with the natural environment one day, so it's meaningless.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - We both hate civilization. But playing video games and watching anime that are products of technology are things that keep me alive in this boring and depressing world.
  • Indigenous Anarchism - Same as Eco-Anarchism, just reject and abandon all traditions, including worship of nature and we are fine. But Aragorn! is based.
  • Black Anarchism - Black Lives Matter, really? No lives matter, same as Anarcha-Feminism picking up guns and killing slave owners and cops, and abandoning peaceful protests.
  • Ego-Communism - Cool drugs, but really, Marx? I can leave society at least. My communist variant likes you
  • Buddhist Anarchism - I don't like religion, morality, asceticism, and communal lifestyle, but we agree that living in this world is suffering.
  • State Atheism - Atheism is based, but humanism is cringe. Morality is still a manifestation of oppressive theism. Reject belief in any higher “goal”, reject the sacred. The true path is the path of pure denial.
  • Noveltism - Eternal changes and rejection of the past are based. But you can't just jump to the future, we're always in the present.
  • Death Worship - Authoritarian but we both love death.
  • Post-Anarchism - I don't understand you at all, but rejecting classical anarchism is good.
  • Anti-Civ - End civilization!
  • Existentialist Anarchism - "I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it's a fucking comedy."
  • Gift Economy - I hate anything related to Christmas and don't believe in Santa. But thanks for the antidepressant pills.
  • Foucouldianism - Good job with comparing psychiatric hospitals, schools, and prisons. They all are oppressive institutions, that limit my freedom in all possible ways.
  • Posadism - Yes, world sooner end into ashes with ruins, and better early than never. But I don't believe that aliens will come and same humans asses.


  • Theocracy - "The creation of a sick fantasy. Inhabitant of senile and impotent brains. Companion and comforter of spirits born to slavery. A pill for constipated minds. Marxism for the faint of heart."
  • Humanism - "An abstract word with a negative connotation, long on power, short on truth. An obscene mask painted on the mean face of a shrewd vulgarian for the purpose of dominating the multitude of sentimentalist idiots and imbeciles."
  • Authoritarianism - "Penal servitude for the semi-intelligent, a cowshed of imbecility. A Circe who transforms her adoring fans into dogs and pigs. A prostitute for the master, a pimp of the foreigner. Child-eater, parent-slanderer, and scoffer at heroes."
  • Socialism - "Discipline, discipline; obedience, obedience; slavery and ignorance, pregnant with authority. A bourgeois body grotesquely fattened by a vulgar Christian creature. A medley of fetishism, sectarianism, and cowardice."
  • Tsar Alexander II - Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.
  • Tsar Alexander III - Consequences? For my Actions? What the fu-ACK!
  • Libertarian Municipalism - Yes, I hate society, I am a misanthrope and lifestylist. You aren't even an anarchist so stfu.
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism - State is down? Your stupid unions and federations will be next.
  • Platformism - Same as Ansynd you fucking tankie.
  • Avaritionism and Anarcho-Capitalism - It's not about the money, it's about sending a message.
  • Religious Anarchism - Oxymoron. Religion is incompatible with anarchism because it requires the individual to obey external forces and strictly adhere to dogmas.
  • Anarcho-Conservatism - Same as above.
  • Conservatism - You don’t need to conserve anything, because nothing has meaning. Also it’s not a phase dad!
  • Progressivism - Opposition to conservatism is based, but creation of new “progressive” values is cringe.
  • Every other ideology, especially authoritarian, capitalist, religious, pragmatic, and conservative ones.



Primary Literature

Collection of Literature


I am nothing, I do not recognise your laws, all your existing rules, order, authorities, morality, god, fairy tales of goodness and conscience. I am disgusted from your this dirty world, I want to destroy everything that is the beautiful one and the ugly one. I'm not feeding any kind of hope to about your world, I live only and only to destroy this dirty world, all your bullshit. Murat Uz

Further Information

For overlapping political theory see:

Anarcho-Egoism, Anarcho-Individualism, Illegalism, Insurrectionary Anarchism, Post-Leftism




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Portraits of Variants

Portraits of Alternate Designs



  1. Influencing when she wanted to kill the Japanese emperor
  2. Not every ideology supporter must behave like that, it's stereotype.