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Post-Leftism, Post-Left Anarchism, or Post-Left Anarchy, is an anarchist ideology that critiques the mainstream left from a more radical viewpoint, advocating for a range of ideas such as Insurrectionism, Anarcho-Individualism, Anarcho-Egoism, Accelerationism, Anti-Civilization, Post-Civilization, Political Nihilism, Eco-Nihilism, Anti-Work, Post-Feminism, Cyber-Nihilism, Post-Situationism, Post-Autonomism, Anarcho-Communization Post-Modernism, Post-Structuralism, Schizoanalysis, Self Theory as opposed to ideology, and others.

Post Left Anarchy accepts many classical left-anarchist beliefs, like opposition towards all forms of government ( Monarchy, Fascism, Marxism-Leninism, Liberal Democracy), hierarchical economics ( Capitalism, Slavery, Imperialism, Feudalism, State Socialism), organized religion ( Roman Catholicism, fundamentalist Islam) and discrimination ( homophobia, patriarchy, racism), with some post leftists even rejecting classical anarchist forms of organization such as direct democracy as a means for anarchy, seeing it as another form of leviathan and oppression, and involuntary work.

In short, the term Post-Left Anarchism designates a form of anarchism that seeks to move away from traditional leftism though particular critiques of the orthodox-left, and the proposed solutions vary radically between eachother.


Main Ideas

Because post-leftism is an incredibly varied ideology between practitioners, and share numerous schools of thought, ideas can vary wildly between different post-left ideologies and individual anarchists and can often conflict with eachother, because of this it is really hard to have a concrete definition of post-leftism in regards to it's means, however numerous post-left thinkers and advocates have discussed their own ideas in detail which have had significant influence on numerous other post-left ideologies and even the general movement as a whole.

Rejection of the Traditional Left

In an essay Anarchy After Leftism, Bob Black said, that anarchism minus marxism would be better. Some post leftists criticize many parts about the left, for example

  • Democracy - Bob Black sees democracy, including direct one as another system of control, without difference with state systems, because the majority decides about an individual.
  • Proletariat - many of them see traditional concepts about class struggle as reductive, essentialist or more complex than just the bourgeoisie and proletariat. Especially they reject the dictatorship of the proletariat, seeing that is another oppressive and unworkable system leading only to tyranny, and thus reproduction of capitalism. Communization theory teaches that the concept of proletariat is defined as self oppression of the working people, and thus should be rejected.


Economics of Post Left Anarchy

Due to their anti organizational sentiment, many post leftists reject one defined, perfect economic system, that's why they have various ideas of how goods would be distributed. Many are communists, but in a different way than orthodox marxists. They want to replace capitalist social relations by communist ones, during insurrection, at the level of everyday life, leading to classless and moneyless society. Other ones prefer more mutualist kind of economy, believing in barter and mutual aid, also done at the level of everyday action. Anarcho-primitivists advocate for purely hunting-gathering economy, without any technology. Finally, some of post leftists just advocate for illegalism, scavenging, and free adventurous lifestyle without boundaries of economy.

Constant Action

As its said before, post leftists don't have an unified types of praxis, instead of it they advocate for unorganized action. Influenced by Max Stirner, post leftist preferable social organization would be unions of egoists, a horizontal and temporary type of affinity groups. Influenced by situationists, they advocate for revolution of everyday life and fighting the alienating spectacle of capitalism in everyday. They also support insurrections, being unorganized and small acts of rebellion against authority. Hakim Bey, one of post leftist theorists invented Temporary Autonomous Zones, being temporarily existing planes of insurrection, without organization, and free from the state's power and capital for some time. Theorists of Communization advocate for mass insurrection not being a political program, but a living movement to abolish the current state of things. Some of them also say that anarchy isn't a system or a way how people should organize, but a free lifestyle.

Post leftists reject the mass revolution as an idea, because it requires end goal oriented politics, and that it may evolve into totalitarian rule. They reject labor unions, because they according to post left anarchists are mere tools of capital, unable to bring a change. Finally, they reject electoral politics and democratic reform.

Criticism of Ideology

Work as Play and Refusal of Work

Culture War and Identity Politics

What about Nation and World

Conflict with Technology and Environment



Revolution of Everyday Life, Immediatism


Post-Left Anarchy is influenced mostly by Max Stirner and Situationist International. WIP



r/antiwork is a subreddit dedicated to the abolition of wage labor and the workplace conditions under capitalism. It seeks socialism as the best alternative to bourgeois exploitation, although it hosts a variety of different left-wing ideologies (although almost all of its members are anti-authoritarian). Many attack it for its Utopian premises, laziness and generally irritable nature as seen when one of their moderators got onto Fox News and embarrassed the entire movement for decades to come.

Personality and Behaviour

  • Doesn't want to work, instead of this, they prefers enjoying life.
  • Doesn't like being called a leftist.
  • Quotes obscure philosophers all the time.
  • Overuses marijuana.
  • Hangs out with Anarcho-Egoism.

How to Draw

Flag of Post-Leftism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with red,
  3. Draw a black curvy line going from the lower left to the upper right, staying above the diagonal and having some seaweed-like protrusions going upward.
  4. Fill with black the region below the line.
  5. Add the Stirner glasses, and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
Black #141414 20, 20, 20



  • Insurrectionary Anarchism - Modern variants of you are incredibly based, but you are still too sympathetic to left wing organizations and revolutions.
  • Anarchism - Dear aunt, you gave us excellent ideas, but many of them are outdated in 21st century. Reject revolution, embrace insurrection!
  • Post-Anarchism - Deconstructor of traditional anarchism is based!
  • Egoism - Free your self, affirm ownness.
  • Ego-Communism - Ownness is true Communism!
  • Illegalism - Steal things, fuck work, just beware corrupting your ideas into being an asshole.
  • Post-Colonial Anarchism - Even if you aren't fully Individualist, your fight for liberation of colonized people is based.
  • Anarcho-Individualism - I really appreciate your individuality, but you can be a bit dogmatic and moralistic sometimes.
  • Soulism - Really cool, reminds me a lot of myself who transcend themselves above the traditional understanding of the modern and old left-wing ideology and doctrine. And even if not all of us share spirituality, technology and drug addict, those things can have a great liberatory potential and just used for fun. Anyway I am skeptical that your utopia like mind upload to a computer or transcending physical world in the astral plane can actually be realized.
  • Xenofeminism - A decent feminist who refuses to submit to the living phantasm that is gender roles and is critical of the liberals of her movement. Still kinda taking too much influence from idpol tho; post-feminism is still better at carrying my ideas into gender politics.

  • Anarcho-Nihilism - You make good points about civilization, society, and insurrection, but atomization will not work.
  • Deleuzoguattarianism - You have many interesting ideas, although I can't comprehend them at all. Still, Deterritorialize!
  • Post-Situationism, Post-Autonomism, Anarcho-Communization and Dark Deleuzianism - Great commies who reject dogmas, organization and work, in favor of post-anarchism and true forms of autonomy!
  • Queer Nihilism - Nice to see there are actually some queer advocates who still call out the spook that is gender norms, yet aren't mouth frothing wokescolds, you're basically them anyway but not totally spooked.
  • Green Anarchy - No Bookchinite dogmas, no green washed utopian bs, but wild and free lifestyle close to nature. Based!


  • Situationism - Very interesting thoughts and a good analysis on The Spectacle, avant-garde art is also based, and many of you oppose work, but why idolize Marx?
  • Existentialist Anarchism - You may have right point on life, I don't care at all, let's decide the meaning of life individually. But many of your thinkers just suck, for example humanist Camus or marxist Sartre.
  • Autonomism - The most tolerable form of Marxism, I like your opposition to organization and dogmas, as well as inclusion of other classes than proletariat into your action.
  • Accelerationism - You have many unconventional ideas, but majority of you fetishize capitalism and technology by personifying it and adding to it metaphysical elements. There is no AI that will embody capitalist system. In general I hate psychiatry, but I recommend it to you.
  • Deep Ecology - Some of my followers are associated with your type of ecology. Though why the rejection of transhumanism, they can be cool too, even if maintaining technological innovation at big scale requires strong organization.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - Zerzan had many interesting and correct points, but if you want apply your system globally, it will fail or it will be just genocide.
  • Queer Anarchism - I like your more nihilistic variants, but other than that most of you get way too caught up in identity politics for my liking. And your younger social media-obsessed followers are the very definition of cringe; I don't care if you "cancel" me for pointing that out, it's just true.
  • Neoluddism - Weird distant adopted son that never calls. There's a reason he likes you so much. I am scared that your ideal society will not differ from Amish communes, where you can only work and pray.
  • Anarcho-Communism - You're cool and all in theory, and are certainly on the right track, but I think that some of you are led by such dogma to the point of being against any true form of individualism or self-determination and just fall into the same pitfalls and authoritarian tendencies of most other leftists.
  • Anarcho-Transhumanism - There is a lot of inner conflict between me on transhumanism in regards to my politics, and my children are split between extreme adoration or extreme abhorrence of you and I'm personally conflicted myself in regards to how I see you. Though either way I can say I see you as very influential for my outlook on politics regardless. Nanofactory based economy seems to be cool, because it will reduce the amount of work and decentralize the economy.
  • Eco-Anarchism - I support your more deep ecological variants, but you're often too Bookchinite. I prefer to call it Green Anarchy.
  • Anarcha-Feminism - Why do you believe in 'rights'? Don't get me wrong, I hate misogynistic assholes as much as you do, but 'rights' just seem like artificial bullshit given by the state.
  • Anarcho-Collectivism - I know the collectivism in your name isn't totally literal, but any kind of constant and organized society will never give you freedom. Though standing against the Marxists in the first Internationale for their authoritarianism was based.
  • Agrarian Anarchism - I respect rejecting big cities, to instead embrace small communities, but a tiny peasant society itself is only a kind of primitive Leviathan.
  • Anarcho-Frontierism - Maybe living on the frontier will give more freedom? And your point on technology is interesting, even if space will not be dominated by corporations, I worry that you will eventually evolve into the new "Manifest Destiny".
  • Communization Theory - You are far better than majority of leftists, but you still fall into their mistakes. I prefer anarchist variant of your thought.
  • Nietzscheanism - You have a very good philosophy which I can exploit and ramble about, but you hate my narcissism and laziness and edgelordism and whatnot so you won't be my friend
  • Avaritionism - Manipulative corporate warlord, who loves me for strange reasons and use my theories to empower himself. At least we both hate modern world. Storm likes your theorists for some reasons.


  • Capitalism - Supporters of capitalism are so brainwashed by actual capitalists, that they believe they have freedom of choice.
  • Fascism - Nothing in the state, everything outside the state, everything against the state.
  • Marxism–Leninism - When you make capitalism even more controlling by central planning, and you think that you liberated everyone.
  • Libertarianism - You're just a conservative who does drugs.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - You can't call private mercenaries when I trespass on your property, because you are a nerdy kid who have no life outside the internet. We actually have some praxis except shitposting online about your economists that you seem to worship.
  • Imperialism - Yes I prefer a primitive nomadic tribe over your Leviathan.
  • Industrialism - The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race, and all races of animals.
  • Corporatocracy - You embody everything I hate. Centralization, capitalism, consumerism, work, pollution, and idpol-based cultural policy.
  • Corporatism - You're even worse than the cronyist from above.
  • Anti-Fascism - You are why I exist. You radlibs keep attacking everyone, even innocent bystanders, who disagree with you just because they don't buy your shitty pseudo-progressive identity politics and micro-statist worldviews. And to be honest much of the problems of the modern left can be boiled down to you.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Literally the same reasons why I hate the guy above, if not worse, because is a terrorist and physically violent against anything that isn't him. Though the Yippies were pretty cool guys.
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism - Culturally anarchist but fiscally statist. I hate how your supporters call themselves anarchists and your organizationalism is cancer. Unions are bureaucracy and have nothing to do with anarchy, and your cult of workers makes me vomit.
  • Platformism - Same kind of issues I have with AnSynd but worse. Your politics is just more decentralized vanguardism, and Makhnovia was simply a decentralized military junta.
  • Bookchin Communalism - I used to like you a lot and thought you were just making some traditional anarchist mistakes, but you're not even an anarchist, and your critique of "lifestylism" is laughable. I support the anarchy of lifestyle and the only thing you can do with it is sucking my dick.
  • Ochlocracy - Don't care, didn't ask. Plus you're just a dictatorship by the mass, so gtfo.
  • Petersonism - Yeah, I like postmodernism, you got a problem with that?
  • Enlightenment Thought and Humanism - All you have done is create a new Leviathan with greater control over the individual. Social contract is a worthless bullshit, there is no essence of human being and inherently good human nature, reason is a tool for explaining stuff, not an object of cult and humanism only empowers discrimination but not racial or sexual, but based on species.
  • State Atheism - The only difference between you and them is that your worship of Leviathan is more direct and pure.
  • National Anarchism - Your masked white-nationalist "pan-separatist" policies wouldn't fool even the most idiotic of ancoms, for once I agree with him, you are just a bunch of reactionaries trying to find an excuse to build your little "whites only" segregated communities.
  • Anarcho-Fascism - You are somehow even dumber than the guy above you, and almost as psychotic as Avaritionism
  • Marxism - Your vision of communism and freedom is outdated and simplistic. When will you realize we lumpenproletariats are just as exploited by capitalism as your followers are? AND STOP CALLING ME A LAZY PSEUDO-BOURGEOIS!
  • Blanquism - At least you are honest in your disgust for us lumpenproletariats, unlike the above's backhanded pity. I still hate you just as much as him.
  • Mediacracy - Goddamit Reddit, you just had to screw up in that interview, didn't you? This is why tyrannical and power-hungry jannies who do it for free can't be trusted to be a part of the revolution insurrection.
  • Conservative Socialism - While you may be a collectivist conservative socialist, we still share a mutual hatred towards identity politics and radlibs. Of course, for completely different reasons so I am not willing to compromise with you. You are just like any regular so-called "progressive" or "revolutionary" but simply honest about their deep-seated anachronistic worldviews that are out of touch with reality.
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - Please take a break from the internet.
  • Third Way, Neoliberalism, Social Democracy and Social Liberalism - Your presence is a good illustration of how the traditional left can help capitalism stabilize its rule.
  • Dengism - Same as above, but somewhat more brutal and doesn't hide their brutality.
  • Anarcho-Conservatism - You are worse than them with all your social norms and traditions.
  • Anarcho-Totalitarianism - Aren't you just platformist/ansynd/bookchinite again?
  • Globalism - Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.
  • Democracy - Oligarchy with a mask.
  • Barracks Communism - This is what the left wants!
  • State Liberalism - Nice try, Schwab. We shall eat naturally grown plants and what we can get by ourselves, not your ze bugs. We shall live a free nomadic lifestyle or settle down in some village, grow our own plants and raise animals, not live in your ze pod.
  • Fordism and Kraterocracy - End stage of civilisation.
  • Catholic Theocracy - Power, money, blood and rape hungry assholes who justify everything they do by some ancient stupid book.

Further Information

For overlapping political theory see:

Anarcho-Egoism, Ego-Communism, Neoluddism, Post-Anarchism, Anarcho-Individualism, Illegalism, Insurrectionary Anarchism, Situationism, Autonomism, Post-Colonial Anarchism, Anarcho-Nihilism, Anarcho-Primitivism, Anarcho-Transhumanism, Nomadology, Communization Theory



Anti-Work and Anti-Economy

Green Anarchy



Post-Civ and Anti-Civ



Ego-Communism and Anarchist Communization


Queer Nihilism


Parties & Organizations



Online Communities.


  1. While it originally started out as an explicitly anarchist sub, it has been overrun by reformists in more recent times. Eventually, it had been discovered that the subreddit was hijacked by the FBI with certain FBI agents being moderators likely due to the sheer influence it increasingly had over working people. Now it is more widely considered as mostly separate from its original radical origins, with most original mods and userbase either leaving or having been banned.