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Not to be confused with Autocracy and Autarky

"Since I favor total self-control—absolute government of the individual over himself—I believe autarchy more accurately describes, in a positive fashion, the kind of situation I consider most desirable."

Autarchy is an individualist, libertarian ideology that advocates for the abolition of any attempt to rule over another individual. Autarchy believes each individual should rule themselves, or self-rule. Any system the individual is a part of must be voluntary. Autarchy promotes the philosophical ideals of individualism and moral self-reliance.


The first self-proclaimed Autarchist was Robert LeFevre recognized as such by Murray Rothbard. LeFevre, during a talk with his professor, was told that he might be an Anarchist, who he (and most people) associate not with a voluntary association but rather with a wicked man with bombs. After reading further on the definition of Anarchism, and realizing its traditionally economically left-wing leaning, he founded Autarchy within the stoicism of philosophers such as Zeno, Epicurus and Marcus Aurelius, which he summarized in the "Control Yourself" creed. LeFevre thought that Anarchy is self-contradictory in defending "sparkling and resplendent Individualism" while "advocating some sort of procedure to interfere in the processes of a free market".


Autarchy is based on the assumption that no individual should rule another. LeFevre, its founder, was an adherent of the Austrian School of Economics.

Autarchy believes in individual sovereignty and self-rule, and as such, every individual must consent to anything they take part in, including their association with any other individual. Autarchists believe all individuals should have freedom of travel and freedom of association.

Traditional, Left and Post-Left Anarchists don't tolerate Capitalism and land ownership. Anarcho-Capitalism, Agorists and Voluntaryists insist on using a system of private property. An Autarchist may choose to join either group, commune, or system, as long as it respects all other individuals who partake in a different form of societal organization.

Personality and Behaviour

Autarchy can be allied with most libertarians or anarchists against the ruling class but is usually a peaceful loner who prefers to keep to itself alone. If it involves taking out the state, Autarchy is down and ready!

How To Draw

Flag of Autarchy
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Draw a black line in it and fill one side with it
  3. Fill the other side with this shade of blue
  4. Add the eyes, and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Hippie Blue #5B8DB4 91, 141, 180
Mine Shaft Black #232323 35, 35, 35




  • Anarcho-Egoism - I appreciate the commitment to individualism, but being amoral is a hard pass.
  • Avaritionism - Aren't you just a greedier egoist?
  • Autocracy-You stand for the individual power of one over all, I stand for the individual self-government of each individual separately.
  • Soulism and Ego-Communism - Aren't you just egalitarian egoists?
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - Same as Avaritionism: atomization and violence are way too extreme.
  • Patchwork and Separatism - Too moderate, split each individual.


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(Note: All by Robert LeFevre)

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