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"The natural effect of unfettered market competition is socialism."

Market Anarchism (sometimes mentioned with an additional "left wing" label in front of its name to distinguish it from Anarcho-Capitalism) is a staunchly pro market, generally culturally and economically left leaning ideology.


It believes that the combo of a strict application of natural rights, self-ownership, and totally unregulated Austrian economics in a stateless society will "eat the rich", resulting in much more equal society than a state regulated Capitalism one could offer. Market Anarchists do not like the term "Capitalism" as he uses it to refer to a corrupt market where corporate welfare and state subsidies favor big corporation at the expense of fair competition, thus generating inequality. He rather prefers the term "radically freed market." This differs from (most) Austrian-school economists' definition, who define Capitalism as a free enterprise system and tend to call said corrupt form of markets Corporatocracy, Cronyism or Crony Capitalism.

Although Market Anarchism is strictly Anti-Capitalist, due to the way they define Capitalism, there is no actual consensus on the status of property within Market Anarchist circles. Arguments have been made by Georgist,[1] Lockean,[2][3][4] Mutualist,[5] Neo-Lockean,[6][7] and Utilitarian[8] circles, all with different approaches to determining legitimate property claims. These different approaches are solved through deliberation mechanisms such as polycentric law, but in the end there's no unifying consensus on the topic.



Left-Wing Market Anarchism can broadly be said to be an outgrowth of the Anarcho-Capitalist tradition, this is apparent in the Agorist origins of Left-Wing Market Anarchism developing out of Kevin A. Carsons reformatting of Mutualism incorporating Marxist concepts and concepts of the Austrian School of Economics.

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  • Anarcho-Capitalism - I appreciate your enthusiasm for free markets, but please drop the whole capitalism thing. Ok? (Also I hate being confused with you.)
  • Anarcho-Communism - Wish you would realize that free markets and anti-capitalism are compatible.
  • Market Socialism - Socialist markets are cool, just wish you weren't so statist.
  • Austrian School - Also loves free markets, and I took a lot of inspiration from him, but he's still too capitalistic for me.


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