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Last revision: January 11, 2024.

Welcome to the Polcompball Wiki! Before getting started, you should read this quick guide on how to structure a page on the wiki. Refer to Anarcho-Communism or the rest of our Featured Articles for pages that exemplify our guidelines.


  • In order for an article to be created about an ideology, it must be approved by the Ideology Council. This means it is generally scientific and agreed to be a legitimate ideology.
    • To make sure these criteria are met, present the ideology on the Polcompball Wiki Discord Server in the user-proposals section.
      • Administrators can be differentiated from other users by the purple names and the Sysop tag in their wiki profile. They also have a unique role on the server, along with council members.
  • Personal ideologies or ideologies that otherwise do not meet the criteria will be deleted at first sighting.
  • Ideologies that are not approved by the moderation team will be removed from the wiki and if a user repeatedly creates ideologies without administrator permission will be subject to an appropriate ban.


First and foremost, write along the lines of the page structure, even if it's barebones. Something is better than nothing. Articles lacking content will be given warnings.

The writing style should vary based on the seriousness of the ideology. Satirical or eccentric ideologies, such as Stransserism, may adopt the humorous writing style of TVTropes, while serious ideologies should mirror the style and conventions of Wikipedia. Articles should not be written in a condescending manner as observed in RationalWiki, or an exceedingly critical tone like that of Conservapedia.

Copying from Wikipedia, any other Wiki (including this very own) or any other copyrighted page is strictly forbidden and will result in a warning at first and a ban at second.

Similarly, using generative AI of any kind to generate text for an edit is explicitly forbidden, due to ongoing discussions in regards to the origin and copyright of this information. Doing so will result in similar punishment to other plagiarism cases. AI tools like ChatGPT can be used in indirect ways (such as asking for technical help and for writing plots for comics), but we severely advise against using them as sources of information as these are not tuned for accuracy.

When describing an ideology, you should be describing only its core ideals, and you shouldn't go too in-depth into what it believes (example: Don't write entire paragraphs on this ideology's opinion on how a migration should look). That's what the further reading section is for.

Because this is an English wiki, English must be used when making edits on articles. Any dialect of English doesn't matter, but American English is recommended. Wikis for other languages can be found here.

Page structure


The infobox contains a summary and an image of the ideology. The {{Ideology}} template is used. All infoboxes should follow the structure of the sample infobox on the template's documentation page. Fields that do not apply to a given ideology may be left blank.


A short beginning section, giving a quick breakdown of the political ideology (preferably with where it stands on the cultural, economic and statist axes) and a summary of its philosophy and principles.


The history of the ideology and its founder, if applicable, should be summarized in an easy-to-read and objective manner.

Foundations and Beliefs

This section is used to describe the ideology's core values, principles and beliefs.

Personality and Behavior

A section detailing the ideology's personality and behavior in comics. A subsection, titled Stylistic Notes, may be included to indicate common visual and behavioral differences from the ideology's canon design and personality, such as Anarcho-Communism wearing cat ears and exhibiting childish behavior.

How to Draw

In this section you should put in the information regarding the origin of the ball's design then a step-by-step guide on how to draw the ball and next to it the image of the flag or other symbol on which the ball is based in preferably SVG format (if the image is not available in an SVG format, you may ask the wiki user TheGhostOfInky for a conversion). The flags uses this template, as well as for cockades, symbols and coat of arms. At the bottom of the section you should use the Flag-auto template to provide the colors which you would need to draw the ball in hex and RGB values.
When giving information of how to draw a ball remember that you should remember that you're giving advice on how to draw the hardest parts of the ball first as such you should condense easier steps of drawing the ball into a single one and expand on the hardest parts of drawing the ball into multiple steps. As a rule of thumb, don't be like the following meme.


A section detailing the ideology's relationships with other ideologies, usually written in the first person perspective of the ideology the page is about. The three basic categories are friends, frenemies and enemies, which may be modified or renamed to fit the ideology. All ideologies mentioned should be listed in a bulleted list and have their icon displayed to their left of their name. Make sure to be specific with relations, and not make it just screaming towards another ideology like "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-".

Further Information

A section offering readers further information on the ideology, with books, Wikipedia pages, YouTube videos and online communities dedicated to it. Resources should be categorized under the subsections Texts, Videos and Miscellaneous Articles (for Wikipedia articles, blogs and other short sources). Formally published and scientifically validated theory should be prioritized to short-form content.

Free content is heavily preferred owing to its ease of accessibility by the general reader. If no free and safe download of the resource is available, a link to its scientific publication or Amazon link to purchasing the text should be substituted.

Free resources may be found on:

Additionally free resources can be found by searching the name of the source with the phrase "pdf" and "for free" and the like next to it.

Addition of fraudulent or malicious links to this section will result in an immediate ban from the wiki.

The further information section also includes a section may also include a section on Communities. Communities are places on the internet where users following an ideology gather and talk about their beliefs. Valid communities to put in further information sections include Forums, Wikis, Chatrooms, Link aggregates, user generated libraries and more.

It may also contain a list of ideologies on the top which share overlapping texts.


Finally, this section showcases popular comics and art on r/polcompball and r/polcompballart. Art in this section should feature the page's ideology prominently, rather than as a background detail or supporting character. A detailed guide to adding galleries through wikitext is available on the Fandom Community Wiki.

All art displayed in this section must be appropriately credited by including the title of the work and creator's Reddit profile in the caption. The original Reddit post and creator's profile must be hyperlinked, if applicable. A sample of a gallery and its source code is available below.

RevenantEgo-THETI.png|[ The Birth of Transhumanist Ego Theocratic Imperialism] by [ RevenantEgo]
TrickleJest-THETI.png|[ THETIball Learns About Praxis] by [ TrickleJest]
Turtle3210-THETI.png|[ THETI with Seussian Characteristics] by [ turtle3210]


At the bottom of the article, navboxes should be added, which should match it's respective categories below. Navboxes are used for navigating ideologies without the use of the search bar. The full list of all navboxes can be found here.

  • Each page should only have 1 quadrant navbox, adding unnecessary navboxes counts as spam and will be treated as such by moderators.


Don't forget to categorize the page with the appropriate categories, namely Category:Ideologies (It's automatically added when you add the ideology template so if your page is lacking it, it's probably a bad sign), the ball's quadrant (Generally this means only 1, unless the page refers to several variants of the same ideology like Technocracy that has non-quadrant for the general movement and authleft for the 1930's technocratic movement in particular), and descriptors such as the ideology's cultural position or ideological supersets. A full list of categories is available at Special:Categories, as a finishing note do not create unnecessary categories as this is considered spam by the moderators and treated as such.

Additional Notes

Adding Icons

Visit the List of ideology icons page to learn how to add flairs and to see what flairs you can add to pages.
Ideologies mentioned in an article, even outside of the Relationships section, should have their articles hyperlinked and have their icon displayed to the left of the link.

Infobox Details

An ideology's infobox must contain its name, icon, quadrant and ideological influences. A clear image of that ideology must be included.


Main article: Art Guidelines

Before you add your own picture, check if someone has already added a picture of the ideology. If they have, check if yours is of better quality than the one currently on the page; if it is, then go ahead and replace it.

  • Cover images of ideologies must abide by the quality guidelines indicated in this tutorial (Original Reddit post). Low-quality or rule-breaking images may result in the article's removal.
  • Cover images should depict the ideology against a white or transparent background. Detailed backgrounds, such as this, make for good comic panels, but obscure the ball's appearance.
  • The ideology may be given relevant accessories and placed in a pose, as long as the accessories and pose do not obscure the main motif of its flag. This image is a good example of an accessorized ball whose design remains clearly visible.


If an ideology has an alternative name or acronym, a redirect page should be created to allow readers to search for the page more easily. Redirect names should follow the naming conventions of regular pages.

Visual Editor

  1. Create a page with the alternate name
  2. Click on the 3 bar icon on visual editor
  3. Choose "Options"
  4. Click the box next to the "Redirect page to" text
  5. Put the name of the page of the ideology there.

Source Editor

  1. Create a page with the alternate name
  2. Insert #REDIRECT [[Name of target page]] in the editing interface.