Right-Liberalism (Disambiguation)

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Right-Liberalism may refer to:

  • Classical Liberalism - The origin of liberalism, which typically favors further right economic policies than the current status quo. Its proponents often reject tariffs, welfare and progressive taxation.
  • Conservative Liberalism - An ideology that combines principles of classical liberalism with conservatism, combing cultural conservatism with liberal views on personal and economic freedom.
    • Feuillantism - A moderate, French republican variant of conservative liberalism.
  • Liberal Conservatism - A moderate conservative ideology which adopts liberal principles on the economy.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - An ideology that combines principles of liberalism, principally economic ones, with reactionary cultural values.
  • National Liberalism - An ideology which consists on combining Liberalism with Nationalism, mostly with culturally and sometimes civically right-wing views.
  • Ordo-Liberalism - An ideology which combines classically liberal economics with a moderate amount of regulation. Considered by some to be a variant of conservative liberalism.
  • Pinochetism - An authoritarian ideology that blends liberal, nationalist and conservative principles, embracing a Chicago School view of economics.

Another ideology that can fall in this category is Gremialismo.