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"O Liberty, how many crimes are committed in thy name!"

Girondism is an economically capitalist, civically right-unitist, and a culturally-right-wing ideology. He's against the French monarchy and supported the French Revolution, but only during it's earlier stages. Additionally, Girondism believes that democracy should be reformed and that secularism is the way to go. He also seems to oppose populism and authoritarianism.


The Girondins were an informal political party from the time of the French Revolution, mainly consisting of the intelligentsia and the bourgeoisie, initially constituting the right wing of the Jacobins with a program of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary rule with the preservation of economic and religious freedoms.

The Girondists initially advocated a constitutional monarchy and limiting the role of the king to representative functions. As a result of the support they enjoyed among the population, they were given the mission of forming a government by Louis XVI. They were ardent supporters of spreading the revolution throughout Europe, and because of them, France declared war on Austria on April 20, 1792, initiating a long period of wars with successive coalitions. They quickly opted for a republic.

In the new republican reality, Girondins maintained the influence on power and were blamed for defeats in wars and difficult economic situation. The Girondins were especially hated by the sans-culottes, which led to the destruction of the party. The leading representatives of Gironde were arrested, sentenced to death and guillotined. The party ceased to exist, but its surviving representatives took part in the Thermidorian coup.


Girondism believes in a capitalist economy, interventionism,anti-populism, and the creation of a bourgeois aristocracy.


Personality and Behaviour

How to Draw

Flag of Girondism
  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Draw a bright red Phrygian cap on the ball's head,
  3. Add a blue, white, and salmon French cockade on the cap,
  4. Color the ball with orange,
  5. Draw 2 intertwined black branches on the ball,
  6. Add the eyes

You are done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Bright Red #FF001B 255, 0, 27
Salmon Red #EF4135 239, 65, 53
Blue #0055A4 0, 85, 164
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Orange #FFBB01 255, 187, 1
Black #141414 20, 20, 20



  • Classical Liberalism - My main influence, love you dad! Avenge me already!
  • Neo-Libertarianism - Freedom? Capitalism? Militarism? Foreign intervention? Man, I love you so dang much!
  • Constitutionalism - Love you too!
  • Abolitionism - I founded the Society of the Friends of the Blacks
  • Optimateism - Fellow defender of Roman Republic institutions but some reforms can be necessary, also a fighter against left-wing madness.
  • Radicalism - Paine was pretty cool.
  • Feminism - We don't all support you but we are your biggest supporters in the revolution.
  • Liberal Feminism - Same as the above.
  • French Secularism - My successors in France implemented you to safeguard the republic from reactionaries.
  • Neoconservatism & Third Way - I like you guys as well, though I wish you two would drift more towards the lib-right quadrant of the political compass.
  • Sarkozy - Best contemporary president of my homeland!


  • Thermidorianism - Thanks for avenging me, but your cultural Reactionaryism is despicable.
  • La Plaineism - We were good friends during the initial progression of the Revolution, but he ended up abandoning me for him. At least our successor ended up avenging me later on.
  • Conservative Liberalism - Only good at the international level.
  • Feuillantism - Similar to me but more moderate, monarchist and pro-slavery. Though I do sympathise with you on how it all turned out.
  • Gaullism - Mixed bag but more good things than bad.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Strange, but Molinari seems ok.


  • Absolute Monarchism - You're a traitorous scum that betrayed our nation. Fuck off and never come back.
  • Feudalism - Your even worse.
  • Catholic Theocracy - As are you.
  • Jacobinism - I was once allied with you against the monarchy and the old order of France. Yet, you and I stood against each other in a struggle for the blessings of liberty and the madness of egalitarianism, until you purged me, so I stabbed your journalist in revenge.
  • Bonapartism - Arrogant nobleman who destroyed our glorious republic.
  • Babouvism - Go away with your egalitarian madness. Also, private property is a human right.
  • Marxism - Same as above, but to a much greater extent.

Further Information


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