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"Like racism and sexism, statism is the kind of moral vice that tends to enter the soul through self-deception, semi-conscious osmosis, and a kind of Arendtian banality, rather than through a forthright embrace; it is a form of spiritual blindness that can, and does, infect even those who are largely sincere and well-meaning."

Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism (Heartbert) also known as Neoclassical Liberalism (Neoclasslib) is a Culturally Left, Economically Center-Right to Right (usually under Chicago school of economics, mostly because it's more politically correct), Libertarian Ideology who is the child of Libertarianism and Progressivism. Heartbert believes that negative rights and free markets are compatible, and are also complementary to the concept of social justice. Bleeding-heart libertarianism support open borders policy.

BHL has an alias known as "Neo-Classical Liberalism," but it is not closely related to Neo-Classical Economics.


Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism believes that the best way to empower the socially disadvantaged is through the upholding of civil liberties. Economically, it ranges from a social market economy to a free market economy. It sees economic liberalism and cultural liberalism as going hand-in-hand with each other to achieve these ideological adjectives.


The term "Bleeding Heart Libertarian" was first coined by Roderick T. long at 1996. They characterize themselves as "libertarians who reject an alliance with paleoconservatism." In March 2011, a group of academic philosophers, political theorists and economists created the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog. Regular contributors to the blog included Fernando Tesón, Gary Chartier, Jason Brennan, Matt Zwolinski, Roderick T. Long, and Steven Horwitz. This blog finally announced in 2020 that it would no longer be updated.

Laisvės partija

Laisvės partija (Freedom Party) is a Lithuanian party that emerged in 2019, in which the president is the current Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė and the party's deputy is the current Mayor of Vilnius and has 11 members of the Seimas.

Its ideals are based on LGBT rights, environmental preservation, carbon neutrality and control of global warming by 2040, fiscalism as opposed to tax increases, women's rights, pro-democracy, military service with civil service, pro-marijuana legalization, separate recognition of Taiwan and calls itself social liberal.

Personality and Behaviour

Heartbert within the comics is usually portrayed as a bit of an "SJW" stereotype within the context of other libertarians, meaning he will insist others not to use "politically incorrect language" and use the "correct pronouns".

How to Draw

Flag of Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism

Heartbert's design is that of Libertarianism with the snake replaced with a "Bleeding Heart".

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Fill it gold
  3. Draw a black Heart
  4. From the heart draw black "blood" coming out
  5. (Optional) Draw some variation of "Don't Tread on Me" or "No Step on Heart"

And you're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Yellow #F5DD02 245, 221, 2
Black #141414 20, 20, 20




  • Libertarian Conservatism - I may not like your cultural policies, but we still stand for liberty!
  • Populism - I like that you care about the people, but I don’t think your strategies are the best.
  • Neoliberalism - I'd like to think you're just a more moderate version of me, but that hawkish diplomacy of yours makes me think otherwise...
  • Libertarian Socialism - STINKY SOCIALIST!!! But at least you're a libertarian and socially progressive.
  • State Liberalism - I applaud your advocacy for the LGBTQ community. You are also a capitalist which is cool too. But you take things WAY too far. You also need cut the authoritarian shit.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - You don't give a fuck about liberty, equality and justice, but we both like guns and drugs.


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