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Not to be confused with Reactionary Libertarianism

"The assertion that men are objectively equal is so absurd that it does not even merit being refuted."

Reactionary Liberalism, is an economically center-right to far-right, statist (but mostly democratic) civically variable and culturally right to far-right ideology who believes in a union of economic policies typical of liberalism (pro-free enterprise capitalist market economy, typically Classical Liberal in nature but sometimes it can be Keynesian or Social market economy) and a democratic system of government with reactionary and traditionalist social values, although a minority of them propose non-democratic forms of government. It is defined by it's belief that there should be a separation between Free-Market Capitalism/Liberal Democracy and Post-Enlightenment cultural views, which it deems as "degenerate".

Unlike most ideologies on this wiki, this one isn't a serious theoretical one or has many open advocates IRL, as the majority of the center right to right wing populist claim to be against liberalism. It mostly originates from insults of Leftists towards center right to right wing populist figures who seem to promote Neoliberal economics.

Personality and Behavior

Unlike most other culturally reactionary ideologies, he does not view the institution of Liberalism as contradictory to or incompatible with far-right social views, seeing social Progressivism as a problem separate to the system it exists in, which makes him somewhat of an "opposite unity" ideology between the Liberal Dynasty and reactionaries.

On a similar note, his cultural views set him aside from other liberal ideologies though sharing substantial similarities with Conservative Liberalism, albeit much more extreme. Older Reactionary Liberals tend to be part of the Christian Democracy, who believe that a liberal democratic system and strong traditional Christian society can be combined. Younger Reactionary Liberals very commonly are part of the Online New Right movements , tend to bitch and moan complain about "free speech" whenever they're censored by progressive corporations for their edgy behavior. They tend to rant about "Cultural Marxism" and "Gender Ideology" and how they want to take away their values.

Regional Variants


Bolsonarism is an economically and culturally far-right ideology defended by Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters. He advocates many values associated with the  Christian Right, being highly opposed to secularism. A core proponent of his vision is "making Brazil not a  socialist country anymore", advocating that the Brazilian military regime (known for its numerous human rights violations) was extremely prosperous before democracy. He is opposed to abortion, gay marriage and essentially anything progressive, and is in favor of liberalization of gun laws, privatization of government industries and the laxing of environmental regulations, taking a strongly neoliberal economic agenda. He wants to align Brazil to be closer with  Israel and the  United States, and openly admires  Donald Trump.


Republican Party was founded in 2018 out of the results of Republican Ideas, both created by initiative of José Antonio Kast, a former Independent Democratic Union partisan, after growing disappointed for the lack of a strong defense of the party in topics such as traditional family and opposition to progressive laws such as abortion and gender ideology.
In 2017 he ran for President independently, representing a right wing sector that strongly defended such values and wasn't happy with the idea of voting for Sebastián Piñera again. He got 7.9% of counted votes.
That sentiment grew as he approved gender identity laws, pardoned illegal migrants and let increasing crime be. Popular demand for a voice against that wasn't present in any political party; so Republican Party was founded with that task in mind.
After the 2019 widespread riots in most major cities in Chile, the proposal of rewriting the Chilean Constitution from scratch and a subsequential referendum, José Antonio Kast was one of the only Chilean politicians with a clear standing against its rewriting, thus becoming the face for the "hard right wing" in Chile.
In 2021 he ran for President a second time representing an electorate which was tired of the inaction of the right wing parties to preserve Chilean integrity, its institutions and its foundations. He got the second place with 44.1% of the counted votes.



The Thermadorian Reaction was a period during the final phases of the Reign of Terror during the events of the French Revolution. It was a coup led by more moderate elements of the French National Convention, who denounced the tyrannical policies of Maximilian Robespierre & the Committee of Public Safety. After they subsequently lost support from the Plaineist deputies of the National Convention, the Montagnards & their Communard supporters were declared outlaws, arrested after a skirmish at the Hôtel de Ville, and executed. The Thermadorians then initiated a White Terror against those who were still loyal to the Montagnards, & barred them from receiving public office.

The regime itself, known as the Directory, established limitations to prevent one person from concentrating power, thus creating an oligarchy of five men in the process. For the most part, it was a relatively ineffective regime, & completely unpopular with the people. It was ultimately overthrown in a coup d'etat by Napoleon Bonaparte & Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès, who replaced it with the French Consulate.

Henry de Lesquen is a far-right figure, near non-existent politically speaking, with a racialist and national-liberal doctrine. He is also the leader and co-founder of the metapolitical think tank Carrefour de l'Horloge,he also have his own party: Parti National-Libèral (PNL). Other prominent figures that share his ideology are other two of the seven co-founders of the Carrefour de l'Horloge: defunct Yvan Blot founder of the association Agir Pour la Democratie Directe which have the objective to change the french constitution into the swiss model and Jean Yves-Gallou that it is part of the party Reconquest.


Alternative for Germany is a National Conservative party in Germany created by Bernd Lucke in 2013. Originally starting out as a more softly Eurosceptic Liberal Conservative party, it starting taking a much more hardline stance in 2015, with the current incarnation of the AfD promoting anti-immigration, anti-Islam, anti-feminist, and climate change denialist rhetoric, along with being more overtly against European integration. The party also supports an Ordo-Liberal economic platform, citing inspiration from Walter Eucken and Ludwig Erhard, and wants to install a Swiss-style semi-direct democracy. There was an even more right-wing faction of the party called "Der Flügel", with some of its members having ties to Neo-Nazi groups, although it was formally dissolved in 2020.



The Liberal Democratic Party is a right-wing,monarchist and the dominant party in Japan, with various factions ideologically diverse, the main faction that dominates the party is economically liberal, socially conservative and ethnonationalist.


Forum for Democracy is a right-populist party in the Netherlands, headed by Thierry Baudet. FvD are in favor of a stricter national immigration policy in which Dutch citizens would decide for themselves who is received. In combination with these measures, the party is in favor of receiving asylum seekers in the region and an active deportation policy of illegal immigrants, in which illegality is punishable. In addition, the party advocates a 'Dutch Values ​​Protection Act'.

The party is in favor of semi-direct democracy and advocates the introduction of binding referendums and popular initiatives as according to them, power and functions are divided among the main government parties. FvD favors a directly elected mayor and a directly elected prime minister. The party also favors a government made up of apolitical experts and believes top officials should reapply for their position when a new cabinet is formed, his economic platform is in line with Classical Liberalism, primarily consists of market deregulation, lowering taxes and privatization of certain public-owned enterprises and properties (ex:Dutch public broadcasting Foundation), despite being considered a far-right party they propose the gradual legalization of soft drugs and even study the possibility of legalize hard Drugs also they're in favour of same-sex marriage. They also hold hard eurosceptic views, calling for an EU withdrawal referendum (Nexit) and focus on climate skepticism, ignoring the scientific consensus on climate change.

Lastly, the party holds a strongly traditionalist view on culture, with Baudet having outright said that they "fundamentally oppose the values of the enlightenment"[9]. A major part of their platform is based around wanting to restore old dutch culture and architecture. They have also gotten in trouble for having ties to the Alt-Right and white nationalists in the past, one particular instance involving the youth wing being hijacked by neo-nazis and Baudet refused to disown them, causing most of the "moderate wing" of the party to resign in protest and eventually forming a separate party JA21 in December 2020.


In Poland, there's a strong divide in the country's far-right concerning economics, though both have come from a shared opposition to communism. The first half is represented by the main governing party Law and Justice (PIS), which supports economic interventionism and a strong welfare state combined with centre-right to right-wing and religious social views. While the latter half being represented by the Konfederacja Coalition, which favors economic liberalism and reactionary values. the parties that make up the coalition are the titular Korwin party, The National Movement and Confederation of the Polish Crown (KKP) or just "The Crown" for short.


Salvador de Madariaga described himself as an organicist liberal," he was an anti ultilitarian humanist. His other views were anti-communist , anti-Francoist and described as a "moderate classical liberal", in Anarchy or Hierarchy he proposed a concept called "unanimous organic democracy", in which the State would not tolerate strikes or unions and would restrict the right to vote. After the end of the Second World War he defended monarchical positions for Spain (embodied in the figure of Juan de Borbón) and was opposed to universal suffrage . His thinking, which received criticism from the Spanish left during the Second Republic, has been described by Pedro Carlos González Cuevas as elitist. According to Herbert R. Southworth , Ricardo de la Cierva would have proposed Madariaga (whose attacks on various socialist politicians were used as propaganda by the regime) and José Antonio Primo de Rivera as the main inspirers of Franco's political program.

How to Draw

Flag of Reactionary Liberalism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Color the ball with Prussian Blue
  3. Add a horizontal Golden bar in the middle, dividing the ball into a three bar tricolor
  4. Draw two eyes

You are done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Prussian Blue #1A193A 26, 25, 58
Gold #FFDA2B 255, 218, 43


Liberal Crusaders

  • Traditionalism - Thou can't hast democracy without T R A D I T I O N!
  • National Conservatism - A good ally to aid in the fight against degeneracy and socialism in our democracies.
  • Classical Conservatism - Burke, Powell, Scruton, and Mogg, all of them art quite blessed. Powell was too sympathetic to Russian commies though.
  • Capitalism - Any other economic system renders the realm destitute.
  • Paleoconservatism - One of my best friends. Sometimes we get into arguments about the merits of free trade which contradict his love of protectionism, but otherwise, we art allies. (some of us are interventionists)
  • Paleolibertarianism - Me but slightly more moderate and anti-statist.
  • Libertarian Monarchism & Monarcho-Capitalism - Long live the Royal House of Liechtenstein!
  • Reactionary Libertarianism - Fellow defender of Liberty and Markets.
  • Reactionary Modernism - I like what I'm seeing here, be more open to liberal democracy and thou shalt be perfect.
  • Neoreactionaryism - Thou art even better than the above and magnificent, please be more open to liberal democracy and thou'll be absolutely perfect.
  • Alt-Lite - He often supports me and we tend to agree on various topics, but sometimes is too moderate. I'm also part of his congregation.
  • Right-Wing Populism - Pretty good for the most part except for when he's too welfarist and protectionist at times.
  • Timocracy and Plutocracy - Interesting alternative to liberal democracy, beggars that art dependent on charity shall not have the right to vote.
  • Oligarchy - Another interesting alternative.
  • Liberal Autocracy & Dictablanda - More interesting alternatives.
  • Constitutional Monarchism - Blessed form of government.
  • Christian Democracy - Thou art Christian and Democratic? BLESSED! Thou canst be a bit leftist at times though.
  • Korwinism - Me, but Polish.
  • National Democracy - Also blessed, especially him .
  • Hayekism - One of the wisest men!
  • Modism - Religious? A social reactionary? Supports a democratic system? Favors capitalism too? My blessed Indian version.
  • First Worldism - Ryan Faulk is a wise man.
  • Kahanism - I hope one day he shall Make Israel Great Again!
  • AfDism, British Reformism, Confederationism, Swiss People's Party, Zemmourism and VOXism - I vote and promote these parties, best Right-populists of Europe!
  • Pinochetism - ¡Mientras Chile exista jamás será marxista! I'm actually more culturally extreme than thee, thou did not drop enough wokes into the ocean.
  • Salazarism - My eternal appreciation for saving Portugal from Red tyranny.
  • Jacksonian Democracy - Underrated president. He knew how to keep things under control.
  • Mastrianoism - This is truly MAGA!
  • Manosphere - Fellow defender of men against feminists who want to take away their rights and curse them. Also, thou art right about women.
  • Maternalism - A woman's realm is the domestic one.[10] Pardon me, but what dost thou mean with "an important role of women in politics"?


  • Reactionaryism - My father doesn't understand me.
  • Liberal Democracy - Liberal Capitalist Democracy is blessed, but everything else about thee is cursed.
  • Classical Liberalism - The free market is great, but the Enlightenment led to complete degeneracy.
  • Liberalism - Thou may give freedom to thine people, but thou art drunk!
  • Conservative Liberalism & National Liberalism - Pretty much me but too moderate, with the DPP even supporting degenerate progressivism.
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - Be more open to liberal democracy, be less statist and thou shall be good.
  • Enlightenment Thought - I have mixed feelings about thee. On one hand, thou hath granted us great ideas about economics, individual freedom, and government. But on the other hand, thou art the source of the majority of the degeneracy that I hate. Kant, Montesquieu, Voltaire and Hegelians are great.
  • Neoliberalism - Don't get me wrong, thine economics art good, but pink capitalism is degenerate.
  • Neoconservatism - We were allies in the cold war but thou art too moderate culturally. Please be more like him. Still, Bolsonaro and Gilley admire thee.
  • Crusadism - I wish neocon became closer to thee and started a holy war to defeat illiberal heathens but calm down, Muslims were bearable back then.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Utopic anarcho-liberal, sometimes can be quite degenerate.
  • Hoppeanism - A better version of Anarcho-Capitalism I think. Why dost thou hate Democracy so much?
  • Alt-Right - He has some good points but please stop engaging with fascists and embrace Free-Market Capitalism and liberal democracy. At least the first... And thou art a bit degenerate in thy lifestyle.
  • National Capitalism - Blessed economic and social views, but why Nazism?
  • Austrian School - Utopic Liberal, though he has many good ideas.
  • Chicago School - Utopian, but thou have good ideas such as the voucher system. Thanks to thee Chile used to be the most successful realm in South America.
  • Ordo-Liberalism - Blessed economic views but too centrist.
  • Reactionary Socialism - Thou would be blessed if only thou knew that socialism is ill for our society.
  • Gaullism - Zemmour is very blessed, but thou sadly don't want to return to the glorious Thermidorian period.
  • Trumpism - Bolsonaro and Najib like thee, but thou don't seek to go full reactionary and want to stay "conservative". And protectionism is foolish, free trade is needed for the realm's prosperity.
  • Francoism - Blessings for protecting Spain from degenerate heathens but initially thou hath sided with the fallacious economic system. The Opus Dei, on the other hand, were splendid.
  • Conservative Feminism - Thou claim to protect our traditions yet support nonsense like female suffrage or the right for women to work outside home. Thy sister, however, is more tolerable than most of your family as she stands against modern degeneracy and for a return to traditional roles.
  • Integralism - Goodness gracious, thou hate my liberal fellows so much, yet think I am the most tolerable one.
  • Fourth Theory - ...I beg your pardon, what? And why are you giving that weird look to Japan?
  • Welfare Chauvinism - Quite similar to a Christocommie in denial, but at least thou limit welfare to the worthy citizens of the realm. Le Gallou and Gauland are definitely blessed, we can agree on that much.

Illiberal Degenerates

  • Enlightened Absolutism - AN ENLIGHTENED TYRANT, MY NEMESIS!!! At least he also dislikes the J*cobins
  • Pink Capitalism - Thine belief in free markets doesn't make up for your blasphemy. I don't want any of thy sodomy!
  • State Liberalism - Not even thine economically model saves you. This individual is totally demonic.
  • Progressivism - I hate thee so much for ruining the term "Liberal", now I have to call myself a "conservative" in order for Papa to take me seriously!
  • Feminism - Follower of Lilith who hates men and wants to take away our traditional social norms!
  • Social Liberalism - Cultural Marxist posing as a liberal. Don't censor me!
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Extreme progressive who simps for commie heathens? Thou disgust me!
  • Anti-Fascism - Fool that believes he's anti-system while all he does is further it.
  • Liberal Socialism - Center-left socialist in denial! By the way, how art thou a liberal?
  • Third Way - Pinkcap as a Green beret.
  • Totalitarianism - Very cursed! Democracy and limited government art blessed.
  • Left-Wing Populism - Curse thee for trying to ruin society with thine cultural marxist policies! CURSE THOU LULA!
  • Marxism - Absolutely wretched.
  • Cultural Marxism - I shall decapitate with my sword these Post-Modern Neo-Marxist Chaos Dragons!
  • Socialism - He's corrupting our society and destroying our freedom and liberty!
  • Anarcho-Communism - Forsooth the most harmful ideology out there.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Commies get burned at stake.
  • European Federalism - The EU is a cultural marxist creation.
  • Eurocommunism - Do I have to say anything?
  • Protectionism - Free trade is part of our heritage, actually.
  • Distributism - Commies with a cross in denial.
  • Paternalistic Conservatism - Literal commies with a cross.
  • Christian Socialism - Actual commies with a cross.
  • Liberation Theology - Definitive commies with a cross.
  • Marxist Feminism - *Solaris.exe Intensifies*
  • Peronism - Thou hath managed to revert Argentina from a first-world realm to a third-world realm.
  • Radicalism - Degenerate who corrupted liberalism with his proto-cultural marxist ideas!
  • Jacobinism - A seed of evil, fortunately, I removed thy jaw.
  • Bonapartism - We hath created the directory to stop illiberal despots and Jacobin madmen. Thou both ruined our heritage and became an absolutist.


Further Information


Note: This is a general list of parties and people who hold mostly traditionalist social views and support liberal democracy (mostly) and/or economics. How reactionary they really are is variable and debatable.

Parties and people







  1. Thermidorian Convention is considered a center party
  2. On the Ordonationalist Political Party: The French National Front and Hungary’s Fidesz, Dorit Geva
  3. Kast Party is said to be by many on the youtube right nothing more or less like the UDI in the past, same happens in Spain with VOX and PP
  4. Jair Bolsonaro and Gulf states: a jewel of a friendship
  5. Bolsonaro praises Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile
  6. They praised Benjamin Netanyahu as one of the 12 national-liberal governments, some of them support Zemmour and Lesquen has said he isn't anti-semite but asemite
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