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"It is the well-being, not of individuals, but of the community which makes a State great"

Communitarianism is a non-quadrant political philosophy and ideology emphasizing the wellbeing of and the importance of the community as the primary social unit.

Communitarianism generally advocates Syncretic positions on economics and social issues. He will typically stress the idea that the left-right binary of politics is holding politics back, as well as arguing that policies from both sides of the spectrum are complementary and necessary to benefit the community. Many ideologies that are traditionally socially right-wing and economically left-wing without straying into outright Collectivism could be considered Communitarian in nature.

Communitarianism can be contrasted with Collectivism, with whom he is often compared, in that Communitarianism usually stresses cohesion and outward wellbeing rather than submission to a collective. He may view individual and collective interests as ultimately complementary, as it is in the best interest of individuals to participate in and align their lives with society. In this way he is not fundamentally anti-individualist, but rather believes absolute individualism is harmful when it contradicts with the common good.

Communitarianism as placed on a Nolan Chart, considered the meeting point of community-based social and economic alignment.

The modern theories of Communitarianism were elaborated in the 1980s by several political philosophers of the Radical Centrist school of thought, based primarily on descriptive statements on the perceived falsehood of Classical Liberal conceptions of society as a purely voluntary and rational association arising from individual choice. After a brief two decade-long life in academia, the ideology has largely fallen out of favour as a strict philosophy.

How to Draw

Flag of Communitarianism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Color it orange.
  3. Draw a white weighing scale in it.
  4. Add the eyes.

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Orange #FF8801 255, 136, 1
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



  • Paternalistic Conservatism - My best friend, truly cares about our traditions and communities.
  • Conservatism - Values must be upheld through a strong community body.
  • Progressivism - The march for black lives begins with all of us, as a community.
  • Nationalism - The nation is a community.
  • Socialism - Can be pretty extreme at times, but we're both in it for the greater good.
  • Christian Socialism - Christian and progressive values along with economic equality and a worker and community centric economic system? Based!
  • Marxism–Leninism - A strong state to ensure the rights of workers? Based!
  • Longism - Sharing the wealth is critical to maintain a strong and equal community.
  • Nouvelle Droite - Big fans of my social theories.
  • Localism - Literally lives in a community.



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