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“Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion.”

National Bolshevism, abbreviated as Nazbol, is an economically far-left, totalitarian, culturally ultra conservative and ultra-nationalist ideology (can be civic nationalism, ethnic nationalism or racial nationalism depending on context, but the majority of nazbols historically are in favor of civic nationalism or cultural nationalism) who advocates for a Bolshevik-inspired system of governance, which includes a socialist economy and a strong centralised state, in combination with extreme nationalism and support for traditional values, borrowing some elements and aesthetics from fascism.

He is often seen as a unifying syncretic ideology between far-left and far-right currents of political thought due to his unique combination of economic and cultural views. While Nazbol has achieved notoriety in internet circles due to the "Nazbol Gang" meme, National Bolshevism exists as a genuine ideology in Russian politics, combining state socialism with Russian ultra-nationalism.

While this page focuses on the meme variant, which represents a pure fusion of Stalinism and Nazism, some Nazbol variants, such as Paetelist, reject both.


The actual ideology was originally started by the National-Communist Hamburg branch of the KPD, and later the left-communist KAPD, following the German defeat in the First World War. The two main proprietors of it were Heinrich Laufenberg and Fritz Wolffheim, who basically wanted a form of communism reminiscent of Marxism-Leninism, combined with ultranationalism and council communism. They started their own newspaper, releasing several articles explaining how Marxism and Nationalism were compatible. They wished to create a dictatorship of the proletariat which would harness German nationalism to place Germany back on a war footing against the Allied occupation. Such a government would place class warfare on the side in favor of class collaboration to achieve national liberation of Germany. This was the first real example of National Bolshevism. The term was made up by a Jewish Marxist-Leninist by the name of Karl Radek, who is sometimes (erroneously) labeled as a National Bolshevik himself.

The next phase of National Bolshevism took place in, yet again, Germany. It was pioneered by two brilliant minds, the National Communist Karl Otto Paetel and the Conservative Revolutionary Ernst Niekisch. Paetel wrote the well known National Bolshevist Manifesto, as well as founding the first real National-Bolshevik origination, which were called the National-Revolutionary Socialists. Niekisch was a prolific writer, and wrote many articles about the flaws of the Hitler system, and how the Bolshevik economy was very Prussian.

The third phase takes place in the glorious motherland, Russia. Pioneered by Nikolai Ustryalov, it essentially dropped all ties to Marxism, and saw the Bolshevik system as being the best possible choice for a true Nationalist. This idea was widely accepted in Nationalist circles at the time, and he became something of a celebrity. Ustryalov, who originally fought for the Whites in the Russian civil war, was eventually killed in a gulag for propaganda against the state.

Finally, in the most modern form, National Bolshevism has become the meme you see now, a mix between National Socialism and Communism. Although real-life examples are more like a mix of Bolshevism and civic nationalism because most of the nazbols don't care about race. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this ideology is mostly dead at least for now anyway...

A film about nazbols "Limonov, the Ballad of Eddie" is currently in development and is scheduled to release in 2023.


Alt-Right NazBol

Alt-Right NazBol is an ideology that emerged from some Alt-Rights who are also National-Bolsheviks, with the Traditionalist Worker Party and former leader Matthew Heimbach having taken this position, in addition to propagandist Eric Striker. (real name being Joseph Jordan).

The main exponent of Alt-Right NazBol: Matthew Heimbach, is a self-declared Marxist-Leninist, Socialist Internationalist and "pro-white" national Bolshevik, but he took a step back on the racial issue, imposing himself more on the economic and anti-capitalist issue. He is the founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP, in which he promoted white separatism and nationalism, neo-Nazism, ethnopluralism, white identity, rejection of modernity, denial of the holocaust and opposition to capitalism and globalism, also following the models of George Lincoln). Rockwell and Richard Spencer. Initially it was called the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), in which it would be a form of "white student union" and its ideals would be against "economic exploitation, federal tyranny, and anti-Christian degeneracy" , also claiming to be a Strasserist. He believes in the global Jewish conspiracy and that multiculturalism and globalization would be harming the white race, being a strong opponent of Zionism and supporting Islamic terrorist groups, calling Zionists Satanic, in addition to his racial views being based in Pat Buchanan's book "The Death of the West", also being a supporter of the Golden Dawn and the Imperial Russian Movement. Eastern Orthodoxy in 2016, he was also arrested for repeatedly pushing an anti-Trump protester and turned defendant for participating in Unite the Right.

Joseph Jordan, also known as Eric Striker or just Striker, is an Alt-Right propagandist and writer on the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, known for making racist and anti-Semitic publications. He once sided with Richard Spencer, like Heimbach he supports the Golden Dawn and calls himself a "morally conservative" socialist and NazBol. In a video while saluting Hitler, he shouted, "white sharia", "white Afghanistan" and "white sharia", opposing women's rights. He also swore at twitter users for "LGBTP", in which he substitutes the Q of Queer for the P of Pedophilia. He also supports conspiracy theories such as Pizzagate and that the gay dating app Grindr, would have "gay pedophiles use this to find boys to rape. Sick f--- use it to give AIDS to people known and unknown to purpose" and also said of Jews that "Jews try to use pornography to try to infect normal people with the mental insanity of queers, pedophiles, zoophiles". He participated in Unite the Right, calling the cops pigs and together with Mike Peinovich, made "Strike and Mike", in which he kept talking repeatedly about globalism and Illuminati.

Beness Aijoism

Benes Aijoism came from the ideas of the Ugandan-Russian mulatto Benes Hristoforovich Ayo, known as Beness Aijo. He is an openly national Bolshevik, civic nationalist and Marxist-Leninist, and a member of The Other Russia of E. V. Limonov. He is pro-Russian and anti-American, in which he defended Russia's invasion of Ukraine and was arrested in 2005 for setting off smoke bombs during George W. Bush's visit to Lithuania. Other ideals would be his support for Palestinian and Arab governments against Israel, nostalgia and use of Soviet symbols and support for Putin, in which he was accused of promoting Russian-Ukrainian unrest and reported participating in rebel military brigades and infantry in Ukraine, being caught by Ukrainian Border Guard, also reporting torture and beatings by the Ukrainian National Guard. He has already participated in several protests using smoke bombs and has already fled from Latvia to Tallinn, then taking a ferry to Finland in 2015. He was arrested again for illegal participation in the conflict, in which he asked Putin for political asylum in Russia, Aijo was released in 2020.


Bombaccism is based on the thoughts of Italian political figure Nicola Bombacci.

He was born in the municipality of Civitella Di Romagna, Forli in Italy on October 24th, 1879, and his family lived in a cultivating land owned by the parish of Don Nicolò Ghini. As a child his family moved to Meldola at the lower Bidente Valley in which he finished elementary school.

In 1895, Nicola Bombacci was enrolled in the seminary of Forlì but he left it due to health reasons, but he continued his studies in 1900 at the Giosuè Carducci College in Forlimpopoli, Emilia to become an elementary teacher. He was enrolled in class III but it was the same class that Benito Mussolini went to and Nicola Bombacci has graduated in 1901 while it was the same year he approached the Socialist movement.

Nicola Bombacci has begun the work of the teacher with small assignments in the province of Emilia but then engaged in the first significant role at Villa Santina in the province of Udine from 1904 to 1905. He later returned to Emilia but in Baricella at which he married Erissene Focaccia who is also a teacher and in 1906 the family/couple moved to Cadelbosco di Sopra in which Nicola Bombacci has spent a period of economic hardship before being assigned in substitute positions first at Villa Argine but then at Cadelbosco di Sotto. In 1907, Nicola Bombacci was assigned the chair in Monticelli d'Ongina and it was a town in the Piacenza area.

In 1909, Nicola Bombacci has abandoned teaching to devote himself to politics and he became an active member in the trade union world in various areas or cities, operating between Crema, Piacenza and Cesena. In 1910, he was at the position of secretary of the socialist federation but also a journalist in the direction of the weekly Il Cuneo newspaper that seizing the opportunity to return to activity near Meldola in which his family still lives there.

In 1911, Nicola Bombacci just became a member of the Italian Socialist Party (1892-1994) and a member of the National Council of the General Confederation of Labour (CGdL) while in May of that same year Nicola Bombacci resigned from the Cesena federation to retire from political activity but in november he returned to politics as a secretary of the Chamber of Labor of Modena.

While in Modena during the World War One (1914-1918), Nicola Bombacci had his springboard becoming the undisputed leader of local socialism, so much so that Mussolini himself called him "The Kaiser of Modena" and before The Russian Revolution he was simultaneously secretary of the Chamber of Labor, secretary of the Provincial Socialist Federation of Modena and director of the socialist periodical Il Domani. In 1917 at July, Nicola Bombacci was appointed a member of the Directorate while also deputy secretary of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) and supporting Secretary Costantino Lazzari & Giacinto Menotti Serrati but they both were arrested in 1918. During the last year of the war, Nicola Bombacci was arrested for defeatism in January while tried on the loose until his subsequent arrest on 31st October 1918, but he was released on 20th November 1918 after World War One was over a few days ago.

In 1919, Nicola Bombacci has drafted with Serrati, Gennari & Salvadori the program of the maximalist fraction to win the XVI National Congress of the Italian Socialist Party in Bologna from the 5th to 8th October 1919 and elected secretary of the party in 11th Ocotber 1919 while in the first general elections of the post-war period on 16th November 1919, he one hundred thousand votes during the Red Biennium in Italy 1919-1920.

In January 1920, he presented a draft constitution of the Soviets in Italy in which obtained little consensus along with big criticisms that led a heated theoretical debate in the party press. On 25th February 1920, he left the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) to be replaced by Egidio Gennari while in April, he was the first Italian Socialist to meet Bolshevik representatives in Copenhagen and in the summer, he went to Soviet Russia also participating in the Second Congress of the Communist International.

On 21st January 1921, he helped Amadeo Bordiga & Antonio Gramsci to create the Italian Communist Party (1921-1991) and then later became a member of the Central Committee but before these things, he was the director of the periodical Il Comunista in the XVII Congress of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI). He was relected deputy in the general elections of the spring of 1921, at the district of Trieste but not having his own current in the Italian Communist Party and found rather isolated from the Ordinovist Group of Gramsci and the Abstentionists of Bordiga also he was located in the right wing of the Italian Communist Party with Francesco Misiano who inclined to a rapprochement with the Maximalists along with opposing to the sectarian or ideologized party wanted by Bordiga.

Nicola Bombacci was soon ousted from the Communist governing centers beginning with the Central Committee of the Party and the controversy reached the Soviet upper echelons in November 1923, when the Executive Committee of the party decided to expel him without consulting the Communist International. Bombacci has become secretary of the Communist Parliamentary Group and then was accused of having referred of a possible union for the Bolshevik Revolution & the Fascist Revolution in a speech to the Chamber of Deputies on 30th November 1923 while simply on the recommendation of the Russian ambassador to Italy, Jordansky to propose an Italian-Russian economic treaty strongly desired by the Kremlin.

In January 1924, Nicola Bombacci finished his parliamentary term in the Chamber, and he was recalled to Moscow in which he represented the Italian delegation at Lenin's funeral. Bombacci returned to Italy in which he began working at the Russian Embassy in Rome, serving Soviet trade and diplomacy even Italy was a Fascist state since 1922. A year later in 1925 he founded a magazine called "L'Italo-Russa" and then an import-export company of the same name but both of which were short-lived. In 1927 he was expelled from the Italian Communist Party for political unworthiness by the Communist leaders while they are in exile.

Nicola Bombacci was living in Rome with his family after he have been kicked out by the Italian Communist Party and he continued his collaboration to the Soviet Embassy in which seems not to have lasted beyond 1930. Given the serious economic conditions along with the serious health conditions of his son named Wladimiro Bombacci, the Duce/Benito Mussolini granted him some cash grants for the care of his son and found him a job at the International Institute for Educational Cinematography of the League of Nations in Rome.

In 1933, Nicola Bombacci has approached to fascism more clearly and later then in the beginning of 1936, Benito Mussolini allowed him to found his own political magazine called La Verità and it came from the Soviet newspaper called Pravda. The political magazine was financed by the Ministry of Popular Culture with an initial circulation of 25,000 copies and aligned with the positions of the regime but in which apart some interruptions due to the opposition of intransigent Fascism of hierarchs such as Roberto Farinacci & Achille Starace lasted until July 1943, even other ex-socialists collaborated on the project such as Giovanni Gentile.

After the fall of the Fascist regime in the kingdom by the Allied soldiers on July 25th, 1943, and the Gran Sasso raid by Nazi Germany to free Benito Mussolini from prison to create the Italian Social Republic 1943-1945, Nicola Bombacci have decided to go to Salò in which he became an advisor to Mussolini. During the last months of World War Two 1939-1945 from September 1944 to March 1945, he did not stop supporting the cause of fascism as the only true revolution and the realization of the triumph of labour it gives conference to the workers to rally in the squares of the North of the peninsula.

Nicola Bombacci who is a former member of the Italian Communist Party decided to publish some pamphlets on the dangers of Bolshevism with the Stalinist degeneration of Communist principles and then he participated in the Congress of Verona on November 14th, 1943. He is credited with the project of socialization of certain companies and means of production that was propagated by Republican Fascism while it was approved by Council of Ministers of the Italian Social Republic in February 1944 but boycotted by industrialists along with German National Socialists and opposed by Anti-Fascist Communists with a worker strikes even it ended in farce when it came to voting for management boards in which the names of famous people such as Henry Ford or Greta Garbo were voted on. Bombacci was nicked named “the Red Pope” by the bourgeoisie and he told a crowd in Genoa in 1945 that Stalin will never make Socialism, but Mussolini will.

Nicola Bombacci who was 65 years old still remained at Benito Mussolini's side until the last moment in which he captured by Italian Partisans at Lake Como and he was in the same car as Mussolini who is dressed up like a German officer to escape into Nazi Germany. After Bombacci was captured by Italian Partisans his last words are "Long live Mussolini! Long live Socialism!" before he was executed by a firing squad at Dongo in 28th April 1945 and later he was moved to Piazzale Loreto as a hanging corpse next to a dead Benito Mussolini for public display.

Ikki Kita Thought

Ikki Kita Thought is an ideology that emerged from the philosopher Ikki Kita, the "father of fascism in Japan". His ideals are based on Pan-Asianism and servitude to showa with expansionism, in which his views appear in what he calls "Reorganization". In the reorganization, there would be land reform and state socialism for "international proletarians", also abolishing all taxes, creation of labor rights and human rights to transform Japan into a major superpower. He believed in nationalism and the restoration of the Meiji era, as well as Russophobia in the geopolitical sitical sense., in which he would call for the union of France and Japan to defeat both. Even though he was a socialist, he criticized Karl Marx's concept of class struggle for being outdated and using evolutionary and platonic theories. Other ideals would be its high authoritarianism, encouragement of Buddhism, Japanese conquest of the entire world, official use of Esperanto, hatred of the West and the Soviets, and utopian and some anarchic influences. His ideas would go on to influence the state ideology Juche in north Korea as well as Pancasila in Indonesia

Kerry Bolton Thought





Limonovism is the ideology of Russian Poet, Publicist and dissident Eduard Limonov born Eduard Veniaminovich Savenko. Savenko was born in the Soviet Union in 1943 to a father in the military and his mother was a home maker. At the age of 13 he began writing poems under his pen name Eduard Limonov, he also engaed in many petty crimes. Limonov moved to Moscow in 1967, marrying a fellow poet, Yelena Shchapova, in a Russian Orthodox ceremony in 1973. During his period in Moscow, Limonov was involved in the Konkret poets' group and sold volumes of his self-published poetry while doing various day jobs. Having achieved a degree of success in this manner by the mid-1970s. He and his wife emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1974. The exact circumstances of Limonov's departure are unclear and have been described differently. Reportedly, KGB secret police gave him a choice either to become an informant or leave the country. Although neither he nor Shchapova were Jewish, the Soviet Union issued permission for the couple to emigrate to Israel, but soon after the couple arrived in the United States. Limonov settled in New York City, where he and Shchapova soon divorced. Limonov worked for a Russian-language newspaper as a proofreader and occasionally interviewed recent Soviet emigrants.Like Eddie, the immigrant protagonist of Limonov's first novel It's Me, Eddie, Limonov was drawn to punk subculture and radical politics. Limonov's New York acquaintances included Studio 54's Steve Rubell and a Trotskyist group, the Socialist Workers Party. As protagonist Eddie finds out as a consequence, the latter is a political target of the FBI. Limonov was himself harassed by the FBI. As he later recounted, the FBI interrogated dozens of his acquaintances, once asking a friend about "Lermontov" in Paris when he had resettled in France."I did not find the freedom to be a radical opponent of the existing social structure of the country which pompously calls itself the 'leader of the free world,' but neither did I notice it in the land which represents itself as the 'future of all humanity.' The FBI is just as zealous in putting down American radicals as the KGB is with its own radicals and dissidents. True, the methods of the FBI are more modern. The KGB is, however, studying the techniques of its older brother and modernizing its methods." The first chapter of It's Me, Eddie, was published by an Israeli Russian-language journal. Finished by 1977, it was consistently rejected by publishers in the United States and only brought out a few years after becoming an instant success in France in 1980. In interviews, Limonov says this was because the book was not written with anti-Soviet tones, like other Russian literature admired in the United States. In New York, Limonov also discovered another side of the American Dream. After being a dissident, he lived a poor life due to his low revenues. He managed to afford a room in a miserable hostel and spent time with homeless persons. Eventually he moved to Paris after being dissatisfied by the USA. In 1991, Limonov returned to Russia from France, restored his citizenship and became active in politics. Limonov was a strong supporter of Serbia in the wars that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia and participated in a sniper patrol in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian War. Paweł Pawlikowski's film Serbian Epics includes footage of Limonov traveling to the front lines of Sarajevo in 1992 with Radovan Karadžić, then the Bosnian Serb president and later a convicted war criminal and firing a few rounds with a machine gun in the direction of the besieged city. When asked about the incident in 2010, Limonov claimed he had been shooting at a target range and that Pawlikowski added an extra frame to make it appear he had fired on an apartment complex. This explanation has been challenged. On another occasion, Limonov said that he "celebrated his 50th birthday in Kninska Krajina [...] by firing from a Russian-made heavy gun at Croatian Army headquarters. "During the 1990s, he supported Bosnian Serbs in the Yugoslav wars; and Abkhaz and Transnistrian secessionists against Georgia and Moldova, respectively. Limonov was also initially an ally of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and was named as Security Minister in a shadow cabinet formed by Zhirinovsky in 1992.However, Limonov soon tired of Zhirinovsky, accusing him of moderateness and of approaching the president and consequently split from him, publishing the book "Limonov against Zhirinovsky" (1994). In 1993, together with figures like Aleksandr Dugin and Yegor Letov, he founded the National Bolshevik Party which started to publish a newspaper called Limonka (the Russian nickname for the lemon shaped F1 hand grenade; also, a play on his pen name Limonov). In 1996, a Russian court judged in a hearing that the NBP paper Limonka had disseminated illegal and immoral information: "in essence, E. V. Limonov (Savenko) is an advocate of revenge and mass terror, raised to the level of state policy." The court decided to recommend issuing an official warning to Limonka, to investigate the possibility of examining whether Limonov could be held legally responsible, and to publish its decision in Rossiiskaia gazeta. After that, a criminal case was launched against him on charges of incitement of ethnic hatred.On the Ukrainian Independence Day 24 August 1999, Limonov along with 15 other supporters from the top of the city's clock tower in Sevastopol publicly called to review the status of the city and not to ratify Treaty about Friendship and Cooperation between Russia and Ukraine by the State Duma. Limonov was jailed in April 2001 on charges of terrorism, the forced overthrow of the constitutional order, and the illegal purchase of weapons. Based on an article published in Limonka under Limonov's byline, the government accused Limonov of planning to raise an army to invade Kazakhstan. After one year in jail, his trial was heard in a Saratov court, which also heard appeals from Russian Duma members Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Alexei Mitrofanov and Vasiliy Shandybin for his release. He maintained that the charges were ridiculous and politically motivated, but was convicted and sentenced to four years imprisonment for the arms purchasing, while the other charges were dropped.He served almost two years before being paroled for good behavior.He wrote eight books while in jail. In 2006, Limonov married the actress Yekaterina Volkova.They had a son, Bogdan, and a daughter, Alexandra. They split up in 2008. On 19 April 2007, the Moscow City Court banned the National Bolshevik Party as extremist. The decision was upheld by the Supreme Court. Limonov in front of the Strategy-31 banner, March 2010 Limonov continued his political activities as one of the leaders of The Other Russia, along with liberal, nationalist and communist politicians. He took part in various protests and was one of the organizers of the Dissenters' Marches.In particular, on 3 March 2007, Limonov was detained by police in the very beginning of the rally the first Saint Petersburg Dissenters' March; on 14 April 2007, Limonov was arrested again after an anti-government rally in Moscow; on 31 January 2009 was detained again in Moscow. In July 2009, he helped organise the Strategy-31 series of protests. Soon, Limonov split up with the liberal opposition. In July 2010, he and his followers established The Other Russia political party, as the informal successor to the NBP.It was denied official registration in 2010 and in 2019, after it got re-established without Limonov as formally part of its leadership.since 2014, Limonov supported the annexation of Crimea, the unrecognized DNR and LNR, and encouraged Russians to take part in the Russo-Ukrainian War on a Russian side.He died on 17 March 2020 in Moscow. It was reported that Limonov had been battling cancer; complications from two surgery procedures such as throat problems, struggles with oncology, and inflammation were cited as the direct cause of his death.



Militarized Communist Party of Peru



Nazi-Maoism is the ideology followed by Italian Neo-Fascist Franco Freda and the political group known as "Struggle of the People". The ideology wants to use Maoist guerrilla warfare to topple the bourgeoisie establishment and create a "fascist dictatorship of the proletariat". It wants to destabilize society to make it easier to reach its goals and therefore advocates for a form of Accelerationism. Freda, like most Fascists, wants the state to be the centre of society, but unlike other fascists, intends to abolish private property in favour of the state controlling everything. Following Italy's capitulation in World War II, the nation was plunged into a period of profound political turmoil and upheaval. This era was marked by widespread political violence, suppression, and instability, notably with the rise of the Italian Social Movement (ISM) in 1946. Comprising staunch Mussolini supporters and Fascist enthusiasts, the ISM sought to oppose the fledgling democratic government of Italy, which found itself vulnerable to disruptions from various extremist groups in the aftermath of the war. The geopolitical landscape, characterized by the juxtaposition of Soviet-influenced states to the east and American-led democracies to the west, exacerbated anti-American and anti-Soviet sentiments within Italy, particularly among those who lamented the Fascist regime's downfall at the hands of these powers.

In this environment, Franco Freda emerged, diverging from the conventional anti-Communist Fascist narrative, Freda adopted a more radical stance, which led to his classification as a "Nazi-Maoist." His ideological stance was eclectic, drawing from a diverse array of influences including communists like Mao Zedong, Amadeo Bordiga, Third Position theorists like Adolf Hitler, Giovanni Gentile, the traditionalist philosopher Julius Evola, Plato and Nietzsche.



Nouvelle Résistance/Bouchetism

Nouvelle Résistance was a group founded in 1996 by Christian Bouchet, a former member of the Mouvement National-Républicain (a splinter group of the French National Front) and of the organization Troisième voie. Its objective was to gather all radical opponents of the "system". This organization claimed to be secular, anti-capitalist, anti-Zionist and environmentalist (it had links with Earth First). This group claimed to be related to Thriat , the Blanquist and nationalist organization Central Socialist Revolutionary Committee and the Arab nationalist movements. This organization dissolved to found the more violent and far-right Unité Radicale. This last organization was dissolved by the French government because one of its members was responsible for an attempt on the life of the then president of the republic Jacques Chirac.

Another name, Bouchetism is based on the thoughts of French political figure Christian Bouchet.

He was born in Angers, Maine-et-Loire, Pays de La Loire, France on January 17th 1955 coming from a Far-Right family of crafts people and traders in which his father was a merchant marine officer while the family has Monarchist ties along with the "Organisation Armée Secrète" (OAS) lead by Raoul Salan but then the son who is in the "University of Nantes" located in Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire graduated from extensive studies in business law certified from economic sciences, master in story and even doctor in ethnology with a thesis on Aleister Crowley's supported since 1994 and in 1969, he created an Anti-Leftist group as a student from a Catholic college before becoming a student at the Paris Diderot University located in Paris, Île-de-France.

In 1970, Christian Bouchet joined the "Restauration Nationale" (RN) lead by Pierre Juhel before a year later joined the "Nouvelle Action Royaliste" (NAR) lead by Bertrand Renouvin as a Mao-Maurrassien group from the "Action Française" (AF) while in 1973, he left Monarchist circles to become under the influence of Yves Bataille as one of the first adherents of the "Organization People's Struggle" (OLP) as a Nationalist Revolutionary splitter group of the Far-Right movement "Ordre Nouveau" lead by François Brigneau intended to defend the Nationalist movements of the Third World particularly the Arab states opposed to Zionism as they what perceived as American Imperialism but then the organization claim both to Jean Thiriart, Mao Zedong, Friedrich Nietzsche and even Che Guevara and Bouchet joined the "Revolutionary Nationalist Groups" (GNR) lead by François Duprat.

From December 1980 to August 2012, Christian Bouchet makes eleven trips ranging from a few weeks to several months from Northern India to valleys of the Himalayan range explaining his interest in this country by reading at fourteen pilgrimage to sources of Lanza del Vasto while during his first stay received an private audience by both the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso & Kalou Rinpoche before meeting with Savitri Devi but then he will declare to have been very disappointed with this File:Nazfur.png cat mother as he will qualify his positions as falling under a Neo-Nazism that was parodic fantasized and Bouchet during other stays attends the Prayag Kumbh Mela located in the Uttar Pradesh, India on the pilgrimage to the Amarnath Temple performing the Chardham Yatra before the pilgrimage to the sources of the Ganges river claiming to have bathed in the river at Benares, Uttar Pradesh moving from the Yamuna River to the city of Mathura, Agra, Mathura later.

In 1980, Christian Bouchet left the "Revolutionary Nationalist Movement" (MNR) lead by Jean-Gilles Malliarakis after becoming a member for short time which he questions the l’inadequacy of theses with real life to join the "Republican Action Committees" (CAR) lead by Bruno Megret while being close at this time to the "Nouvelle Droite" (ND) lead by Alain de Benoist before being a member of the "Groupement De Recherche Et D'études Pour La Civilisation" (GRECE) but then Bouchet attends meetings of the "Carrefour De L'Horloge" (CDH) lead by Henry de Lesquen and in March 16th 1986, Bouchet after the lection of Bruno Megret as deputy during the 1986 French legislative election made an alliance with the "National Front" (FN) lead by Jean-Marie Le Pen as it solicits local (FN) officials at the request of the (CAR) management until he is disappointed by the reception they offer in which he leaves the (CAR) saying to return to his first loves by joining the "Third Way" lead by Jean Gilles Malliarakis.

In 1989, Christian Bouchet published a monthly bulletin known as the "Alternative Tercerist - Battle Sheet Of Radical Tercerists" in which according to the authors by saying "This was not about competing with the already existing tercerist press but to give the floor to the most resolute Revolutionary Nationalists." while internal tensions between the "Revolutionary Nationalist Movement" (MNR) lead by Jean-Gilles Malliarakis who is favor of a rapprochement with the "National Front" (FN) lead by Jean-Marie Le Pen with the faction lead by Bouchet himself as the Radical Revolutionary Nationalists are hostile to the LePenism being violently Anti-Capitalist third-worlders that ends in a crisis but then in July 13th 1991, an internal meeting with Malliarakis supporters find themselves in a minority before leaving the room and in August 31st 1991, the "Provisional Executive Committee" dominated by Bouchet meets in Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpee as "All the federations of the movement are represented. The name of Third Way is abandoned for that of "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR), The strategic line adopted is that of the "Front Uni" Anti-System. It also lays the foundation for a European coordination as an embryo of a European Party".

In November 1991, Christian Bouchet published a monthly newspaper called the "People's Struggle" after the first issues has appeared being a reference to the "Organization Struggle Of The People" (OLP) as the "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) was split from the "Revolutionary Nationalist Movement" (MNR) lead by Jean-Gilles Malliarakis while the editing house of the movement was the Ars Magna to make an animation known as "She Will Make Appear A History Of Revolutionary Nationalism." but then Bouchet refused both the Liberal Capitalism along with Communist Egalitarian and advocated a Socialism on a continental scale by inventing European empire respecting cultural ethnic differences free from File:Identarian.png identity-destroying Capitalism.

The "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) lead by Christian Bouchet was diverse and was in total opposition to those led by the classical extreme right.

  • The "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) lead by Christian Bouchet did not deny the existence of social classes and supported the workers movements of struggle as the organization had in this case a workers structure called the "Workers Resistance".
  • The "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) lead by Christian Bouchet was very invested in the Anti-Clerical struggle by being Secular.
  • The "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) lead by Christian Bouchet led various committees against Disneyland along with File:McD.png "McDonalds" owned by Edward H. Rensi in the fight against American Imperialism.
  • The "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) lead by Christian Bouchet is invested in the Radical Ecological fight by controlling in France the national section of "Earth First!" lead by David Foreman.

In 1994, Christian Bouchet began to published several books on Aleister Crowley along with Anthroposophy, Islamism, Neo-Paganism, Spiritism and even the File:Wicca.png Wiccan faith while he published biographies of George Gurdjieff, Allan Kardec, File:German Idealism.png Rudolf Steiner & Karl Maria Wiligut but then Bouchet founded the "Centre International De Recherche Et D'etudes Martiniste" that gives information about Martinism that belongs to Catholic Christianity with Robert Amadou, Massimo Introvigne & Serge Caillet and Bounchet becomes a member of the "Ernest-Renan Circle" from 1997 to 2008.

The "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) lead by Christian Bouchet supported the movements Arab Nationalists by violently rejected the Zionism as the organization was campaigning for the creation of an Anti-System front gathering the radical enemies of the latter whether they are right or left while among his historical references mentioned the "Revolutionary Socialist Central Committee" (CCSR) as a small Blanquist Nationalist movement at the end of the 19th century but then the (NR) identifies with Joseph Stalin because his regime known as the Soviet Union would have been Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Individualist, Anti-Zionist and even Communitarian which respected family mixed with order that would ultimately make him an Anti-Marxist and in 1996, the (NR) legally lost its name when members of the "Parti Communautaire National-Européen" (PCN) lead by Luc Michel with which the organization was in bad terms file in the prefecture the statutes of a group named "Nouvelle Resistance".

The "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) lead by Christian Bouchet displayed official links with movements such as the "Tercera Via Solidarista" from Spain, the "Third Way" from Britain, the "Nuova Azione" from Italy, the "Area Terceirista" from Portugal, the "Elements" from Russia, the "Przelom Narodowy" from Poland and even the "Ulster Nation" with the movement also had ties with Swiss Far-Right movements before it is known that (NR) members went to Croatia to fight in the Bosnian War (1993-1995) in which Pierre Andre will be seriously injured during the fight while the (NR) held a congress meeting at Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur as the organization circles which later gave birth to the movement known as the "Radical Unity" but then it decided on the occasion of this congress to adopt a line more openly marked on the right and Bouchet's new newspaper "People's Struggle" broadcast in the kiosks by the "Presstalis" company leading to a striking positions of the "StreetPress" magazine due to an apology of a Pedophile Gabriel Matzneff.

In June 1998, Christian Bouchet formed the "Radical Unity" (UR) after the "Nouvelle Résistance" (NR) being dissolved since 1997 decide to impel a flexible structure as it is a question of favoring a strategy of Entryism in the national Right while the new group is rapidly aggregating Activists from all walks of life such as the "Groupe Union Défense" (GUD) lead by Alain Robert, the "L'Œuvre Française" lead by Pierre Sidos and even the "French And European Nationalist Party" (PNFE) lead by Erik Sausset but then the purpose of this alliance was to structure the Radical extra-Parliamentary tendency of the Far-Right in France and the group had two media outlets such as "Resistance!" and "Young Resistance" with the website before the group have gotten an especially a large production of stickers dealing with many topics in a way considered very provocative.

In 1999, the "Radical Unity" (UR) lead by Christian Bouchet has given full critical support to Bruno Megret for the creation of the "National Republican Movement" (MNR) before two political lines clashed within the (UR) for example a purely Nationalist Revolutionary one led by Bouchet with his deputy general secretary Sebastien Legentil and the other represented by executives from the South-East of France as Fabrizio Robert, Philip Vardon & Richard Roudier claiming theses of Guillaume Faye's while the exchanges result in a violent grip between the leaders of the two camps have the un-missing to puncture the eye of the other with a fork but then in 2002, Eddy Marsan who one of the movement's regional advisors left it first to join the "National Front" (NF) lead by Jean-Marie Le Pen and in June 2002, Bouchet founded the "Radical Network" that praised Hervé Ryssen, Francois Duprat, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chávez, Palestine, Iran and even Serbia & Montenegro until it has been dissolved since 2006 with it's symbol being a trident.

The strategy of the "Radical Unity" (UR) lead by Christian Bouchet was thus defined "In the current state of our development our strategy is not a strategy of taking power but a strategy of internal development and external influence. Clearly we want to create a Radical Nationalist structure of structured, consistent and conquering that by its very existence and by its weight influences the decisions with the positions taken by the national movement as a whole as we want to spread our ideas in the popular youth theoretically the most receptive to our ideals through targeted militant campaigns and through an adapted cultural fight. In doing so we want to contribute to a renationalization of youth by ideological impregnation in the same way as the propaganda of the various groups of extreme Left which did not have an immediate political outlet contributes to an ideological impregnation favorable to interbreeding and multicultural society".

The "Radical Unity" (UR) lead by Christian Bouchet claimed broad ideological historical affiliations such as Peronism, Nasserism, Ba'athism, Anti-Materialism, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Maurice Barrès, Georges Valois and even the Conservative Revolution backed up by Anti-Democracy, Anti-Plutocracy, Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Progressivism, Anti-Globalism, Anti-Reformism, Patriotic Socialism, Regionalism, Autonomism, Militantism and Constitutionism in their own sense.

From 1998 to 2002, Christian Bouchet led the so-called trend radical within the "National Republican Movement" (MNR) lead by Bruno Megret in which he joined the national council of the party for which in March 11th 2001, he ran in various elections such as the cantonal elections of 2001 in Reze where he obtained 6.75% of the vote while in June 9th 2002, he ran in the 2002 legislative elections in the fourth constituency of the Loire-Atlantique which covers in particular Reze where he gets only 0.54 % of the vote but then in July 14th 2002, after the failed attack against President Jacques Chirac by Maxime Brunerie lead to the fall of the "Radical Unity" (UR) since August 6th 2002 and it has been done by the law of January 10th 1936 on combat groups & private militias because of ideologies of Racism, Discrimination, Anti-Semitism and even hatred & violence leading to Bouchet leaving his own group before the dissolution by the French government for a reason.

In April 22nd 2007, Christian Bouchet supports the candidacy of Jean-Marie Le Pen during the 2007 French presidential election while in May 2008, he joined the "National Front" (FN) where he occupies responsibilities at the departmental level before being appointed to the post of deputy departmental secretary of the (FN) of Loire-Atlantique since October 2010 until in May 2011, he left that position as the remaining member of the federal office even if Louis Aliot advance that he was pushed to this departure because of his animation of the site "Vox NR" that the interested party presents this change as a local reorganization which has no political or ideological reason in which he reaffirms its support for Marine Le Pen but then in November 2010, Bouchet actively promotes the candidacy of Le Pen supporting its committee before the Tours Congress of January 15th 2011 and in March 9th 2008, it has been noticed that Bouchet was candidate under the label of the party in various elections for example being a substitute for Oriane Borja in Reze in the 2008 French cantonal elections.

In March 14th 2010, Christian Bouchet has been voted in second in the Loire-Atlantique list in the 2010 Regional elections in the Pays de la Loire before a year later he was candidate in the Eantonal elections of 2011 to La Baule-Escoublac where he gets 12.80% of the vote while he becomes editorialist of the site "Vox NR" leading himself to become the correspondent in France of the Italian daily newspaper "Rinaschita" edited by Alberto Asor Rosa but then Bouchet is deputy editor responsible for international pages in the bi-monthly "Flash" newspaper and then he is currently a contributor to the annual review "Occultae Historia".

Christian Bouchet's activities have been the source of various criticisms thus suspected of belonging to various structures such as File:Heathry.png Heathenry, Paramasonry or even Sectarianism in which he questioned in the book "Interviews With Remarkable Men" he specified "I have never been Thelemit nor even Crowleyen. If I have to look for a hypothetical mentor it is by no means Aleister Crowley that I am indebted but Julius Evola and in a more discreet way Rene Guenon." before concluding that each civilization has its own Tradition and that for Western Europeans this Tradition is Catholic." and the book known as "In Extreme Rights in Europe" pointed out that Jean-Yves Camus along with Nicolas Lebourg give it as showing a marked attachment to a non-Liberal Catholic faith.

In 2012, Christian Bouchet obtains the nomination of the "National Front" (FN) lead by Jean-Marie Le Pen to be a candidate for 2012 French legislative election in the third district of Loire-Atlantique after ceasing to contribute to "Vox NR" with information about Oswald Mosley, Gabriele d'Annunzio & Carlos the Jackal before Bouchet then faces the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault becoming comes third with 8.50% of the votes while in March 23rd 2014, he was candidate head of list for 2014 municipal elections in Nantes where he comes in fourth position with a score of 8.14% along in March 22nd 2015, he was candidate for 2015 departmental elections in Loire-Atlantique in the canton of Nantes-5 in pairs with Béatrice Le Naour where he came third with 15.23% of the votes but then in December 6th 2015, he was placed in the 5th position eligible on the (FN) list in Loire-Atlantique during the 2015 Regional elections in the Pays de la Loire and he resigns from his responsibilities within this party in which he disappears from his organizational chart.

In October 2016, Samuel Potier accuses Christian Bouchet after his ouster from this post in which his predecessors of having left a federation in ruins as Bouchet disputes in the press while in May 7th 2017, he believes that the very important recoil of the "National Front" (FN) lead by Jean-Marie Le Pen is due to the inaction of his new management team but then he founded the editions known as "Ars Magna" as he currently collaborating in journals such as "Reflect & Act" along with the "National Synthesis" but then Bouchet claims that his best friend Alexander Dugin reportedly opened immense perspectives on Orthodox Christianity, Islam and even Judaism not to mention the links between Tradition and Geopolitics for that reason and Bouchet uses his own pseudonyms like Loic Baudoin or Lionel Placet.

Christian Bouchet was a widower of a teacher since 1995 before he was then the spouse of Oriane Borja leading to divorce even the new couple have been remarried while he is the father of Gauthier Bouchet who is a departmental delegate of Loire-Atlantique, regional advisor of the Pays de la Loire and even former elected official of Saint-Nazaire but it has been noticed that Bouchet was successively head of service at the town hall of Vertou later becoming a real estate agent and he is professor of economic marketing in senior technician section at the agricultural high school known as the École Supérieure D'Agricultures D'Angers.

In 2018, Christian Bouchet attacked the Communist deputy at the Paris city hall named Ian Brossat on Twitter by pointing out his Homosexuality while he was a reserve captain but then in October 26th 2021, Bouchet was fined 500 euros for reviling due to sexual orientation and in December 22nd 2022, the conviction has been overturned on appeal.


Paetelism is based on the thoughts of German political figure Karl Otto Paetel. Paetel sought to combine ordinary Marxist thought with Ultranationalism. He, unlike the meme version, hated Fascism and Nazism due to their Anti-Marxism and, according to him, non-German nature. Also unlike the modern, stereotypical NazBol, he was opposed to the Strasser brothers, specifically Otto, accusing him of not understanding Marxism and being insufficiently socialist. Christianity was also something that he despised as he saw it as a philosophy which was alien to German society.




Sven Olov Knutsson Lindholm (8 February 1903 – 26 April 1998) was a Swedish Nazi leader, active in far right politics from the 1920s to the 1950s. This included leading the Nazi party named Svensk socialistisk samling (SSS; literally "Swedish Socialist Union"); despite its name, this party was widely regarded as propagating a fascist / Nazi ideology.

Although Lindholm embraced Nazism, by 1938 he had grown critical of the German government and Hitlerism. He instead tried to take a more Sweden-focused and Anti-Capitalist route and took inspiration from Strasserism. The SSS became a more socialist party while still keeping its nazi foundation.

His political ideology during this time had an almost Marxist undertone with the struggle of the Swedish worker against the Jewish capitalist as his main focus. The workers' revolution and their freedom from the industrial machine could also be found in his writings. He favored a much more simple and agrarian life, separate from the modernity of Capitalism.

In later years, during the 1970s and 1980s, he renounced his former belief and anti-semitism, and stated he believed the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany had happened and that it was a crime. He quit the Nazi movement, and became a supporter of the political left and the peace movement.[3]


Thiriartism is based on the ideas of Jean-François. Thiriart wishes to combine Ethnic Ultranationalism and National Communism and thus bridging the gap between the far-left and far-right. Although he publically disavowed Fascism, his political beliefs could be described as rather fascistic. He also wanted to create a revolutionary Euro-Soviet empire with a centralized government. Much of southern Asia would also be incorporated into this hypothetical nation.


Yockeyism is based on the thoughts of America political figure Francis Parker Yockey.

He was born at Chicago, Illinois, United States of America on September 18th 1917 and he was the youngest of four siblings in a Catholic bourgeoisie family of Irish & German descent but there is a rumour in which Francis Parker Yockey was one-quarter Jewish according to a biographer named Kevin Coogan. He was moved to be raised in Ludington, Michigan and he learned classical piano while his father was a stockbroker.

Francis Parker Yockey has studied for two years from 1934 to 1936 as a undergraduate at the University of Michigan but later moved to Georgetown University and he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona. Yockey has been attracted to Socialist/left-wing movements in his early life but then supported Adolf Hitler and National Socialism during the 1930s while in the colleges or universities supported Oswald Spengler & Carl Schmitt in which he lead himself being accused of plagiarizing. Yockey did not see race as strictly biological definition but as a spiritual definition in which he paired with German general Karl Haushofer's geopolitics and he joined up with the Silver Legion of America 1933-1941 & the German American Bund 1936-1941.

In 1938, Francis Parker Yockey wrote an essay called "The Tragedy of Youth" in which it was published in a political journal called Social Justice known for publishing Far-Right stuff to be distributed by radio Priest Charles Coughlin and in 1939, Yockey spoke at a Silvershirt gathering. Yockey began to study law in the Northwestern University but later at De Paul University and he graduated from the Notre Dame Law School in 1941, but he declared himself not to dine with Black, Communist & Jewish students in those schools.

In 1942, Francis Parker Yockey enlisted in the U.S. Army serving in an intelligence unit but he went AWOL from his camp in Georgia in November 1942, for a mission to Texas and Mexico while the rumours according to the same biographer named Kevin Coogan suggests that Yockey secretly helped German Nazi spies who had landed in North America. In 1943, Yockey received a discharge from the U.S Army for "Dementia Praecox, paranoid type" after suffering a nervous breakdown or feigning it one but after that he is placed in a government list of Americans suspected of Pro-Nazi or Pro-Fascist views and in 1944, he just became an assistant prosecuting attorney for Wayne County, Michigan, but then got bored by the work leaving it in 1945.

In 1946, Francis Parkey Yockey got a job with the United States War Department in Wiesbaden, Germany as a post-trial review attorney for the Nuremberg Trials and moved to Germany with his wife along with his two daughters while the rumours suggests the fact that Yockey may have tried to help accused German war criminals including SS General Otto Ohlendorf by sharing top-secret documents with German defense lawyers in which led him to be fired in November 1946, for the "abandonment of position" by helping German National Socialists. After Yockey got fired from his job he agitated against Allied occupation of Germany while accusing the Nuremberg Trial for bias and then later he worked for the Red Cross in Germany but abandoned his post that lead to the U.S. intelligence try to track him down from 1946 to 1947 in which lead Yockey to left his estranged wife along with his two daughters in Germany for his exile in Brittas Bay, Ireland.

In 1948, Francis Parker Yockey wrote a book called "Imperium : The Philosophy of History and Politics" in which about a Spenglerian critique of 19th century Materialism & Rationalism while it scorns Democracy & Equality, praising Nazism, deny the Holocaust, fulfil the Roman role of uniting Europe into an empire and blame the Jews for the various problems of the world. Yockey mailed the copies of the book to far-right figures from Europe to America and the views expressed in it were endorsed by German General Otto Remer, Revilo P. Oliver & Julius Evola.

Francis Parker Yockey became embittered with Sir Oswald Mosley after refusing to publish or review Imperium upon its completion after having promised to do so and then Mosley punched Yockey in the nose during a dispute in London's Hyde Park. After that Yockey along with small groups of British Fascists including Guy Chesham & John Gannon formed the European Liberation Front 1948-1954 as a alternative to the Union Movement and it has ties with old German Nazis along with other fascists while the newsletter of the organization was named "Frontfighter". In 1949, Yockey published "The Proclamation of London" in which called for a reinstatement of National Socialism in Europe it was an Anti-American, Anti-communist and Anti-Semitic text. The European Liberation Front was opposed by Leftist groups, Liberal groups & other Neo-Fascist groups and in 1954, it was dissolved due to 150 members being alienated by Yockey's imperious personality.

In 1950, Francis Parker Yockey moved back to the United States in which he travelled into Los Angeles, New York & San Francisco to collaborate with Far-Right activists according to the FBI and he spoke at the 1950 Christian Nationalist Party convention in Los Angeles organized by Gerald L. K. Smith while also spent time in New Orleans writing propaganda for use to Fascists in Latin America even his intercepted letters to sent were often signed "Torquemada" after the torturer of the Spanish Inquisition. In 1951, Yockey was approached by the group of Anti-Communists and he was asked to ghost-write a speech for U.S Senator Joseph McCarthy in which tell the importance of greater friendship between America & Germany but McCarthy never delivered it as the theme of the speech when it was announced that cause a great deal of controversy.

In 1952, Francis Parker Yockey collaborated with the Soviet bloc intelligence to travel behind the Iron Curtain into the Soviet Union, East Germany & Cuba while he wrote an approval of Anti-Semitic purges in the Eastern bloc countries and he travelled to Prague, Czechoslovakia to witnessed the Prague Trials while it asserted that they foretold a Russian break with Jewry but with that He became a Czech Secret Service courier. In 1953, Yockey went to Cairo, Egypt in which he met President Gamal Abdel Nasser whom he called a great vigorous man and then worked briefly for the Egyptian Information Ministry by writing down Anti-Zionist propaganda in the Arab world while he made contact with German Nazi exiles including Otto Ernst Remer & Johann von Leers even Yockey reportedly tried to persuade Nasser to finance development of a cobalt bomb by Ex-Nazi scientists.

In 1957, the FBI have rumoured about Francis Parker Yockey being a womanizer while assessed that he was living in Los Angeles as a pimp or a gigolo and had written pornography for money including a sadomasochistic booklet called "Arduous Figure Training at Bondhaven" even it was later found in his suitcase. In 1960, Yockey was finally arrested in the location of Oakland, California after returning to his home country after a trip but his suitcase in which had either been lost or had broken open at the Dallas airport and the authorities found several of Yockey's falsified passports with some birth certificates that later to be reported to the federal government. Yockey was sent to prison in San Francisco in which visted by Willis Carto who later became the chief advocate and publisher of Yockey's ideas. In June 16th 1960, Yockey was soon after found dead with an empty cyanide capsule in his jail cell under FBI supervision leaving a note in which he claimed that he was committing suicide in order to protect the anonymity of his political contacts and the San Francisco Chronicle declared him "as a important figure in world Fascism as we now know."

George Lincoln Rockwell who is leader of the American Nazi Party 1959-1983 that have rejected Francis Parker Yockey due to his Anti-American attitude and willingness to work with Anti-Zionist Communist governments or movements while Colin Jordan disagreed with Yockey's views on race while saw him as advocating a new type of Strasserism in which would undermine Nazism.

Yockeyism had a greater impact in the Europen Far Right including figures like Aleksandr Dugin, Jean Thiriart, Alain de Benoist & Guillaume Faye who praise Francis Parker Yockey for his ideas and Dan Burros, James H. Madole, & Carl Schmitt had a copy of his book called Imperium.

Chen Quanguo Thought/Xinjiangian System

Chen Quanguo is the architect of the Uyghur genocide and probably the most extreme nationalist in all of the CCP. He is responsible for the enslavement, detainment, and deportation of Uyghurs, while also having a record of harsh past governance of Tibet. Quanguo is explicitly a Han supremacist, who tried to sinicize ethnic minorities in an attempt to create a "pure" China. Eventually, he was fired in 2021 from his post because his actions were a PR nightmare for the CCP.


Article in the Polish wiki: here WIP

Personality and Behavior

In the comics, Nazbol is most often depicted as closer to the meme version of the ideology as opposed to any real-life counterparts. He can be depicted with a range of stereotypes surrounding political extremists (himself being a combination of two of them) but is usually seen as erratic, insane, edgy, and occasionally prone to violence, especially in response to perceived threats from subversive globalists and capitalist pigs. Nazbol commonly uses a "GANG GANG GANG GANG", mantra. Additionally, he has an unhealthy obsession with Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler and has posters of both all across his room, occasionally having posters of other dictators, such as Pol Pot, Kim Il-Sung, Mussolini, etc. He's also portrayed as a racist and ethnocentrist but justifies it as "class-warfare" against "hereditary-reactionaries", which he uses for all minorities he dislikes but especially for Jewish people. Mostly hangs out with Strasserism and National Anarchism. Has a one-sided relationship with Nazi and ML/Natcom, with neither of the three having any respect for him.

How to Draw

Flag of National Bolshevism

The Nazbol flag is a fusion of the Nazi and Marxist-Leninist flags.

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Color the ball red (#EC0002).
  3. Draw a white (#FFFFFF) circle in the middle of the front of the ball.
  4. Draw a black (#141414) hammer and sickle in the middle of the circle.
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #EC0002 236, 0, 2
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Black #141414 20, 20, 20



  • Stalinism - The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was based. Love how Stalin, a member of the Georgian Aryan race, expanded the Soviet Union made by the socialist values first established by the Pure Russian people and spreading its homelands' superior ethnocultural socialist values, worldview and ideology for all in its borders, to its honorary satellite-states, and beyond to forcefully be embraced under threat of being sent to Gulags. WHICH IS GIGABASED AS F*CK! Too bad that you and him turned sworn enemies. Why detain Ustryalov? And why are your modern fans woke globetards?
  • Nazism - Even if he kinda considers himself a socialist, he's really not and just does it for optics, but regardless we still work together very often. Still, you can still be a loyal part of my GANG. Nice job with the camps, will take note for when we prepare to deal with those Jewish hereditary reactionaries! Cool down with bullying Slavs and your gleichschaltung "privatization" scheme though, or at least that's what they say it means. However, your only mistake was betraying the USSR.
  • Strasserism - Like the previous but is more socialist. My closest friend and is closest to me ideologically. We love hunting down k*ke capitalists together. (I don't know about your "daughter" though)
  • Neosocialism - Strasserism's French son and a true revolutionary comrade.
  • Juche - The closest thing to me in real life that is still around. GANG GANG.
  • Fascism - Your cultural views, commitment to nationalism and critique of degenerate (((capitalists))) will always be worthy of respect in my eyes. But please shift more economically to the left though.
  • National Syndicalism - Like Fascism but more Socialist. Welcome to the GANG, my friend.
  • National Anarchism- He's basically me as an anarchist !? Based! He takes uniting the left and right and against the center to new heights. I am sure we will reach you eventually after we deal with purging all the degenerates, hereditary-reactionaries, and other inferiors with our hyper-totalitarian state as well as spreading the nazbol empire worldwide to form our glorious national-Internationale.
  • Eco-Fascism - We've been getting along well lately as his views on environmental protection need economic collectivism.
  • Falangism - Spanish associate and high-ranking GANG member. Shouldn't have shot Stalinists in the Spanish Civil War though but we can ignore that today.
  • Ba'athism - Socialism? Based. Authoritarianism? Also based. Committing genocide on ethnic minorities? BASED!
  • Fourth Theory - My son who reintroduced my theories into the real world. But why don't you like your grandpa? I know he killed Russians but so did he, you gotta learn to forgive and forget, son.
  • Marxism - Yes, you might be a Jew but you are /OURJEW/. I absolutely love your ideas and writings, especially on the Jewish question, one of the few of your race to be born without such hereditary reactionary qualities and which we will use to purge the other social parasites of your race.
  • Anarcho-Collectivism - Opponent of the guy above, who is no less based! Good economics, and views on Slavic patriotism and Jews. You can join the GANG too.
  • Anti-Centrism - The reason everyone thinks I'm some sort of nazi-communist... which is because I am! Unite left and right, and against the center... CLASS AND NATION!
  • Ethnocacerism - My Native American son I love your dedication to getting rid of those filthy invaders and immigrants, alongside your reactionary nature and belief in the overt ethnic supremacy of your people.
  • Futurism - This is how revolutionary nationalism shows in art, great job Carli!
  • Hive-Mind Kraterocracy - Basically me, but on drugs...


  • Pol Potism - Agrarian socialist ethno-states are based. Please don't kill my intellectual reactionary friends though.
  • Ingsoc - You also combine German and Soviet totalitarianism, but you don't really care about race or communism. You're just a generic ultra-statist.
  • National Communism - We're almost an ideological match in regards to strong nationalism, but flirting with progressivism is just degenerate, and you are too moderate in regards to racism towards hereditary reactionaries, and fascism isn't bad, he is just jealous that I am going to become his successor who takes his ideas to the next level.
  • Conservative Socialism - Another culturally-right socialist. Most of you are moderates who need more fascism and totalitarianism. Sorry, but you on steroids is still more based. That being said, some of your members like Haz are a great exception, whose a really f*cking epic Dugin enjoyer, and support me and my ideas even if he openly denies it and sometimes calls me a "liberal" for working with the Russian opposition.
  • Putinism - I support your war against eurolibtards and you like the GREAT Soviet past (at least aesthetcially), but you're too pro-corporate. Still much better than Y*ltsin.
  • Jewish-Nazism - He also is hated by both his parents! Also, he hates Jews as much as I do! But he still is one, so that kinda sucks.
  • Monarcho-Socialism - We're not friends, but I respect his love for strongman leaders and socialism. I've always found his ways intriguing and besides, we're the only 2 that show up to the Mladorossi fan meetings.
  • Maoism - Good comrade but what's up with this internationalism and cultural revolution bullcrap? At least you inspired that very based Franco Freda, a true Nazi-Maoist comrade for sure.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - You may have been a good steppingstone for my praxis, but you are WAY too moderate, and even worse your hate for imperialism, and how you sometimes try to HELP or even REPRESENT the will of those disgusting minorities is just cancer. I'm not letting you join the GANG unless you drop your cringe progressivism and become a BASED racist totalitarian like me.
  • Welfare Chauvinism - Almost there!
  • Paternalistic Conservatism - Good candidate for Nazbol radicalization.
  • Jacksonian Democracy - The only Classical Liberal that i like. it's good that you support the common white man, but Democracy and Capitalism? seriously?...
  • Democratic Socialism - You could have been helping me infiltrate liberal democracies but you're too busy spending time with degenerates. How pitiful.
  • Reactionary Socialism - Traditionalism is based but feudalism weakens the nation. Why can't you understand that central control is needed for our great socialist ethnostate?
  • Black Nationalism - I didn't say that socialist racial states can't be made by inferiors blacks... based! But stop hating on BASED whites. Despite that, and many of you being descended from hereditary reactionaries, some of your views are fairly based, especially those wanting "Black Juche" which sounds really epic Now if only we can get white Juche. Though we probably will need to remain separate in our own ethnostates, since most of you are not of the master race and thus cannot become "true" communists, although one of you is 100% /OURGUY/ and has proven to us that a true Afro-Slavo-Aryan does in fact exist.
  • Libertarianism - Your economics are cringe and so is your gun rights, but your foreign policy would be a useful measure to end US imperialism and you would certainly weaken American power for us to invade you and create our glorious national-internationale. Oh, and Haz did it better.
  • National Libertarianism - Improved version of above *specially if we talk about your alt-self .
  • Tuckerism - I wish the day you become the main representative of the GOP and win the elections. The day I turn on the old TV and see the breaking news of you getting 270 is in my dreams, that is the day Nazbol gang shall fully thrive. Still too moderate for me
  • Crusade of Romanianism - Me but libertarian and anti-nazi.
  • Imperialism - ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE!!! But also says I like him when I don't, Genghis Khan wasn't imperialist (and was a GREAT man along with Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot) and neither was the Roman Empire! also Dengist China's means of dealing with minorities is BASED! You know, Scratch that. Imperialism is ONLY bad when it is done by the "West" basically anyone I see as my enemy... Otherwise it's BASED!!!
  • National Capitalism - Fake nationalist and capitalist scum. Based for being against ethnic minorities, though.
  • Xi Jinping Thought - Han supremacist socialism? Concentration camps for ethnic minorities! Based! Just be less capitalist and less friendly to Israel and you will be perfect. (your fangirls and Xinjiang enforcer are even better) However, you are far too economically and socially moderate for my liking, but still.
  • Alt-Right - Stop calling me a Judeobolshevik, we hate Jews too :(
  • .Homofascism - A revisionist f*g and hereditary reactionary who weakens the race with their judeo-capitalist degeneracy but at the same time we're also brothers in spirit in a way since we both attempt to combine the values of the left and right and are thus shunned by both sides for it, even if you're just a reverse of me on the economic-cultural axis. and we're also the only two who unironically ship Hitler with Stalin...
  • Stransserism - ... WHAT?


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  1. "Our philosophy should be a synthesis between National Socialism and communism."
  5. Koth was formerly a member of the KPDML a famously Hoxhaist organization