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Social Credit, sometimes shortened to SoCred, is an economical system that advocates for social control of credit, a national dividend, and other policies that aim to raise consumer's purchasing power and decentralize economic power.

Foundations and Beliefs

Purpose of the Economy and Waste

SoCred believes that the purpose of an economy is to provide goods and services that increase personal well-being, however not every good serves this purpose, these goods are waste. This waste hurts the consumer, since the price of products is increased because of it, hurting his purchasing power.

Production and Cultural Inheritance

For them, there are four factors in production. Land, labor, capital, and Cultural Inheritance, with the last one having the most importance. Cultural Inheritance is the knowledge, process, and techniques that are developed by past civilizations. These ideas make it so that we don't need to reinvent the wheel, making production easier and more valuable

Ticket Money


He hates being confused for Dengism or Xi Jinping Thought, and will be quick to correct anyone who makes this confusion, often going on a long-winded rant on how his ideology is perhaps the exact opposite of Chinese social credit.

How to Draw

Flag of Social Credit
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Color the ball in very dark, de-saturated green-cyan.
  3. Add two vertical, parallel white lines on the left side in white.
  4. Draw two smaller, diagonal lines on the lines, both of them opposite on each side on the top of the lines.
  5. Add the eyes

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Green-Cyan #315e4e 49, 94, 78
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



  • Longism - Likes wealth distribution and increasing consumer purchasing power. Based.
  • Lawsonomy - Anti-bank gang!
  • Distributism - Great friend from the start. He helped influence a lot of the old social credit parties.
  • Ricardian Socialism - Good influence on my ideas.



  • Financialism - I hate you for forcing the consumers to go into debt.
  • Zionism - "What is interesting about ["The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"], is the fidelity with which the methods by which such enslavement might be brought about can be seen reflected in the facts of everyday experience."
  • Dengism - You've ruined the great name of social credit! Now everyone confuses my ideology with you!
  • Right-Wing Populism - Bastard who hijacked my party.
  • Satirism - For the love of god, I'm not that Social Credit!
  • PCM - You too, the thing above.


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