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Hi there, you can call me Aqua. Not sure why you're reading this, but thanks for coming!

I'm a rising university freshman, who currently lives in China. I mostly play Geometry Dash. I play the piano and I enjoy creative writing. If you wanna hang out, feel free to add me on Discord @ AquaHeart#9757!

This is a page describing, roughly, my personal ideology. No matter how much/little you agree with my ideology, I hope that you can respect my beliefs, and that you will have a good time reading! ^^ Thanks for coming to my page!


The 3rd Aquarian Model, now known simply as Aquarian Model, and usually shortened to AquaModel or AquaSoc (or basically, Aqua's ideology), is an economically left-wing, culturally left-wing, and civically moderate ideology. She has been the predominant political model of the Socialist Republic of Aquaria since late 2019. Heavily inspired from Democratic Socialism , she combines some elements of liberal democracy with modern socialist thought. Much like her siblings, 1st Aquarian Model and 2nd Aquarian Model, she also has an emphasis on environmentalism (combatting climate change).

Flag of the Socialist Republic of Aquaria.

Aquarian Model's prime guiding value is love. This value of love can be defined in many ways, as will be described below.

Firstly, she believes that people can not, and have never been, born evil. She believes that evil is only activated and brought out in an individual after the forces of society corrupt them. This applies to both criminals and believers of ideologies she sees as corrupt/evil. As such, she does not like the concept of murdering or executing people, being more fond of rehabilitation.

She fully supports expansion of the rights of minority groups, be them in race, ethnicity, physical/mental ability, gender, or sexuality. In her belief, love should transcend to every human being, no matter how they were born, no matter how they identify. Her support for cultural progressivism is strongest when the country in concern is culturally conservative. In more culturally progressive countries, she finds it more feasible to focus on advancing economic leftism instead. She is unsure how to feel about culturally far-left concepts such as polyamory, xenogenders, and the abolition of gender, but she is not explicitly against them, and is comfortable allowing everyone to live their lives however they wish.

Despite being a culturally progressive ideology, Aquarian Model enjoys family values, to an extent. She is somewhat concerned for low birth rates, and is moderate on the issue of abortion. She believes that parents should nurture a child to live by the prime value of love, through showing extensive love and care for their children, as well as demonstrating through example in their lives beyond the family. She does not like helicopter parenting, though, and is frustrated by parents who do not respect their children's individuality.

Finally, and perhaps most noticeably, the value of love guides her political views. She believes in socialism because, quite simply, it is significantly more compassionate than capitalism. She cares deeply for the environment, and wants to stop climate change, because she believes that love should extend to not just all humans, but also to planet Earth, the ultimate cradle of life, and all of its denizens. She believes in democracy, as she believes that despite its flaws, it is the most capable civic system in sustaining the value of love, especially compared to totalitarianism, which she sees as corrupt, and anarchism, which she sees as unstable. She is, however, in favor of reforming modern democratic systems in the west to combat their issues of lobbying, elitism, and kakistocratic populism.

Aquarian Model's political compass positions. (From SapplyValues)


Aquarian Model is usually seen as either somewhat playful, or quite mellow, depending on her mood. She feels good chemistry with both her siblings, and shows unconditional love to them. She tries to be as nice to everyone as her emotional capacity allows. However, whenever her dad or mom are brought up in any capacity, she will be frustrated, and will complain to other ideology balls about how much she dislikes them.

Like her siblings, she has a passion for nature. She enjoys relaxing and meditating in numerous natural scenes, especially those with a water body, such as lakes, waterfalls, and ocean shores. Unlike her siblings, she is rather esoteric, and often speaks like a pagan priestess, which sometimes causes other ideology balls to be confused or annoyed. Her siblings don't seem to mind, though.

Stylistic Notes

  • Timid, softspoken
  • Dislikes violence
  • Often found meditating, in some place in the wilderness
  • Usually formal in speech, but can be playful when she's happy
  • Likes complaining about China
  • Gets fired up by mentions of China or Christianity



  • Democratic Socialism - One of my biggest inspirations.
  • Eco-Socialism - Green is the new red!
  • Environmentalism - Protect Mother Earth!
  • Socialism - An economic system that works for the many, not the few.
  • Progressivism - Sometimes too comfortable with the Overton Window for my liking, but overall, I like you.
  • Enlightenment Thought - DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING!
  • Libertarian Socialism - A close friend who values many of the same things, and I enjoy debating issues with.
  • Luxemburgism - My favorite Marxist, who has great political and cultural views.
  • 2nd Aquarian Model - My older sister, who I respect and love. I usually get along pretty well with you; I just wish you were a bit more keen to challenge the Overton Window. Thank you for passing me the torch!
  • 1st Aquarian Model - My older brother, who I also respect and love. We may differ significantly on economics, but we still value many of the same things. He loves it when I bash China. Based.


  • Buddhist Theocracy - Fellow critic of materialism, probably the least corrupt of the theocrats. I like how you rule Bhutan, but you frighten me with your actions in Myanmar.
  • Distributism - If you weren't culturally conservative, you'd make a good friend.
  • Liberalism - I appreciate many of the ways you think and operate, but you're too afraid to challenge the status quo.
  • Classical Liberalism - Helped spread the values of the Enlightenment, and is currently my biggest ally against the CCP. I don't like your laissez-faire economics, though.
  • Trotskyism - You would be better if you didn't squander your efforts on imperialism.
  • Anarcho-Communism - Spoiled child.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Quit your dictator apologism!
  • Accelerationism - You're funny.
  • Acid Communism - Renounce your nihilism and grow a spine.


  • Maoism - That's the most laughable "cultural revolution" I've ever heard of.
  • Dengism - A shame to the Chinese ethnicity. It's truly difficult to construct an ideology more morally twisted than you!
  • Christian Democracy - You're an oxymoron.
  • Fascism - No thanks.
  • Capitalism - Your materialism is a plague to this world.
  • Neoliberalism - An amoral materialist, whose identity politics are frankly pitiful to watch.
  • Conservatism - Wow, you make Neoliberalism look good.
  • Conservative Socialism - For the last time, homosexuality is NOT a "western degeneracy"!
  • Libertarianism - If you wish not to be tread on, stop treading on other people.
  • Reactionaryism - You will never win.
  • Radical Feminism - I kind of understand where you come from, but you are allowing fear and bigotry to guide you. I pray that you one day understand the error of your ways.
  • Imperialism - I don't even know where to begin describing how evil you are.
  • Neoconservatism - Neo-imperialist.
  • Western/Middle-Eastern Theocracies - The biggest practitioners of fraudulence on planet Earth.