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This page is outdated

I dont work on this page anymore but I still make edits to the wiki and icons (if you want an icon just ask in the icon requests)

Why the feminist movement is counterrevolutionary

Here me out before you say these wild things bout me you gotta listen. Ever since its inception the feminist movement has been anti revolutionary starting with the reactionary pro slavery movement led by the rascist bitch Susan B Anthony and her band of reactionaries who tried to drown out slavery with their false cries of oppression. Now the Marxist/Communist movement is inherently feminist as it tries to achieve rights for all there for Marxists are already femnist so Marxism is by default Marxist Feminism I support Marxist Femnism but “normal” feminism is bourgeoisie and tries to drown out more important issues like class,race and sexuality with their white women tears. White women have had rights from the beginning and if they truly believe in equality they would be marxist. Their fore Feminists (of the non Marxist mainstream variety) are kulaks and bourgeoisie, class collaborating, counterrevolutionary pigs

My political journey

// ///////File:Ml.png/

  • - i was just a dumb kid who lived in the liberal town of Louisville KY
  • - my politics started when trump was elected and I hated him, I had loved Obama and was sad when he left office I also hated Hillary tho and preferred trump over her. My dad also educated me on the evils of communism
  • - when i moved from Kentucky to North Dakota which is a hardcore red state.When 2020 hit and all the kids in my class were spewing fanatic rhetoric i started to hate trump, I even wished America lost the us revolution so we could still be british. i liked the idea of a lib monarchy but I wasnt really a monarchist
  • - i went to a new school made new friends and discovered this wiki. I didnt make posts at this time or have an account
  • these next phases happened around the same time
  • - I was fluctuating in my views always having a crisis I started to research anarcho monarchist thought and had a short Anarcho-Monarchist phase. This also marked my transition from reading WWII history to cold war history which would become timeliness to my present views.
  • - My views kept changing and that led to this phase where I was having bad grades and getting mad at everyone and hated all authority so i became an existential anarchist
  • - my views solidified into something coherent and I first made this account. I really wanted the left to get along (I also discovered the Cpusa)
  • - became more and more sympathetic to socialism but I wasn't an outed communist
  • - From my knowledge from cold war material and browsing the CPUSA website it became clear that a liberal democracy would never work as conservatives and plutocrats would just keep getting elected I embraced communism
  • - I realized I didn’t know much about communism and needed to go back to my roots, I moved away from revisionism and I am still researching and reading theory
  • - Uhhh

Communism the christian way

I used to think christianity is reactionary and atheism was the way but I like the idea of going to heaven and honestly communism is a good Christian beleif and jesus even preached socialism. I will never want to force my religion on people dispute my renewal of faith and politicaly im pretty much the same. Atheism is fine but it shouldnt be forced on people islam is also like catholicism fundamentally socialist same with buddhism. My main problem is with Protestantism, Prots are far more reactionary in america than catholics and in a catholic church you will find more progressive views. Prots are far more conservative and likely to be extremist like the klan unlike catholics who are more social oriented. No matter what religion however anyone can become a communist

Views on currrent conlficts

Russo-Ukrainian war

Death to UKKKraine Z


Ideological Realtions

* Socialism- extremely based

  • Marxism- based an amazing ideology we need to liberate the working class
  • Leninism - The vanagaurd is very based
  • Marxism-Leninism - most based ideology ever
  • African Socialism- one of my major influences. We must liberate africa from imperialism
  • Maoism - Based The amount of people Mao killed is, I'd estimate 87% exaggerated
  • Stalinism - Based
  • Christian Socialism
  • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - NICE!
    • National Democracy - Keep fighting the good fight you will get rid of this corrupt hereditary dictatorship
  • Guevarism- everything Che did was based a... bit revisionist tho
  • God worshiping society - Based
  • Marhaenism - Based helped guide Indonesia to a bright future that that chud Suharto fucked up
  • Islamic Socialism- Allahu Akbar! Just as good as (if not better than) Christian socialism
  • Gaddafism - based wanted a united arab state and was is a based socialist ideology (the green book is on my reading list)
  • Ba'athism "Muh progressive forces against imperialism" XD actually cringe neolibs. stop persecuting communists
  • Conservative Socialism - pretty based generally speaking, is fairly progressive in an Eastern European context I think the main problem with this ideology is the western Old Left which is really just conservative Social Democracy
  • Syndicalism - but a bit too decentralized for my taste but nevertheless a good means to an end
  • Marxist Feminism - the real feminist movement
  • Postcolonial Feminism - revolutionary feminist movement ok in my book
  • Black feminism - black women understand these issues they had to choose between civil rights and “women’s equality”
  • Social Feminism - based feminists who also get what im saying

* Caudillismo - depends like Castro is based but Franco...

  • Stratocracy also depends on the context
  • Posadism - Actually kinda based 💀,Environmentalist futuristic ideology just please dont end the world (but... only if the world ends can a true communist state be established) if only you weren’t a trot
  • Pacifist Feminism - Someone more based than default feminism

  • * Anarchism - uh i get along with some more leftist anarchists just generic anarchists are fine ig and tolerable (see argument above why i dont really care about them) just please research before you call yourself one

    * Capitalism - Worst. ideology. Ever

  • Liberal Democracy- Fools! idiots! they want to be progressive but are anti socialist these bourgeoisie must face the wall
  • Imperialism - Death to western imperialism
  • Social Darwinism- Nazi and Neonazi ideology. A fine idelogy for animals or cavemen but not people!
  • Avaritionism - Cringe Greedyism Just generic capitalism
  • Nazism - death to the Nazi Scum
  • Neo-Nazism- I want to personally kill you all. Somehow less hated in Amerikkka than communism
  • National Bolshevism - you scumbags infuriate me by pretending Lenin would have approved of you all. IDGAF about which way you lean right or left bigotry is terrible and must be destroyed. You chuds must die
  • Volkism - just proto nazism
  • Corporatism and othe 3rd position ideologies - Class collaborationism as an ideology is cringe. Is pretty much the dark side of Syndicalism
  • National Primitivism - as if primitivism could get stupider
  • Eco-Fascism - mabye we should stop telling them to touch grass
  • Homofascism - no matter what a nazi is a nazi
  • Absolute Monarchism - Holds people in serfdom must be overthrown
  • “Anarchism”- average teenager who wants to rebel and has never read theory lord i hate my peers
  • Green Anarchists - biggest anarkiddies round so fucking cringe im a green anarchist like they are just dumb bitches that have never read theory. Epitome of teenage “punk” girls ideology who pretend to be emo and cut themselves
  • National Anarchism - Bro what
  • Anarcha-Feminism - wow feminists trying to be edgy your soooooo special fucking reactionary
  • Religious Feminism - still reactionary no matter which religion yall are
  • CyberFeminism - fucking weird
  • Ecofeminism - stop trying to mask your reactionarism
  • Conservative Feminism - dumb tradbitch
  • Liberal Feminism - Liberalism is bourgeoisie and so are you. again trying to mask your feminist beliefs
  • Libertarian Feminism - super bourgeoisie feminism
  • burn in hell
  • Radical Feminism - literal man hating feminists somehow more sexist than manosphere
  • TWERFs avergae feminist moment
  • S*ffruagettes - worst of the worst
  • White Feminism racist feminism wow totally surprised
  • National Feminism - just fascists who were also feminists
  • Nordick Model - despite being loved by succ dems across the US it still practices western imperialism and lets big companies run wild

  • IRL People Relations

    * Jesus Christ - the most based human ever forgave our sins and gave us eternal salvation

    • Ted Kacynski - RIP
    • Thomas Sankara - a heroic liberator who is super based
    • Nelson Mandela - you are an incredible person who stood up against injustice and changed the world for the better (just a bit moderate)
    • Kwame Nkrumah - based liberator
    • African Socialism - RIP gigachad destroyer of Rhodesia
    • Patrice Lumumba - fought against mobuto’s CIA backed fascism
    • Gamal Abdel Nasser - based man who fought against imperialism
    • Muammar Gaddafi - based chad. super cool dude who stood up against imperialism and conservatism
    • José de Francia - based fighter of rascism (own those Cr*ollos) white more like was aight
    • Malcolm X - so incredibly based! you are one of the people i admire the most!
    • John Brown - He captured Harpers ferry with his 19 men so true, he frightened old Virginia till she trembled through and through, They hung him for a traitor themselves the traitor crew, BUT HIS SOUL GOES MARCHING ON
    • William T. Sherman - Based for his march to the sea that freed slaves and burning the Bourgeois South (Honestly you didnt go far enough you should have reduced Georgia to nothing)
    • Huey Long - Huey Long was based and an anti racist revolutionary
    • Josip Broz Tito - cringe Mark succ buuuuut you fought fashies and ran a successful anti western anti social imperialist nation
    • Enver Hoxha - *Hohxa salutes*Hohxa was based and one of the best communist leaders. ever (just stop calling me a revisionary!)
    • Mao Zedong - Hail to the great helmsman this guy was an amazing human one if the seminal heroes of the 20th century Deng fucked up one of the best countries ever[1]
    • Ho Chi Minh - Extremely based!
    • Klemet Gottwald - Based anti fascist Stalinist
    • Hafez al Assad Syria - Based anti imperialist
    • Huey Newton USA - the black panthers were based
    • Walter Ulbritch - Founded the DDR
    • Eric Honecker - So based the DDR's collapse was a tragedy
    • Joseph Stalin Georgia - may have done some "bad" things but actually benefited the USSR (I just wish you focused on encouraging foreign revolutions) also was made up by Banderites
    • Georgy Malenkov Russia - pretty good successor to Stalin
    • Mikhail SUSlov Russia- Fight Khrushchevite revisionism!
    • Gennady Zyuganov - Based guy

    * Lázaro Cárdenas - complicated guy on one hand did some based things on the otherhand was a Trot sympathizer

  • Emmerson Mnangagwa - R*former and responsible for many of the promblems Zimbabwe has (and gave land to Rh*desians) but anti western ZANU geurilla chad. Also being anti white nationalist does not make you a chauvinist

  • * Jimmy Carter- Cringe N*olib but personality wise you were great and you did lots of charity you will be missed

  • Dwight Eisenhower - cringe Neocuck who fought the glorious soviet union but you kicked Hitlers ass

  • * Ol Mitch McConnell - Mitch, Mitch, Mitch what to say about you, I was raised in your state and you were Senator as long as I can remember your just so old honestly average cringe Republican

  • Videla - mass murdering psychopath and anticommunist idiot, he killed communists to preserve his wealth and the status of the 1 percent
  • Banzer - repressing unions and minorities and chilling with him GO TO HELL
  • Stroessner - makes him look chill
  • Goering - absolutly evil (tno fatman funny lol)
  • Amadeo Bordingus - Left communism is retarded and you are the father of the retards
  • Mussolini - what do you think i going to say about him, father of fascism nuff said
  • Leopold II - literally capitalism and imperialism in its true finest form
  • Muhammad Idris bin Muhammad al-Mahdi as-Senussi (Idris of Libya) - Glad Gaddafi got rid of your regime
  • Saloth Sar (Pol Pot) - Slaughtered so many innocent people with his idocy. He was even worse because he claimed to be a communist despite his reactionarism and racism. BURN IN HELL
  • George Wallace - Racist asshole
  • Niki Haley - This Bitch!
  • Francisco Franco - FUCK YOU for beating the reds!

  • User Relations

    * Applethesky2021 - Sorta cringe but has some based takes and is nice anti communism is stupid and what do you mean Mao is a demon he is the opposite

  • Glencoe- Moderate... Has some based takes ig

  • *honestly unless your an ass to me or are a fascist you shouldnt be one here unless I hate you

  • UserWiki:CromwellStalinFan1918 - lotta cringe socialists need to read theory this guy needs to read a history book the confederates are NOT socialist and never were. Would almost be based execpt for the CSA has some cringe as fuck takes. He is focused on the past before communism was even existant like Caesar was not at all like lenin man

  • Political Parties/Movements I support (& those i dont)

    *note that these are ones i have reasearched

    *almost every party i have not researched

    * NRM- Fuck you, you dumbass edgy teens these idiots probably cant even name 7 Nordic gods they are a sad excuse for a terrorist organization

  • Aryan nations - Dam yall talk a big game but lets see how you do outside of prison, Id worry less about race and more about getting a job (no intelligent person will hire you with those tattoos)
  • Azov Regiment - I would join the Russian army just to shoot these bastards, They are the darlings of the west and Ukraines special forces
  • CasaPound Italia (CasaPound Italy) - these fools are winning elections and getting even stronger where are the red brigades when you need em
  • Atomwaffen Division - Stupid seigetard terrorists and not the good leftist kind
  • Falun Gong - dangerous reactionary death cult who fetishize trump must be eradicated quick

  • Other stuff

    Which figure do i remind you of

    • Apple - Ho Chih Minh + Hua Guofeng + Malcolm X (but Christian) - Noice

    Best Countries

    9. Nasserist Egypt

    8. Laos

    7. Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

    6. Vietnam

    5. People’s Socialist Republic of Albania

    4. Cuba

    3. German Democratic Republic

    2.. - PRC

    1. The Soviet Union was and is the best country of all time


    Icons I made

    • - Lin Biao
    • - British Movement
    • - national front
    • - Lee Harvey Oswald
    • - Caligula
    • - Center for political innovation (new design)
    • - Afroman
    • - Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
    • - Enviromental Terrorism(new design)
    • - Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Terrorism (new design)
    • Jonathan Bowden
    • - Nick Griffin
      Flag of User:Kentucky panda
      (new design)
    • - Björn Sveinsson Björnsson
    • - Abdourahamane Tchiani
    • - Assimi Goïta
    • - National Front (Flag Group)
    • - Official National Front
    • - Moderate Third Positionism
    • - Vaino Väljas
    • - Mao Spontex (version with Mao cap)
    • - French Maoism
    • - Prizrak brigade

    Icon requests

    • comment here if you want an icon


    Comment here I cleaned up my comments but i love any feedback or political discussions
    User:Khomeinism - Hello, I added you to my ideological relations with users.


    1. had a dream where his ghost was my friend he were pretty chill