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Not to be confused with Darwinism.

"With a higher moral nature will come a restriction on the multiplication of the inferior."

Social Darwinism, shortened to Darwinism, is an ideology inhabiting a far-right area outside of the political compass that advocates for a society where all murder, theft, and competition is legal, with the intention that only the strongest individuals will survive. "True" Social Darwinism has never been implemented in the real world and is largely based on fiction like the Purge films. Most ideologies that we might associate with Social Darwinism were actually influenced by Eugenicism

History and Variants


Spencerism refers to the philosophy and sociology of Herbert Spencer. Spencer was a 19th-century English author and philosopher born in Derby, England who wrote various texts about "Universal evolution" which was a theory believing that everything from the universe to societies to flowers starts out as homogeneous and then becomes heterogeneous before then transforming back into a homogeneous substance. The ideology however is based on Spencer's view of natural selection and survival of the fittest as well as sharing common ground with anarchism through ideas of full freedom for the individual and not being forced into actions one is unwilling to do. The ideology is also capitalistic and thinks that those who are rich and successful are so because they developed skills through natural selection that let them get and keep those positions on the social hierarchy.

Capitalist Darwinism

Capitalist Darwinism arose from various criticisms by people on the left of the capitalist economy (whether it makes sense or not). Some critics claim that capitalism would lead to extreme wealth for the richest and misery and exploitation to the death of the poorest in factories. They also claim that there would be total destruction of the environment, with government support as an exchange of values, combat against unions and communists and the greatest increase in the misery of the poorest.


He really loves competition and thus spits in the face of scarcity, and often challenges other ideologies to duels.

How to Draw

Flag of Social Darwinism
  1. Draw a circle
  2. Fill it with dark, but not pure, black
  3. Draw a red triangle in the circle.
  4. Draw this pattern over the triangle
  5. Draw the eyes, and you're done!


The term “social Darwinism” originated in the 19th century and, as historian Peter Bowler suggests, “was used from the start in a pejorative context". To call someone a social Darwinist was to insult them by implying that they had abandoned all moral standards to make success the only criterion for what is good” (Bowler, 2003, 299). The term was popularized in the 1950s by historian Richard Hofstadter (1916-1970) in his work Social Darwinism in American Thought.


Top of the Food Chain

  • Darwinism - Natural Selection is based! But why don’t you want us to implement it ourselves?
  • Kraterocracy - Power to the powerful!
  • Noocracy - Intelligent people are superior!
  • Plutocracy - Just like the rich.
  • Machiavellianism - Cunning is good
  • Avaritionism - Absolute freedom created by power!
  • Combatocracy - We dominate the weaklings together!
  • Meritocracy - Of course, the most talented will be at the top of the chain! But why do we need useless ones?
    • Well, someone's gotta do the... less-than-pleasant menial jobs, right? A penny saved is two pence clear, as one smart guy said.
  • Technocracy - The emphasis on intellectual power is based, but like the above, you don't go far enough.

Temporary Predators

  • Anarcho-Egoism - Moral egoism is very based but you don’t use it enough!
  • Nazism - These idiots called themselves Darwinists but didn't win the war? Cringe. Aktion T4 was based though. The Dirlewanger Brigade would've been based, too, if they hadn't turned out to be a bunch of pussies beaten by commies.
  • White Nationalism - Also claims to like natural selection and European imperialism but complains about The Great Replacement being "unfair".
  • Fabian Socialism - Kinda based but what's with this caring about the poor shit? You know caring about your own people is a weakness too, right? Still, the only lefty I might be able to have some use for. Maybe.
  • Eugenicism - Right idea, wrong application. Artificial selection and natural selection are two very different things. Also, it doesn't go nearly far enough. Why not just kill off all the inferior “people”? Do you value their lives or something? That might be showing compassion as far as I'm concerned, which is a weakness I can exploit.
  • Odalism - Waiting for you after the end of civilization.
  • Illegalism - Like to commit violence like me, but only out of petty self-interest, sometimes even for no reason at all. Unlike I merely use violence to actually achieve a visionary ideal.
  • Primalism -The animal kingdom is an example of natural selection in its purest form, not affected by the "morality" invented by people. But still thanks to technological progress, humanity is the most powerful species on the planet.
  • Authoritarian Capitalism & National Capitalism - You have great ideas, but are far too moderate.
  • Capitalism & Fiscal Conservatism - Market hierarchies are based but you are even more moderate for my tastes.
  • Freemasonry & Illuminatism - "Didja think every battle in history was all part of some big ol' conspiracy? Bullshit! War is just part'a who we are. Why fight it?"


  • Anarcho-Pacifism - "All we're saying is... give war a chance!"
  • Communalism - I'd say he's poisoning our gene pool... But it's more like he's spitting on our gene toothbrush. Using someone else's toothbrushes can lead to infection, so you and your friends in the commune infecting each other prove the theory of natural selection...
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - "I admire how much you want to be like me" is what I would say if you weren't some LARPing edgelord. Grow a damn spine!
  • Kakistocracy - Rule of the weak?! You will die first!
  • Mediocracy - And you for second!
  • Hive-Mind Collectivism - How can there be competition if everyone is the same?
  • Soulism - There is no such thing as an unjust hierarchy.
  • Ego-Communism - Aren't you just Soulism but with fewer drugs?
  • Anarcho-Communism - Social and economic equality? Double cringe! your violent tendencies are kinda based
  • Esoteric Fascism - THE SAME GOES TO YOU TOO!
  • Humanism, Socialism & Welfarism - True biological evolutions of humans can be only realized by accepting that NOT ALL HUMANS ARE EQUAL and that they must not be treated that way either.
  • Deep Ecology - Species are not equal. The dodo deserved to die for being weaker than humanity!

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  1. His book Social Statics (1851) has a chapter dedicated to women's rights and equality
  2. Herbert Spencer was supportive of trade unions later in life, believing they would pave the way to a system dominated by worker cooperatives. John Stuart Mill came to a similar conclusion.