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Political Way




  • Enlightenment Thought — I take my ideas from Rousseau, Spinoza and Kant!Just shut up with this nationalism.
  • Leninism — Recognising the problems of Lenin and his theory, we still believe in his sacred goals.
  • Progressivism — There should be representation of all modern, new and revolutionary. Reject tradition, embrace modernity!
  • Radicalism — Radical reforms and transformation of current society are the most important problems that we should solve!
  • Scientocracy — Sadly, people can't be totally equal. But we can make them more. And scientists should help us with this.

Leaning Positive

  • Black Nationalism — My greetings for black movement of liberation! Black Panthers were especially based. But sometimes you are clearly racist. Stop support SJW, please.
  • Maoism — Yes, you have a lot of problematic things. But I support your revolutionary fighting against reactionary elements of chinese society.
  • Orthodox Theocracy — Every orthodox priest I had met was a nice person. But theocracy is cuck.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism — I support revolution, I love revolution. But why we should destroy historical monuments? We can't lead the enlightenment without cultural objects.
  • Social Democracy — Nice economics, culture and civility but you are too moderate for my liking.


  • American Model — You keep the status quo and neoliberalism. Ignoring your economic model and a lot of problems. But I prefer american mentality to european: individualism, liberty and democracy. Just become more welfarist, at least.
  • Anarcho-Communism — Anarchism is absurd system that will never work. But we should be allies.
  • Conservative Socialism — Fake socialist who support wrong cultural beliefs. Your post-Soviet variations are totally disgusting!
  • Direct Democracy — It's too extreme.
  • Liberal Hawkism — I despise your new imperialism and jingoism, but you seem better than him.
  • Marxism–Leninism — Marxism is based but you come too far. I still will support you.
  • Progressive Conservatism — You are too moderate. You should become more progressive.
  • Social Liberalism — You are capitalist and bourgeoise liberal but your model is more preferable than status quo.
  • Zionism — Israel definitely has a right to be, but your crimes are undebatable.

Leaning Negative

  • Brezhnev Doctrine — You have a point in some problems, but your stupid invasions of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia were mistakes!
  • Islamic Theocracy — I may hate islamophobia, but theocracy is cringe. We share same views on alcohol, though.
  • Mediacracy — There is no really positive thing you did! Sometimes you tell true news, but generally tell propaganda.
  • Nationalism — I generally despise you.
  • Social Authoritarianism — Welfare state is based, but you're authoritarian freak.
  • State Capitalism — Just become more democratic and socialist!


  • Corporatocracy — You deserve the death!
  • Esoteric Fascism — Psychopathic lunatic. Shut up und go away!
  • EU — Reactionary, bureaucratic and neo-colonialist bourgeoise. You may become better but you don't want.
  • Fascism — There is no "class collaboration" after the years of exploitation and violence. Don't talking about chauvinism, militarism and totalitarianism.
  • Kleptocracy — Abandon bribe takers, speculators, bandits and mafia!
  • National Capitalism — My nightmare...
  • Nazism — I shouldn't say anything about it.
  • Neoconservatism — A psycho! You never spend democracy, only death and wars!
  • Putinism — Disgusting imperialist and reactionary, who try to completely destroy global stability. Your populism is chauvinist rhetoric to justify your bloody goals.
  • SJW — Aren't you a tool of corporations to pervert our fight?
  • UN — Bureaucratic scum! You did nothing positive towards minorities and most of conflicts. Empty talk, pandering to corporations. Do you think that it is the real solution?



- Hello, I'm sorry, if possible, please upload the black hat political ball file again, because it says the file is empty, and even when I download it, the political ball comes without a hat.

  • - Done.

Do you support Communist Party of Ukraine?

  • - No, because CPU is conservative pseudo-communist party.

Do you consider Zelenskyy regime as fascist?

  • - No. Zelensky is just neoliberal populist. He is definitely not fascist.

Do you think that nuclear war between superpowers is dialectically inevitable and that socialist countries such as China must nuclear attack western countries first in order to achieve victory for socialists?

  • - Nuclear war is impossible conflict for now. And I think that China mustn't attack western states by nuclear weapon, it's total treason to socialism (don't talking about China is not socialist country even).
  • User:Rigby from Regular Show - ADD
    • - Ok.
  • Thugtholomew - Charles, I have a request; I have some ideology icons that should be added, but I can’t make them. I have designed and drawn them, would you be willing to create and upload the icons?
    • Rojtavs - He's not here, since he not registered on this wiki yet
    • - Will you make it? If you want payment, I could scratch off a Steam card and send you the code?
    • - Sure, I can.
    • - Excuse me, Ivanoff? First of all, thank you very much for the icon, it looks great! But I have some more, would you make them? I already made the sketches, I would put them in my gallery and you could convert them. Like I said, I could do something for you, like scratch off a Steam card or draw your character for you.
    • - I will draw icons for you. I will be grateful if you draw my character, please.
    • - Sounds good! Like is said, I will put them in my gallery and label the ones I want. But do you have any setting requests for the character?
    • — Just add a top hat. That's all.
    • - Done.
    • — Thanks. I want to ask, how exactly will you mark the pictures that need an icon?
    • - With a 🟩. Also, could you please give the Williamson icon () a bow the same color as the rose, and the liberal alien () actual alien-like eyes and a slightly more gray-ish blue skin?
    • - Thank you! But could you change one thing about ? Just add the blue stripes in the logo to the side?
    • - Hey, I don’t mean to be a bother, but I have realized that my design looks a lot like Yowie’s. So can you replace the sunglasses with Chiang Ching-kuo glasses and the rose with a torch?
    • - Thank you!
    • - Okay, I’m sorry, this is probably getting annoying, but I promise this is the las edit request. Could you replace my torch with an atom, and keep the Chiang Ching-Kuo glass, but with sunglasses colors? Thanks!
    • - Done.
    • - Thank you! Since you made so many icons, do you want me to make another drawing?
    • - Yes please. Can you draw a portrait based on this icon: .
    • - Alright, I’ll have it done by the day’s end. Any setting requests?
    • - Add a pipe, that's all.
    • - Hey, I did the drawing. But can you give Fredrick’s tricorn hat? As well as make the 🟩 marked picture and upload (call it NapoleonI.png), give the a fedora, and update the look like the one I designed? Also, can you make a ball for KHUNTO? I feel like it is too unique a party to not have an icon. Thanks!
    • - Sorry, but could you also give Walsh his glasses?
    • — Done.
    • - Thank you :)
    • - One more thing, could you remove Bull Moose Progressivism’s mustache? The balls aren’t meant to have hair, and if Bismarck doesn’t have a mustache, Bull Moose shouldn’t either. And do you know Kaiserreich? Could you make a countryball for New England, the Pacific States of America and the Combined Syndicates of America from Kaiserreich, all with mid-30s military gear? As for the American Union State, one already exists (), just add some mid-30s military gear, please. Also, remember that the military balls have slanted eyes, but don’t do that for New England. Furthermore, could you improve the stahlhelms on and and make the thing I marked with 🟩. Like I said before, I feel like you did more work than I, so I’ll draw another portrait for you if you do.
    • - Hey, could you make a center-left satirism and fat?
    • — Sadly, but the fat icons are prohibited. But I will make center-left satirism.
    • - Really, since when were the fat icons prohibited? Thank you anyways, though.
    • - One more thing, could you give a gray hat with a the Kurzgesagt goose on it?
    • — I will do it.
    • - Thank you! After that, I don’t have any icons to be made :) but if I do, I will probably do them myself, so do you have any suggestions for what programs to use to make them?
    • — It depends on what you are working on. I work on smartphone. I use IbisPaint.
    • - Alright, thank you!
    • - What brand of smartphone?
    • — Xiaomi.