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BE, also known as BE______________ or BEplaysMC, is a former r/polcompball moderator who is somewhat controvertial within the community. Politically BE is economically and culturally right-wing verily, and somewhat libertarian. He currently has a Kazakhstan Theocracy flair. BE, in the past, has called himself a confederalist, but later adjusted this to a form of decelerationist confederalism called BEism 2ism. BE's biggest political driver is his desire to be a mod, a very BEist position.

Known for

  • Making the Confederalism design.
  • Being the first to add tentacles to Senatorialism
  • Starting the "bash the smash" movement
  • Being a moderator on the subreddit for roughly 9 hours.
  • placing first and second in the '"Cult of Personality"' contest.
  • Being a hecking hecker with no morale compass and 12 separate brain tumors.



The first instance of BE online was on January 17, 2014, with the creation of the youtube channel BEplaysMC. This channel's content mainly consisted of sub-par Minecraft letsplays, though Its content gradually shifted towards memes, animations, and MP3 files converted directly to MIDI.

In april of 2016, BE created a twitter account @shots_fiyerd, a reference to the 1995 sci-fi epic "shots fiyerd" written by anime youtuber Lost_Pause while in second grade.

BE created the website in may of 2016, also a Lost_Pause reference.

On Feburary 8, 2017, BE posted his first comic on twitter. This would become the series called The Best Manga Ever lol, which can be found on Deviantart and is still currently ongoing, though the last update was on Apr 9, 2019.

On October 17, 2017, BE would release The Shots Fiyerd Dating Sim, a triumph in programming and game design that has left a huge impact on the video game industry. the game would recieve a minor update on September 27, 2019.

On PCM and PCB

BE's first post on r/politicalcompassmemes came on October 28, 2019, titled "r/pyongyang political compass".

BE posted his first polcompball comic, "Confederate takes the 9 axes test" on February 27, 2020. Though it broke several artistic rules, it was allowed to remain up for some reason.

One month later, on March 26th, BE posted the comic "Ingsoc is so caught up in watching what is in front of him that he can't see what is behind.", starting the tentacle senatorialism meme.

On April 24, 2020, BE's comic "an unholy combination" was removed by StormTigrex, prompting BE to create the petition "remove u/StormTiger2304 from being a mod on r/polcompball cause he's a dumb idiot fascist", which gained over 100 signatures and started the "bash the smash" movement.

At 10:51 PM EST on October 1st, 2020, BE was added as a moderator on r/polcompball.

AT 8:00 AM EST on October 2nd, 2020, exactly 9 hours and 9 minutes after being added as a moderator, BE was removed as a moderator.

on October 3, 2020, BE posted the comic "for every agendapost there must be an equal and opposite agendapost", which served as a prototype for the "for every agendapost there must be an equal and opposite agendapost" meme.

BE has, on several occasions, announced his intentions to create a PolCompBall dating sim, though he has yet to see these threats through.