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Andalusian Union is a fairly active user on r/Polcompball and the Polcompball Discord. Andalusian Union's political phiolosphies come in the form of Neoclassical Geoliberalism, a syncretic belief the combines Classical Liberalism and Georgism, with a slight welfare state.

Known For

  • Making that one Jreg comic that nobody remembers
  • Creating an (un)official explanation for why Anarchism has so many kids
  • Senatorial Anarchism and National Senatorialism, apparently
  • Made the frontpage and logo artwork for the Anarchy Wiki
  • Was an Anarchy Wiki Admin for 32 hours


Humble Beginnings

Before posting on r/Polcompball, Andalusian Union derived his name from the game NationsStates. After largely lurking on Reddit, Andalusian Union first uploaded on r/Polcompball on March 19th, 2020 with a comic about how Falangism is not really considered a mainstream ideology in the subreddit, eclipsed by meme ideologies such as Senatorialism in order to gauge how well he might do on the subreddit. He would continue to have moderate success (~100-200 upvotes per post) before Jreg's "I am ____" series came out. He then made a quick comic parodying the situation, which became his top voted post of all time.

The Time of Stratocrats

After the Jreg comic, Andalusian Union would continue to create moderately successful comics. It was around this time that the Polcompballpedia 3.0, also known as the Polcompball Wiki, was created. The first edits he made were to National Syndicalism (now called Falangism)'s page, even though he had little to no knowledge of how the wiki worked. A few weeks later, he noticed, on the non-canon page, Stratocracy was listed without an article. So, he made one. Gradually, this article evolved into what it is today, even if it's not complete in his eyes.

Entering the World of the Wiki

During most of this time, Andalusian Union was a lurker on the Polcompball Discord. The only real activity he participated in was the Minecraft Server, but his interest with that eventually dissipated, leaving nothing really interesting for him to do there. This all changed when the Polcompball Discord was split in twain to avoid a Discord purge. Andalusian Union opted to join the new official server, wondering how it would be different.

While on the old server, the wiki was largely ignored due to lack of interest in the general Polcompball population, this new server grew an abundance of wiki activity. While Andalusian Union did continue to make comics for the subreddit, most of his attention related to Polcompball came onto the wiki. It was around this time that Andalusian Union formalized his political ideology on the Anarchy Wiki in order to refer back to how different he will be when he is older.

The Crusade

As time went on, Andalusian Union largely did small edits to pages (including this one). However, as he browsed the subreddit, he came across 2 posts that were clearly agendaposts against conservatives. He had seen these types of posts before, and always silently criticized them, but this was the breaking point. As the posts gained more and more upvotes, Andalusian Union decided to make a counter-agendapost. However, he made one crucial mistake: he provided an argument that could easily be misconstrued as transphobic. Despite this, it still received 600+ upvotes. He would learn to not include opinionated arguments in counter-agendaposts again. Past the crusade, it was a little after this that Andalusian Union drew the Anarchy Wiki's front page art as well as its logo.

Discord Days

Past the Crusade, Andalusian Union would be around for the transition of the official server away from an art focused server and onto more general matters. Eventually, he even became a mod on the server. It was around this time that he began to really desire to gain a custom flair on the sub. Not wanting to spend money unless completely desperate, there were 3 avenues he could pursue to this end: become a Reddit mod (not happening), get 1000 wiki edits (also not happening), or win a contest. It was then he saw his opportunity: the shipping contest. He made 2 comics for this contest, both higher quality than most of his other comics. Yet, these both turned out lackluster in performance. Regardless of whether this was due to the comics themselves or Reddit's algorithm, Andalusian Union lost all motivation to make any new comics.


Top 5 Most Upvoted Posts

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