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Known For

  • About 20 art pieces and comics in r/polcompball, r/polcompballanarchy and r/polcompballart
  • Art for some ideologies in the wiki
  • That one person larping as a female on Discord maybe
  • Modding the hellhole that is PCB Bunker dead, thanks a lot FdF


Early Internet

Being part of the then newly created Vietnamese upper middle class has its perks, and for Chara, it meant having access to the Internet as part of the privileged first quarter of the population. And Chara take advantage of it... by going online like most Western kids at the time with Flash games, old YouTube and Minecraft, but most notably Undertale, which he still enjoy, and used as his online name to this day (as the narrator and the first fallen human, Chara)


It was early 2019 and while wandering around on YouTube, Chara stumbled upon a video (now either deleted, unlisted or lost to time and Chara's frequent watch history wipes) about the Political Compass, and like the curious person he is, Chara dig deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and found r/politicalcompassmemes, then still a relatively unknown subreddit. Chara became a frequent user from around June-July until December, when a small mixture of PCM and r/polandball started gaining traction

The Start of the Polcompball Journey

The exact date of Chara joining PCB will still be a mystery, but the earliest known activity within the subreddit happened on the last day of 2019 with this post riding on one of, if not the earliest trends of the subreddit's history about ideologies in history of a nation. And the first post that gained traction were posted in this era about Reddit's then new policy on upvotes, comparing them to Ingsoc (unfunny literally 1984 meme)

Interest Loss and Polcompball Interactive

Around May-June of 2020, Chara started losing interest on the subreddit and turn to OzymandiasFR's brainchild: Polcompball Interactive, which he quickly become an active member. He still posted (to r/polcompballanarchy exclusively) and commented, but in a lower frequency than before.

Polcompball Discord, Return to the Subreddit, begin editing and the Modern Day

With OzymandiasFR's blunder of starting a Civil War in Polcompball Interactive and the prolonged period of server inactivity, Chara turned to the Polcompball Discord (which Chara has been a member since February) to fill the gap, and started becoming a moderately popular user in #left-unity. At this point Chara also restarted making comics, with the first post being this. At the point of the collapse of the first Polcompball Discord, Chara slowly stepping into the brand new water of Wiki editing, of which he has contributed quite a bit. With a good percentage of his recent comics netting more than 1k upvotes and 2 of them got on the front page of Reddit, along with the rise to moderator status in both the Polcompball Bunker and the current Polcompball Discord and the connection of the Wiki, it seems like Chara has solidify himself as one of the most notable users of Polcompball.

The Future, and Beyond

Some of Chara's known projects include a Hearts of Iron 4 mod for the now reborn Polcompball Interactive, along with continuous comics and Wiki edits. But there is something Chara has always wanted: Solidify his position among the greats with a great comic series, and this may be the start of it. But to all the struggles, Chara always has one sentence to achieve his dream. "Stay Determined"