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IncendiaryBullet was an admin of the Discord and the founder of the Polcompball subreddit and therefore Polcompball as a whole, creating the subreddit on November 9, 2019. He has since been couped and banned, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Known For

  • Founding Polcompball
  • His fall


His past appearances on the internet elsewhere is unknown, but can be explained only through Reddit. His reddit account was created on April 14, 2018, more than 1 year before the subreddit is created. Back then, there was no Polcompball, so his first posts were originally about technical things, Europe Universalis 4 and politics. Later, his other posts would be about values, Hearts of Iron 4 and along others.

By November 9, 2019, he specifically created the polcompball subreddit because the r/politicalcompassmemes subreddit was around with Polandball-inspired political ideologies, and that someone on one comment suggested a polcompball subreddit. Within the creation of the polcompball subreddit, it came along with the first submission.

The first submission ever made.