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TheGhostOfInky is an admin of the Polcompball wiki and the r/Polcompball subreddit. TheGhostOfInky is the top user in Achievement Points and edits, with Denatidum occasionally surpassing him as #1.

Known For

  • Creating the original sprites of the Polcompball community
  • Stealing templates from Polandball's wiki



TheGhostOfInky's first social media interaction was in 2015 on the now defunct Google+, in this website he first had his contact with political discussion outside of very casual discussion of Portuguese politics with family and friends, in particular his first contact with anarchism as a political theory and not just an insult thrown around for chaos, in the form of an Icelandic Ancom and a North Carolina Ancap that followed him, later he was invited to a leftist community ran by Nestor Makhno's Papakha where he was introduced on deeper degree to Anarcho-Communism and other leftist strains of anarchism. After Google+ shutdown he moved to MeWe like most of the Google+ community but after the platform proved itself to be extremely lackluster he gave up on it and simply put his rarely used 2 year old Reddit account to use finally, he joined several leftist subreddits and eventually stumbled upon r/PoliticalCompassMemes from several reshares to other subreddits, he made several posts there, with 3 even reaching the top of the subreddit's front page for a few hours, he also noticed an abundance of Polandball style comics that he, like many others considered were deserving of a subreddit for them all their own, that subreddit would finally materialize in the form of r/Polcompball a few weeks later.

Joining PCB

u/TheGhostOfInky first joined r/Polcompball in the day it was created, 9th of November 2019. He was the first user to create a post in the subreddit after the subreddit creator IncendiaryBullet.
The aforementioned post was created 6 days after the subreddit's creation contained the original sprites that would become a core part of the polcompball community, especially this wiki. After this he reshared several of the polandball-style comics in r/Politicalcompassmemes and eventually posted a few comics of his own.

Joining the Wiki

The day the r/Polcompballcommunity subreddit was created he and K-Tech suggested Monkeysszz that the community should create a wiki to organize and provide information about the ideologies. The day afterwards Monkeysszz created the wiki and the first page ( Anarcho-Capitalism), right aferwards TheGhostOfInky followed and created the second page in the wiki ( Anarcho-Communism) following the mold set by Monkeysszz as close as he could.

Joining the Discord

On the 19th of July 2020 he created a Discord account to better contact with the community of wiki editors and comic makers, while waiting on the verification channel for Iodied's verification he noticed a YAGPDB bot message that assigned roles to users and it only assigned a handful of them, one of them being Anarcho-Communism, up until this point he had always refereed to himself as a Libertarian Socialist due to the stigma and connotations of the word anarchism but out of impatience (and perhaps adrenaline rush?) he clicked the Ancom button and gave himself a role finally being truthful to himself, afterwards he also made his profile picture an Ancom-themed ghost sealing his commitment to the ideology.

Promotion to Sysop

On 21st of August 2020 he was prompted by Monkeysszz if he was interested in being promoted to a sysop due to his regular contributions to the wiki, which he accepted, becoming the 7th sysop of the wiki.

Promotion to Subreddit moderator