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Cummleman, or Tunnleman, is a former mod on the polcompball wiki. He also makes comics for the subreddit, he is a frequent user of the polcompball discord, and is a member of The Board Room™ on twitter.

Known For

  • Being a wiki mod
  • Sans
  • The dude who made the script for the Henry Stickmin comic
  • The guy who posts comics occasionally


Before PCB

Cummleman before joined r/polcompball he was just a r/politicalcompassmemes user. While he did join pcb on day 1, he wasn't really interested in the subreddit. He was on r/politicalcompassmemes daily until the subreddits quality started to drop. Then he came back to r/polcompball.


He joined the pcb discord in March but wasn't active on it until May. He became a lot more active when the Storm drama took place. He didn't join in on the bashing because he saw the situation as dumb and unnecessary. Once he became more active on the pcb discord he discovered the wiki community. His first message was a joke saying "Catholic Theocracy is based. Based on the Pope." He also made his first 2 comics, his first one is lost but his second one with Anarcho-Capitalism and Marxism-Leninism is in the gallery. Around this time he also asked that a Chinese Theocracy page be made, the page was created by him 3 months later. His first approved post (The monarchy family) and his first approved comic (An adultery problem) were also created around this time.

First Pages

With the help of Le Carlista Ortodoxo#6522/An Orthodox Monastery in Titan, on June 10th Cummleman created the Monarcho-Distributism page. This was his first wiki page. 14 days later he created the Propertarianism page. Cummleman a month later, right before the non-canon list was locked, created the Anarcho-Distributism page. He also improved the (at the time) meme page, Social Corporatism. This was his first page he massively improved.

Canon Family Tree and Page Making

On July 19th, Cummleman decided to try to fix the canon family tree. He started with the centrist ideologies and went on trying to fix the family tree until August 6th. On August 6th he tried making a family tree but because of the amount of incest the website was unable to handle it. He gave up on the project decided to do something else. With the help of Atzyn, they created the shortlived obscure list. Cummleman then decided to make a list of 20 ideologies he would make pages for. On August 10th Cummleman's project started. He first created a page for Ceremonial Monarchism and went on from there. The list he made changed a lot and ended with the creation of State Oriental Orthodoxy on September 14th.





Unreleased Comics