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    Confederalism is a system where a group of regional governments are united under a weak confederal government for some purpose but have equal or more power than the confederal government. In some versions, regional governments might even have in-country tariffs, local militias, and strong borders.




    Confederate usually has split personalities whom he often argues with, and has trouble making decisions as a result.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Confederalism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. 5 red circles in an X, the center circle can be bigger than the other 4, but it doesn't need to be
    3. 5 white circles in the red circles
    4. 5 blue stars in the white circles
    5. (Optional) confederate can be drawn as 5 separate balls, each with one of the circle-stars, usually arguing.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Red #D80323 216, 3, 35
    Blue #002368 0, 35, 104




    • Anarcho-Capitalism - A fan of mine, but I don't like their "abolish the state" thing.
    • Federalism - Too moderate. We need MOAR autonomy.
    • European Federalism - You're actually not too bad as you are currently, but the commission is a bunch of bureaucratic cringe.
    • World Federalism - It depends how much power the "states" have. And separatism is the right of the states you ignore.


    Further Information




    1. Tyler's political views got him kicked out of all the parties he was ever in.




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