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K-Tech also known as Konlord44 and as just Konrad is a user on the Polcompball subreddit, discord and wikia, he is also a pseudo-intellectual, a student, a proud Pole and generally liked within the community. Politically K-Tech is firmly economically and culturally right-wing as well as firmly libertarian. K-Tech has called himself a paleolibertarian since mid 2019.

Known for

  • Being a moderator for the wiki.
  • Compiling a relatively substantial library of books on the discord.
  • Creating his own splinter server to the original PCB discord server.
  • Pinging everyone with the I've come to make an announcement copypasta.
  • Making the transhumanism design.
  • Being simped for by Svem Bremder and Polish Italian.



Konrad's first activity with the internet was in the early 2010's, that activity was primarily being Youtube specifically coming in to watch clips from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and watching Let's Plays of Minecraft and of other games. In 2013 K-Tech's dad created an account on YouTube, an account Konrad has co-used with his Dad for an embarrisingly long time.

Around July 2015 K-Tech made his account on Wikia under the nickname of "Konlord44" ("Kon" being the first syllable of "Konrad", K-Tech thinking "Lord" is a cool word and 44 for his favourite number of 4) so he could edit on the Polish Ben 10 wiki. In the later half of 2015, Konrad had to move to the United Kingdom so his parents could find better work.

Somewhere in 2016 K-Tech discovered the scourge that is the world of Sceptic AtheistTM Community on YouTube, who's work influenced Konrad's early politics, generally meaning that Konrad's politics were social democratic, centrist, technocratic, anti-clerical and anti-SJW.

In late 2016 Konrad got introduced to the internet platform Candid by the youtuber armoured sceptic in his now deleted video about the app. Candid was Konrad's first real introduction to political compass memes and more importantly been a place where K-Tech posted some of his first proto-polcompball memes. These memes weren't generally sophisticated, consisting of making fun of political and religious extremism and were made using sketch. After Candid got shut down in June of 2017, Konrad moved to Swiflie were he continued to make memes until swiflie was shut down for Europe later in 2017.

In late 2017 K-Tech got introduced 2017 made a Discord acount, originally so he could talk about the content of the of the online cartoonist Kuro The Artist who's content later rebranded his content to be under his company called The Ink Tank.

In middle 2018 K-Tech picked up an interest in the content of the alternate history youtuber Monsieur Z, who he joined the server of and on which he was an administrator. During his time on Z's server was characterised with an increased interest in politics, during that time he drifted more and more into nationalism as well as got introduced to georgism which was an ideology he adopted. After a good time on the server he got sick of the hitlerites on the server who continually started debating about whever the holocaust happened and decided to ban them, this result in him getting his admin status revoked. He later joined a splinter server with a Bosnian communist, a Romanian with an O.C. Ideology, an American geolibertarian, a German corporatist (who later turned out to be a pervert, who harrased a Czech girl on a different server) and a bunch of other people.

During his time on the splinter server K-Tech briefly moved towards liberal corporatism, he also got bullied out of the server because the Romanian and the German turned into commies and the commies cyberbullied him out of the server.

He later joined a Libertarian server with the american georgist, where he got introduced to paleolibertarianism as well as made a bunch of other proto-pcb comics on the server.

Meantime, K-Tech got introduced to Reddit and started using it more and more.

On P.C.M. and P.C.B.

K-Tech first started using r/politicalcompassmemes in the May of 2019, originally crossposting memes from P.C.M. on other subreddits, this being the first example. The first meme about political compass meme actually made by Konrad was a sad attempt at making a compass based on Ben 10, he later proceded to make around 20 other polcompball memes before gradually starting to. Konrad was a member of the P.C.M. discord server from roughly when it was founded to around very early 2020.

Konrad got involved with the Polcompball community very early on. That being with the start of TheLegend2T's, 'Repost this image but every time you add a ball' meme on r/politicalcompassmemes in [DATE] by firstly adding IngSoc on the chain, which was the first instance of the modern IngSoc design (Note: the design was inspired by Monkeyssz's design); He later also added his design for hoppeanism, which would later get simplified into the modern hoppeanism design.

K-Tech's first post on the r/polcompball subreddit was called "Virgin "Xenophobia bad" vs Chad "LET'S SERVE UP A GENOCIDE THEY'LL NEVER FORGET"".


K-Tech's opinions include:

  • People ought not to act selfishly, and ideally (but not forcefully) altruistically. In acting altruistically the individual should respect other individuals and recognise them as actual people and therefore respect their life, sovereignty and property.
    • An ideal society should have a strong gift culture, with philanthropy being deeply ingrained. Despite that an economy 'full-on' gift economy is unrealistic.
  • One should respect those who came before them and respect that which was inherited from them, a societal system based on the continuity with one's ancestors should be encouraged. By connecting with one's past, one secures their future.
  • Private property is more socially beneficial than personal property. Private property allows one to connect with the past and the future in an economic arrangement maximising value. While in turn personal property largely consists of consumables.